Welcome to my very first Tuesday News Update. Starting today, I’ll be your weekly guide to all things wrestling – so long as it’s newsworthy, anyway. We’ve got quite a bit of ground to cover today, including contract rumors, sweet new rides and huge bench presses, so let’s go ahead and jump into the thick of things.


MVP Dispels Rumors TNA Contract Rumors

After talk getting around that MVP might be close to inking a contract with TNA, the former WWE Superstar took to Twitter to clear up all the hearsay. “For the record, I am STILL very much a free agent and have not signed any contracts with anyone,” MVP wrote. He emphasized that when a development in his contract status does occur, “you'll hear it from ME. No speculation necessary.”

As a guy who really enjoyed MVP’s heel work with the WWE (though by no means his ill-fated face tag team with Mark Henry), I wouldn’t mind seeing the former United States Champion wrestling with a nationally broadcasted promotion again. However, with reports painting a struggling TNA, I’d rather MVP’s return to the main stage occur at a promotion with a little bit more stability and (usually) less offensively bad booking. (ProWrestling)

Jim Ross “This Close” to Contributing to FOXSports.com

Rajah reports that WWE Hall of Famer “Good Ol’” J.R. Jim Ross is “this close” to signing a contract that will allow him to contribute to FOXSports.com. As you’ll likely recall, WWE’s acclaimed commentator announced his retirement from the WWE back in September 2013. Considering his well-documented health problems, contributing to FOXSports.com could be a great way to stay engaged with the sports community without the rigmarole of travelling with the WWE as a full-time commentator.

It’s unclear what sort of schedule or content “contributing” to FOXSports.com would entail, but I welcome any opportunity for one of the all-time greatest wrestling minds to ply his craft and remain a public voice. If you don’t want to wait for the ink to dry on his FOXSports.com contract, you can already keep up with J.R. at his oft-cited blog.

Being The Rock’s Housekeeper Seems Like a Pretty Swell Gig

Former WWE Champion Tweeted this pic of him with his housekeeper Esperanza and a slick new ride for 10 years of service:


I’m no expert on the housekeeping field, but a new car (not really a car man, so I can’t say what exactly it is from just looking at it – I’m guessing a Ford Wheelydeely) seems like a pretty substantial bonus to say the least. However, I’ve already seen people on my Facebook throwing shade, claiming that it’s just a cheap way of endearing himself to the public. Personally, while I can’t verify whether Dwayne had genuinely selfless intentions, I have no doubt that the smile on Esperanza’s face is as real as it gets. Whether The Rock just wanted to improve his public image or not (not that he needs to improve it much, notwithstanding those wrestling fans who are still bitter over his last run with the WWE), at least Esperanza can drive home in style. (Rajah)

The American Wolves’ TNA Contract Detailed

ProWrestling.net reports that former ROH Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards have signed one-year contracts with the company. The contract has provisions allowing them to appear at indie events with TNA approval, although normally there are restrictions on major TNA talent appearing at iPPVs, regionally-broadcasted television shows and retail DVDs.

Considering the high-octane duo (one of my all-time favorite tag teams, by the way) were passed over by the WWE after jobbing (although not without a bit of flare) to The Ascension on an episode of NXT, I’m glad they’ve managed to find work somewhere – even if it’s with the promotion that a few paragraphs up I said was too unstable for MVP. Even though over the years WWE has not actually signed many of the TNA talents rumors have indicated they were interested in signing, perhaps plying their craft on a national level could eventually draw the eye of WWE management, or at least make The American Wolves easier to keep tabs on. Or maybe they’ll just tread water. I hope not. The dudes have just the right stuff to be an exciting tag team for TNA or individually excellent X-Division competitors. Hopefully all that talent doesn’t get squandered.

The Original Sin Cara Returning to the Ring in Mexico City

After a not-so-stellar run with the WWE, the first luchador to wear the Sin Cara mask will be making his in-ring return in Mexico City, Mexico for a show at the official Sin Cara Gym on February 1st. The occasion marks the gym’s one-year anniversary. Bear in mind, I’m not so sure how this works out from a legal perspective that the artist formerly known as Mistico will apparently be appearing as Sin Cara at a gym named after that WWE persona, which WWE is still using with Hunico now under the mask. Perhaps copyright is trickier across two different countries. I would have thought Sin Cara would return to Mexico under his original Mistico character, but apparently not. Regardless, while I could make “Botch Cara” jokes or otherwise deride him for his injury-ridden career with the WWE, I’m going to take the high road and say I’m glad the man will soon be back to doing what he loves in a country that won’t conflict with his wrestling style. (Rajah)

Ryback Video Interview: Wrestling Lesnar or Goldberg, Max Bench

Larry Nickel of CBS Sports 920AM recently spoke with Ryback on a number of topics, including the prospect of facing Brock Lesnar or Goldberg, what star of the 80s he’d most like to face, and his bully character in WWE. Apparently his max bench press is up to 580 now, which is great. As a guy who’s hit the gym his fair share of times, I can certainly see how that’s impressive – although it doesn’t take a bodybuilder to figure out that benching a Big Show plus a small woman is an enormous feat of strength.

As far as him facing Brock Lesnar or Goldberg, I don’t think there’s even the faintest scribbling on the wall for that happening anytime soon. Maybe back in fall 2012 I would have said it was possible provided they maintain his momentum, but considering they didn’t, I don’t see either match (or a triple threat with both, as he mentions) ever happening – especially with little more than periodic rumors that Goldberg might someday maybe possibly wrestle with WWE again. (Rajah)


That’s all I’ve got for you this week, folks. I’d say it was a pretty good news day for my first go at it. To keep up with the latest wrestling news, be sure to read TJR Wrestling’s News Updates every Monday, Tuesday (waves), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You guys will also be able to catch my weekly opinion column this Friday. Until then, I’m going to go trudge to class since spring semester starts today. Boo school.

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