Good morning Humanoids! I’m Lonestar Loyds of London and these are today’s top stories.

Google, the internet search giant and living, breathing verb, is getting ready to announce a change to Youtube, the ubiquitous video hosting website it purchased a few years back and is still attempting to make money off of. Why am I explaining that? Read on:

The Financial Times reports that Google is set to unveil a YouTube subscription service as early as this week. As many as 50 of YouTube's most popular channels will soon carry a subscription fee starting at around $1.99 per month.

"We're looking into creating a subscription platform that could bring even more great content to YouTube for our users to enjoy and provide our partners with another vehicle to generate revenue from their content, beyond the rental and ad-supported models we offer," a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement.

According to the Financial Times, initial channel partners would include WWE, Howcast, The Onion, and gaming network Machinima.

So yeah, the WWE wants you to pay to watch its internet videos now, according to “reports”. I’ve looked into it a bit and Google is definitely going to announce premium service but I haven’t seen much that confirms the WWE is in on it. In fact, I’ve actually seen some reports that contradict what’s written above, but it would totally be something the WWE would do, assuming their deal with Hulu isn’t exclusive.

I’m sort of torn of the subject, in multiple ways. As someone who has a youtube account ( I can understand how much it would help DIY video creators if they got more money out of their hard work and energy, assuming a decent amount of their fan-base followed them into subscription-service. On the other hand, as a consumer there’s no way I’m going to pay money to watch videos on youtube, just like I don’t pay for television, cable, HBO GO, or Netflix. I don’t need any of them, so I don’t pay.

On the other, other hand, if the WWE said “Hey, you can watch the content from every show we put out, uncut, in HD, on demand, for $1.99 a month” I might just hop on that gravy train and ride it all the way to mash potato mountain.



If you like storyline presented as news, then Brock Lesnar came to WWE headquarters and destroyed Triple H’s office. ( Oh the humanity! Where will Triple H’s books and other office décor be displayed now?

This week’s Raw has passed and shaped a bit more of the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV. Cena and Ryback’s match will now be a Last Man Standing Match, and Sheamus vs Mark Henry was officially announced. ( Now, I like Sheamus, but this whole Sheamus-Mark Henry-Randy Orton-Big Show thing is just a giant black hole of stuff I don’t really care about. Remember when Orton vs Sheamus was a thing people were sort of looking forward to? Man, how times change and plans rearrange.

Jerry the King Lawler is officially going to wrestle again, for Dory Funk Jr’s Independent promotion in Florida. ( I don’t have a joke for a man stubbornly and dangerously hanging onto his youth despite nearing dying on national tv and scaring millions of concerned people, so here’s a picture of a pie. Imagine I threw it at something.

If you haven’t been paying much attention to Ring of Honor lately, Jay Briscoe is currently their World Champion. (Ring of Honor) If you’re asking, Jay would be the Briscoe that talks. In my extremely unknowledgeable opinion, Jay’s title run has been a long time coming. Dude’s a decent size, has a character, and created this:

Hee hee hee. I giggled. Anyway, that’s it for me this week. I hope you all are enjoying this spring type weather.