Headlines: You Were Expecting Someone Else?By Mike Aires and Marc "Fozzie" B.Fozzie: Man, what a slow news week. Let's see what we have here: Randy Orton says he is "pain free" from his injuries. There is a rumor that the injury angle is to cover the fact that he failed a wellness test. While I don't believe this to be true, this could explain why he finds everything "hilarious." Because when you're high, even the thought of a Chris Benoit movie is funny. Wait, whaa?<!--more-->
Randy Orton, who remains sidelined after suffering a herniated discon the L4-L5 level on the left side, was asked how he was doing on Twitter."Pain free at the moment," he responded. "I do some kind of therapy/rehab every morn and night. Funny to sit back and watch the rumors.He was then asked about his mindset following the injury."Enjoying every minute actually," he responded. "Getting to spend this much time in with Sam and Al is great. I think we all needed it."Orton also says he has read all the rumors concerning his injury. He says "It's hilarious." (Rajah)
SRG Films' upcoming film Crossface retelling Chris Benoit's descent into double murder and suicide will feature actors portraying his wrestling peers."Eddie [Guerrero] is obviously very important to the story," Sarah Coulter tells WorstPreviews.com, who has already written the first draft of the script. "Triple H, Kurt Angle, they're all there, but it's early and things can still change."Regarding whether the film will be a biopic, Coulter says, "Chris had a remarkable career. You take a look at his time in Japan and with Stu Hart, and you realize that you'd need more than one movie to tell the entire Chris Benoit story. Ultimately, it's about the 2007 murders/suicide, so we had to pick and choose the right moments in Chris' career that may have been factors in his downfall." (Rajah)
Aires: The fact that the company is being so secretive about his injury and/or lack of one is quite interesting. I too have heard that Wellness Test rumor. No way it's true. It would be Orton's second violation and would be gone for two months, whereas apparently this injury won't keep him out for very long. He'll be back to doing his cheerleading and gymnastics routine in no time.And I take it you either had not heard, or already pushed the thoughts of a Chris Benoit film out of your head. Don't worry, I don't blame you. I am very interested in the movie though. I want to see just how bad they can portray the WWE in this. I mean actors playing HHH, Eddie Guerrero, and Kurt Angle? three actors, in muscle suits, wearing a fake nose, a mullet, and a tiny little cowboy hat? This could legitimately be hilarious.Fozzie: Or on the other hand, it could be right up there with "The Wrestler" and be one of the best movies ever. Can you just see the Oscars: "And the winner for best supporting actor..... Johnny Depp as Eddie Guerrero." It would be classic. Just like my TNA columns, which you can find here.Aires: Shameless pandering. Jericho would be proud.
Fozzie:Hah, you're just upset that your Jersey Shore show is barely talked about anymore. It's ok. I have a towel of "I told you so" you can wipe your tears with.
Aires:It's not talked about because it's not on right now. Starts back up this week. So we'll get back to our regularly scheduled Snooki updates shortly.
Fozzie: Last year it started on my birthday. Worst gift ever. The saddest part? It's still more relevant than Drew McIntyre.
Following an unsuccessful stint on Raw, Drew McIntyre returned to Smackdown on Friday's show. His resolve and worth was called into question by Teddy Long in a backstage segment as the General Manager matched him up against Ezekiel Jackson. If McIntyre couldn't win, Long said he'd have to start thinking about letting him go. While McIntyre argued with the referee about having his feet on the second rope during an attempted pinfall, Jackson swooped in and grabbed him by the tights to roll him up for the win.After the match, McIntyre demanded that Long not count the match as a loss, claiming the referee was biased. Long would retort that he disliked losers, but especially ones who make excuses. (Rajah)
Aires: Jersey Shore: Just like the diseases they all have, it is the gift that keeps on giving.Drew McIntyre? I forgot he was still around, let alone was a member of the Raw roster. Now, being on SmackDown...he still loses. Is there a reason he is still in the doghouse? It can't be because of his ex-wife and ex-Diva Tiffany, because she is long gone.Fozzie: Maybe it leads to a renewed push and a face turn a la MVP. Drew is one guy I would like to succeed. He's young and he has a good look. I can see him having success as a face later on in the year.Aires: I see no reason for him to not succeed. He's decent in the ring, can at least cut a promo, and has one of the best entrances in the WWE. But then again, he got traded to SmackDown and is already on a losing streak.Fozzie: And he's foreign. So there's that.Minutes Later...
After being spotted with Abraham Lincoln and The Beatles - Chris Jericho was revealed to be the man behind the cryptic "It Begins" promo vidoes and made his long awaited debut to WWE Television onMonday's RAW.Jericho came out to his signature "Break The Walls Down" theme music and wore a flamboyant & illuminated studded black leather jacket.Jericho came to the ring and soaked up the huge reaction from an audience that appeared to be satisfied on WWE's delivery of this latest surprise. Fans chanted "welcome back" to the former Undisputed champion. The celebration lasted several minutes, with Chris Jericho riling up the crowd and slapping hands with fans - without taking a microphone and explaining why he is back. The crowd began to turn on Jericho as it became apparent he was not going to do anything more than listen to them cheer him on. (Rajah)
Fozzie: Jericho just trolled the Internet.Aires: That was the most odd re-debut ever. All he did was smile and shake hands for over 5 minutes. Didn't say a word. I think he trolled the arena too.Fozzie: I think he turns heel. Seriously.Aires: I think that is beyond obvious. That was just him pulling the ol' bait and call everyone troglodytes. Question is, does he go after Punk, who seems to be just in the mist of a feud with Ziggler...or does he go after a returning Undertaker?Fozzie: I called undertaker after the first video. No lie. I think Jericho is the best possible wrestler for #20.Aires: No one wants to see HHH/Taker 3. Let someone else lose to Taker. Jericho/Taker could put on a pretty good match.Fozzie: You're right and I agree. Jericho/Taker makes a lot of sense. That's it for me tonight. I am going to a TNA show for my birthday in Friday. I'll make sure I write about it.Fozzie on twitter: @FozzieMBAires on twitter: @OSUmike03