[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Look closely to see the TNA fans going wild for the main event."][/caption]Tuesday Headlines:  TNA Fightin' Round The Worldby Mike Aires and Marc "Fozzie" B.

TNA wrestling president Dixie Carter announced Friday that the organization will film Impact Wrestling during their tour of England later this month.She tweeted, "BIG NEWS FOR TNA. We will film Impact from Wembley Arena in London on 1/28! Cannot tell you how excited I am! Details to follow."It will mark as the first episode of Impact to be held outside the United States. (Rajah)
<!--more-->Fozzie: That is huge for them. I have to wonder what will be in store for the Brits, as you know TNA will want to showcase its star power. Unfortunately for them, their stars consist mostly of the older talent. I wouldn't be opposed to them using Hogan to draw a crowd, but please don't build the fucking show around him.Aires: Their deal with Wembley really is a good step for them.  From what I hear, TNA is actually pretty big in Europe and the UK.  Two problems.  One is the fact that their program, roster, and company are starting off this year just as bad as 2011 ended.  The PPV this weekend was damn near terrible.  Horrible booked.  Second, which coincides with this, is they are already having to cancel shows in Europe due to poor ticket sales (three in Germany), and already taking people off the lineup due to costs. Yet they pay Hogan and those clowns a TON of money. So Wembley might be a huge milestone for them, just like them celebrating their 10 year anninversary...but I just don't know how much they are gonna last, bro.Fozzie: I think that Wembley represents the dual nature of TNA. On the one hand, you have a chance to showcase your talents in front of an international crowd, but on the other, your poorly booked, badly written shows are also going to be showcased. Dixie seems like she wants the company to succeed, but she sure does have a jaded view of her company.And speaking of jaded views, how does Jack Swagger think that he is poised for a breakout year?
Jack Swagger spoke with caller.com this week to promote Monday's RAW from Corpus Christi, Texas. Here are some highlights of what Swagger said about:2012 Being "The Year Of Swag": "You're definitely going to see an evolution of the All-American American. I'm not going to be satisfied until Jack Swagger is back at the top of the mountain."Wanting The United States Title: "The All-American American was born to be the United States Champion. (Ryder's) really molded himself into championship material to cool off his momentum is going to be kind of tough. I'm going to get in there and throw my weight around a little bit and show him how to wrestle." (Rajah)
Aires: I know I'm not the only one that likes Swagger.  Dude's good in the ring.  Plus he's an Okie, so I always support fellow rednecks.  But I just have not seen any change in him since he came to the company. When you see guys "breakout" or move up the chain, they have fundamental changes in their character.  Cena, Orton, Rhodes, Ziggler, Ryder, Christian, Jericho...all of these guys have made changes. Swagger is the same exact guy.  I love the kid, but unless he changes, I don't see how this year could be any better than the year he actually won the WHC.Fozzie: He's a great talent, however, he's way too generic. He is going to have to show us something new. Remember when he was the cocky jerk? I loved that. Bring that guy back, but make him edgier. Otherwise there are other talents on their way up. Seth Rollins, Antonio Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose are ready for their shot.
Aires: I predicted those three would debut soon...although I didn't think it would be THIS quick.  It was just a matter of time though.  All three are good workers with unique styles.  Could create some fun on Raw and SmackDown in the future.
Fozzie: To be honest, I don't know much about any of them. I saw Rollins on ROH when he was Tyler Black, but that was only  once. If all indications are correct, then they should have a nice impact on the roster. I'm just glad for once the WWE is looking towards their future. Now if only they can do something about Cole.
Aires: With D-Bry slowly going heel, and all these new guys on the verge of coming up, the time has never been better for Cole to become a manager.  Won't happen.  But it should.
Fozzie: Forget about being a manager. Just get him the fuck off my TV. He is terrible. It's like the Jersey Shore cast became one person.
Aires: See, this is where you are wrong are both accounts.  Cole would be an excellent manager.  Kind of like Vickie where they would be instant heel heat.  Vickie did wonders for Ziggler's career (although he now should drop her...he is ready).  Cole could be an excellent manager of a heel stable. But if the Shore cast came together, it would be like Voltron, or the Megazord in Power Rangers.  Each part makes a massive, awesome, savior of the universe.
Fozzie:I agree that he would be a great manager. I just want to see him off tv. They should do an injury angle with him and have him return with Brodus Clay to destroy everyone. (Aires note: This was said before Funkasaurus showed up and ate my TV.)
And if the the Jersey Shore cast were to form a Voltron-like monster, can I call it Douchebagator?
Aires: You can call it whatever you which.  Just know that it is here to serve and protect our life, liberty, and pursuit of GYM, TAN, LAUNDRY.
Fozzie:  Fuck You.