Fozzie: This CM Punk kid is kind of a big deal, huh?

Aires: I'm not going to lie...His "your arms are too short to be boxing with god" line made me just go numb.  That might be the most amazing sentence in a feud I've ever heard.

Fozzie: Punk was gold the minute he came out and took the WWE logo off the mic. Rock couldn't touch him. That line was amazing. Careful, I see sharks jumping Mr. Johnson.

Aires: Sharks won't jump too much.  I thought the Rock still great, and he will still have his tons of fans.  But just like Cena/Rock, you will have people playing both sides.  But unlike Cena/Rock, where Rock was the overwhelming favorite, due to having the fans of everyone BUT the little will have a bit more of a split between Punk and Rocky.

Regardless, there interaction yesterday was, in my opinion, better than most of everything Cena and Rock threw at each other. Punk and Rock were not trying to one-up each other.  It was a battle of someone who has been there, done that, and a guy who is basically on another level right now and honestly (character-wise at least) thinks that he is the best wrestler in the world and calling himself a "god".

Fozzie: I have this argument with my roommate all the time about how he wants to see The Rock as champion again, and I don't. He makes the points that it's good P.R., that it will do big numbers, and how having one of the most profitable people in Hollywood as the Champ will do wonders, and I agree with his points, but I don't think they should give the Rock the belt just for those reasons.

Rock does not need the WWE title any more than John Cena does. At this point, beating Punk for the title should mean something to the person that beats him. Having someone who wrestles once a year beat Punk for the title will not work. It will do more damage in the long run if Rock wins, because it will completely shit on those who spend every day working hard to produce a show that the Rock can back to. Rock losing to Punk should be the passing of the torch moment that should have happened with Cena last year.

Aires: I agree with both sides.  The Rock gaining the title is huge for the "business" side of the company.  But wrestling standpoint it's not the best scenario.  However we have to realize that wins, losses, and who has the title does not matter IF the stories being told are good.  In the Attitude Era, when Rock was King, it didn't matter who had the belt, because the character development and stories being told were solid.

Up until Punk recently, the title wasn't meaning anything (secondary ones included) AND the stories were fairly weak and predictable.

If Punk/Rock/Cena, or however they do it, is fun to watch for the next 4 months...I honestly couldn’t care less which of them has the title.

Fozzie: I think that wins and losses don't matter, but when it comes to the WWE title, it should. Why do you think Punk's reign has been so good? It's because he hasn't LOST the title in 414 days. That is good storytelling, and the story now dictates that the person who does beat him will be considered the best in the company, and do we really need that to be the guy who already calls himself "The Great One"?

Aires: Punk's title reign has been enhanced by holding it for 414 days, but not dictated by it.  Punk's dictatorship over the title has used several factors:  His steady work, his characters evolution, the use of different challengers, the non-use of Cena in every title match, and the fact that his matches all felt a bit different, even when they did have the same combatants.

Fozzie: I'm just saying that I think that if Punk is going to lose the belt, then he should lose it to someone who can be made by the win. I won't be terribly upset if Rock wins, just disappointed.

Aires: Oh I agree.  The Rock gains NOTHING winning a title.  But what the company gains is a lot more.  Not saying it's the best for "business", but I completely understand it.

But hell, for all we know, we could be getting a smark swerve and Rock doesn't even win the belt.

Fozzie: THAT would be cool. Let's move on, shall we?


In a recent interview, Kevin Nash said that he would not be appearing on the 20th anniversary of Raw next week, and that he knew that the NWO is dead and that he would never go back to TNA, because it would break a trust that he has with Triple H. Just like the first time he went to TNA. I guess this means that Dixie is going to have to go with Aldo Montoya as the next member of Aces and Eights. (PWTorch)

Randy Orton and Sheamus had a bit of a scuffle on SmackDown last week, and with a single tweet, Sheamus set up something for the future:

"Okay. The Viper stole me glory on #Smackdown. No worries. An Irishman can out-snake ANY snake. #AskStPatrick"

Even though it was put on hold last night on Raw, it would seem the Orton heel turn that he has been wanting for a while is being set in motion.  Orton plays an asshat so much better than a goody-two-shoe (I wonder why???), so his change could freshen up the very, VERY stale title picture on that brand.  Then again, they are all just keeping it warm until King Ziggy comes to rule. (NoDQ)

Former WWE Women's champion Madusa tweeted recently that she would be appearing next week on the 20th Anniversary if Raw. She has not been on WWE television since 1995 when she left WWE for WCW an dumped the Women's title in the garbage can. Years later, she went to get the belt back from the trash can, but it had evolved into the Diva's division. (PWTorch)

I predicted the rise of Bray Wyatt in 2013 in the TJR Staff Predictions column (seen here), and it seems the former Husky Harris is just about ready to return, according to his twitter:

 “Broken wings mend with time, I’m ready to fly again. #TheReturn”

The NXT Star is considered one of the top talents they have, and with his experience already with the main roster, expect him to be one of the first to be called up in 2013.  In case you haven’t been following Husky since he left the WWE, he has lost some weight, and now has a southern evangelist type persona which is both hilarious, frightening, and amazing.  Check some of his vignettes and promos if you get a chance. (Rajah)