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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Where there’s smoke, there may be fire”? Well, some of the recently released wresters from NXT have been not so subtly alleging that the WWE’s developmental organization has several employees in its ranks with less than stellar morale fiber. Or in simpler terms, “Bill Demott Bad!”

Of course, their accusing tweets have since been deleted, but here’s what was said.

When former WWE star Trent Baretta was asked a few weeks ago whether NXT Diva Bayley is similar to him, Baretta responded, "Nope. She's way prettier... I don't even get sexually harassed by my strength coach."

Recently released Briley Pierce (brother of WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler) sent out some rather questionable tweets, that were later deleted, regarding the claims. Some of the tweets included:

@HotYoungBriley- "Nothing "Hugh Morris" about enabling/protecting a sexual predator, or threatening jobs of women who complain about him"

@HotYoungBriley- "At post-show meeting will someone please say "Hey bosses after you're done patting selves on the back- our strength coach is a huge pervert"

@HotYoungBriley- "Too vague #WWE"

@HotYoungBriley- "Is it true that the longer a guy gets away with sexual harassing and victimizing women at work, the better he is at designing workouts?"

“Hugh Morris” would be the sometime ring name of Bill Demott, that guy from Tough Enough and on and off developmental trainer for the WWE. I mistakenly thought Briley was accusing him of sexual harassment but Demott appears to be the enabler in the situation. What’s been clarified more recently is the name of the strength coach, Matt Wichlinski and how much of a perv he is. Sadly, the person doing the clarifying is former WWE developmental wrestler Kevin Matthews, who you might remember as the dude that just won’t shut up about Bill. Seriously, check out Matthews’s twitter or do a google search on the guy. He comes off as an obsessed, conceited d-bag, though a d-bag with some serious grievances to air. Which are the following:

1. Bill Demott’s training methods cause unnecessary and unnecessarily frequent injuries to his trainees because of excessive drilling and other practices.

2. Bill Demott is verbally and physically abusive to his trainees, using language that is unfit for an organization that actively campaigns against bullying and is trying to build a better relationship with GLAAD.

3. Bill Demott enables and protects a trainer (Matt Wichlinski) who is sexually harassing his female trainees.

4. Bill Demott abuses his position of power to threaten those who would speak out against him for any of the grievances mentioned above.

So yeah, those aren’t light accusations and Matthews has used enough specific names and examples which, combined with other former NXT wrestlers and their comments, build a pretty damning case against Demott and company. Nobody asked for my opinion on the subject but I’d say even the crazy half-naked hobo that lives by the parking garage downtown can be right about the alien dinosaur terrorizing half the city, no matter how shrill or annoying his way of warning you might be.


Low-ki is saying he has retired from wrestling. (Wrestling Observer) Because it’s hard to play ball when no one will step on the court to play with you.

Rebacca Knox, an Irish wrestler with experience in Europe, Japan and in Shimmer, has been signed by the WWE. Here’s a little video to introduce you to her.

And because nothing world-shaking happened on Raw last night, here’s a video featuring C M Punk playing a star wars bounty hunter….or something.

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