Tuesday Headlines

By Marc "Fozzie" B. and Mike Ayers

Fozzie:  So Mike, word around the campfire is that now that the lawsuit between TNA and WWE has been dismissed, WWE is looking to bring the Rainbow Haired Warrior - and current TNA World Champion - Jeff Hardy back to the fold. Your thoughts?

Mike:  I think we've all heard the rumblings of some mid-card talent returning. John Morrison, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Low-Ki/Kaval are all names I've heard. But Jeff Hardy is the biggest name, and did not seem like a possibility until recently.

Honestly...I'd be ok with it. He's made himself into a painted up nut job, but when he left WWE, he was WAY over with it and I think he could do it again. They desperately need some high end talent, especially on the baby face side. Plus, I'd love to see another Hardy/Punk feud.

Fozzie:  Yeah, that would be fantastic, especially if Punk makes fun of Hardy's time in TNA. But yeah, Hardy's return would be big time, plus it can create a bunch of new match ups. The only question is: Will Hardy want to come back to the grind of the WWE? The travel could take a toll on him more, and he may just want the ability to sit back and relax once in a while. 

Mike:  I think that's the pro/con for every single person who makes the jump between companies. Sacrifice money for more time off. If Jeff feels he is in a good place to make one more run, he would be stupid not to. He's make a ton more money. He only has a few years left, and the WWE has a much... Easier work rate than TNA. They have less tolling matches. He could just go and make the big bucks and cost to retirement, where he can support his brother's eating habits.

Fozzie:  The thing I'm more concerned about is a relapse. Jeff has worked hard, and even though I give him shit, he's really deserved his run with the TNA World Title. I think that shows faith in him by Dixie, but will Vince be willing to cut the same slack? Vince will always do what's good for business, and bringing back Jeff will make him even more money to sleep on, but will he be willing to chance it with the risk of hiring a two-strike guy?

Mike:  I think Jeff being on two strikes with the wellness policy answers those questions. Jeff will know that if he goes back, he can't mess it up. He has no room for failure. On that same page, Vince knows Hardy is a high reward/low risk option. Bring him in and he makes ton of money, but if he screws up...he's gone.

Fozzie:  I agree. Plus Jeff can be used to enhance talent, as he is seen as a big name in the business. He's no Stone Cold, but he has his fans. I think if they were to bring him back, they should do it right after WrestleMania. Maybe a feud with Punk or Ziggler to re-introduce himself to the fans.

Mike:  Yeah don't do it at or before WrestleMania. He'd get lost in the shuffle. Do it after Rock, Lesnar, Triple H, and Taker have all gone back into their hiding holes.

Fozzie:  Isn't that where you keep your sex life?

Mike:  Well that's just inconsiderate and plain rude. I was thinking more in the line of where they keep their terrible ideas. I assume it’s the same place Max Moon lives.

Fozzie:  You say "inconsiderate and plain rude" like it's a bad thing.

Mike:  Usually it is. But I tend to forget your stabs at me are just your childish attempt to be like me. But I carry you, and take care of you, even when some people thought you were the top dog. You are totally the Matt to my Jeff Hardy.

Fozzie:  Wow. Just wow. I had no idea you knew how to make an effective analogy. Well done sir.

Mike:  I'm full of surprises.

Fozzie:  Well, you're full of something. (WrestlingNewsWorld.com)



In a recent interview, TNA wrestler Magnus says how Dixie sought him out to join TNA, how much he enjoyed working with Samoa Joe, and that they need to move Impact out of Orlando. In other groundbreaking revelations:  grass is green, water is wet, and at night you can see stars come out. (WrestlingInc)

According to the WWE and Zack Ryder himself, he will be performing his song “Hoeski”, a song he recently made a music video for, live before the Royal Rumble outside the US Airways Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.  I would make a joke here, but I honestly don’t think I need to.  The fact that a guy who this time last year was teaming with John Cena in main events and getting cozy with Hugh Jackman is now singing a song before the Rumble starts…and not doing it as a prank…is enough for me.  (Rajah)

As revealed on Raw, Bob Backlund was announced as the newest member of the Hall of Fame class of 2013. I don't know who is going to induct him, but if it doesn’t end up with Backlund going crazy and putting him in the Chicken Wing, then I call shenanigans. (NoDQ)

WWE’s partnership with YouTube is coming to an end, which explains why most of their shows, like Ziggler’s WWE Download and Zack Ryder’s show have ended recently.  They only had a one year partnership.  Look for some of the shows to be retooled and put on WWE’s own website.  None of this has an effect on me, but for the two of you that watched them, you can now sleep easy.  (Rajah)