Aires: Hey, Marky-Marc.  What's crack-a-lackin?

I apologize for that.  That was terrible.  Anyways, so I am hearing that Randall Keith Orton might be taking time off soon for "personal reasons".  Really?  Hasn't he missed time twice in the past few months?  What's the deal?

Fozzie: Crack-a-lackin? Quit talking jive, honky.

Ahh the enigma that is Randy Orton. He is one of the biggest names in the business today but for some reason he can't keep his shit together. Don't get me wrong, there could be a real, legit reason why he needs the time off, and if that's the case then I hope the best, but he's reaching Rey Mysterio territory right now. Rey-Rey gets a pass because he's in the downside of his career, but Orton is 32 years old. He figures to be a part of WWE's plans for years to come, despite the two wellness strikes. He's at a point where he needs to decide what his deal is and then commit. If not, it's just a matter of time before he's a forgotten son.

Aires: I just don't understand it.  How can someone who has a ton of talent just have so many problems.  It's got to be a combination of the worst luck in the world with being an asshat.  It's no secret that he can get a bit of a hot head both in the ring and behind the scenes.  Throw that in the bag with his injuries, which are compiling due to having bad well as his not one, but two wellness violations, and we have Randy Orton.

Now he needs more time out?  I won't judge this particular situation because he might actually need it, but it's just odd to me.  How would this whole thing play out if John Cena was in this same situation?  Or better yet, someone that wasn't considered one of the biggest talents they have?

Fozzie: There's no way a mid-carder can get away with this, for the simple fact that Randy will always have his place on the card, as will guys like Punk and Cena. But if Brodus Clay was pulling this shit, he'd be the dancing dinosaur of Aces and Eights 90 days later. I think Randy gets his time off because he CAN get it. Same would go for Cena. Its the double standard that is the norm in wrestling. Sad, but true. 

Aires: Well if a guy like Cena asked for time off, the WWE would give it without much of a hesitation.  Dude is their work horse and done it for several years.

It just makes me wonder if Randy Orton is actually getting burnt out.  He's got a wife and daughter, a huge motor home, and has enough money to probably last his lifetime if he planned it out.

It brings me back to a topic I wrote about a year or two ago:  All of these guys should get "vacation" time, or personal time.  No questions.  Just let them go home for a few weeks.  I don't just mean wrestling.  CM Punk had surgery and was on Raw the next week.  That's not time off.  Let them just go home for a few weeks and recharge.

In this case, regardless of why Orton needs time off, he should get it.  It just happens to come at a terrible time for both he and the company.  They will have to try and plan around his possible disappearance, and he will have to worry about not getting the fat WrestleMania paycheck.

Fozzie: I agree that they need an "off season" in the worst way. I say they should do them at intervals during the year. Start with the time between WrestleMania and summer slam. Give some time off to top guys, then after summer slam, give the other guys off until the end of the year. It will make guys fresher, and could help establish some new stars. 

Aires: If you have enough stars, you can have the vacation time staggered.  Just make it for the first 5 months of the year, you gotta be there.  After that, at some point, everyone gets 2 or 3 weeks off with no travel.

But that's another story.  I hope Orton doesn't have any major problems, but I also hope he's not just getting burnt out and using excuses to take time off.  That would be lame.

Fozzie: Exactly. If he's burnt out, he should just say it. But it's all speculation and I hope it's nothing too serious.


Now that we got that out of the way, what else you got?

Aires: With Triple H at the helm, NXT has been getting a lot of focus lately, and that includes several of their biggest stars getting tryouts with the main roster.  This past week, Bo Dallas was wrestling at live WWE events.  Bo Dallas, the son of I.R.S. and brother of Husky Harris/Bray Wyatt has been getting great reviews, and seems to be fully buying into the product.  Look for him to get called up soon.  He’s an extremely lanky kid, so I expect him to get called up as Cody Rhodes’ replacement mustache. (Rajah)

Fozzie: After dropping the Diva’s title last night, a fired up Eve Torres “quit” the WWE. Truth of the matter is that her contract was up and she didn’t want to renew it. She leaves as a three time Diva’s champion, as well as one of the most successful Diva search contestants. We here at Tuesday Headlines wish Eve the best in her future boobs ass titties boobs. (NoDQ)

Aires: Early ticket sales for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony are going extremely well so far, and the company expects it to sell out well in advance.  The fact that tickets have technically been on sale for a solid month before they “went on sale to the public” and that this event is in the freaking Garden, a sell out shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Both of us will be there to celebrate what should be a fun night of story telling, crying, and at least one person making a speech and not having any idea where they are. (Rajah)

Fozzie: In a recent interview with WWE Magazine, Dolph Ziggler said that the worst habit he has is that he doesn’t listen to the guys who have been here longer, and it’s this stubbornness that is holding him back. It’s good that Dolph acknowledged this flaw. I hope that he can change his ways so he can finally get to that top spot and not just be known for flying face first into anything at ringside. (NoDQ)