Hey folks. It’s been a crazy few days for us here at TJR Wrestling. If you haven’t already, check out John Canton’s explanation of the site updates. I thank you guys for bearing with us as things get sorted out. Now, onto the news.


Lita Moonsaults Her Way into the Hall of Fame

As announced on Raw, former WWE Diva and Team Extreme member Lita Dumas has joined Jake Roberts and the Ultimate Warrior in the Hall of Fame Class of 2014.

As a kid growing up in the Attitude Era, Lita had a special place in my fandom. She introduced me to thongs and set expectations for women’s wrestling that few could satisfy within the WWE. Since her days, the women’s division has become a poorly managed group of “Divas,” most of whom are as green as Hornswoggle’s underwear. It’s not that WWE lacks talented women wrestlers. They have that in Natalya, AJ Lee, Paige and others. But one’s been used more for fart jokes than actual wrestling, the second has had to trudge through a slew of green opponents, while the third is in NXT.

The women’s division may not be what it was in Lita’s time, but her legacy still lives on for the countless female wrestlers who rather emulate her devil may care ring style than Naomi’s butt bumps.

Pointy SciFi Logo to Replace Scratch Logo

The “scratch” logo has emblemized the WWE since before the company got the ‘F’ out. Now, however, it seems that the WWE might soon replace the tenured design for the pointy, SciFi-looking logo associated with the WWE Network.

Rajah reports that the WWE will officially swap the logos “once the new WWE Network launches later this month.”

It’s probably not a surprise for most people, though I had wondered if they’d go this route considering the current scratch logo is on the WWE Championship. They could just update the belt. They did with the Attitude Era WWE Championship, which debuted before the scratch logo. Although the current belt obviously features the logo as a central piece.

CM Punk Pulled from Comedy Central’s @Midnight

I’d been looking forward to seeing if CM Punk’s appearance on @Midnight would shed some light on his walkout. Unfortunately, @Midnight host and my man-crush Chris Hardwick (also of Talking Dead and formerly G4) wrote on Reddit that Punk would no longer appear on the show:

"As of right now, he's pulled out of the show for that date. Punk's a really great dude and I know the decision wasn't made lightly. He's my friend so I support whatever he feels like he needs to do. Worry not! I'm sure we'll get him rebooked soon."

There’s no way of knowing if there’s any official backing to the suggestion that they could get him rebooked. He may have added “I’m sure” to keep it subjective as he might not know what exactly his producers plan or what is possible. Considering the format of the show, there may have never been an occasion to milk Punk for details anyway. We might only be missing out on him making fun of Twitter users – although with Punk, that could have been a blast. (WrestlingInc)

By the way, Hardwick’s not lying when he says they’re friends. Punk’s previously appeared on Talking Dead and he also has a grammar show on YouTube for The Nerdist, a multimedia web network created by Hardwick himself. There’s also this great photo of CM Punk, Chris Hardwick and Merle (Michael Rooker) from Walking Dead:

Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker to Return the Night After Elimination Chamber

If you haven’t caught on yet, the February 24 episode of Raw is going to be a big event. It’s the night the WWE Network launches. There is a lot of news for featured big names and angles. One of them, according to Rajah, is that The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan will both make their returns at the show.

In Undertaker’s case, we can trust it’s to set up his WrestleMania rivalry with, most likely, Brock Lesnar. I imagine we’ll therefore see him on most, if not all, of the remaining Raw episodes heading into WrestleMania.

Hulk Hogan, on the other hand, could just be there to make an appearance and announce some non-wrestling role for WrestleMania. Maybe he’ll still show up on Raw every week, but I’m not sure if he’ll be part of a big angle. We do know that he’s a big name and they have the Network launching that night, so yeah, it makes sense to plan his return for then.

Roman Reigns Details Relationships to Usos, Rock and More

Lastly, according to Rajah, Roman Reigns joined radio DJ Peter Rosenberg for a call-in interview before the Royal Rumble. In the interview, Reigns talked about his college football experience and how it compares to pro wrestling; his famous wrestling family, including how he’s related to The Usos, The Rock and Umaga; and who in the WWE has had an influence on his development, especially backstage resources such as Triple H and Joey Mercury.

It’s a pretty interesting, especially if you’re curious about the family thing. I know that’s always a point of speculation among my wrestling friends. What I didn’t know was that Rosie, formerly Umaga’s tag team partner in 3-Minute Warning, is Roman’s brother.

So if you’re curious, give the interview a listen. It starts off just a little in-character, but they quickly move away from kayfabe and talk about more personal subjects. Roman comes off like a pretty genuine dude.


That's all for this week. Be sure to look out for my column on Friday. Also, although it's not confirmed, I'm 75 percent sure I'll be attending the February 17 episode of Raw at the Denver Pepsi Center. It's the go-home show for Elimination Chamber, so I'm optimistic that it will be pretty good, though it'll be a far cry away from the star power and newsworthiness of the Feburary 24 episode. However, considering it's my very first WWE TV event, I'm still way hyped. I was supposed to attend a SmackDown/ECW taping at the Colorado Springs World Arena a few years ago, but that was canceled due to what I like to call the "Denver Nuggets Fiasco." You might remember that night. I'm sure I'll detail it more after attending Raw next Monday. Until then, have a great day.

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