WWE Network at 667,287 Subscribers

The numbers are in and they look … good? I think? The corporate press release sounds reassuring, at least.

“WWE (NYSE: WWE) today announced that WWE Network has 667,287* subscribers and is well on its way to reaching its goal of 1 million subscribers by the end of 2014 just 42 days after launching in the U.S., making it the fastest-growing digital subscription service.”

It’s kind of hard to say what’s what with the variety of analyses various sites like Cageside Seats and The Examiner are posting. The former pointed out that WWE stock dropped 19 percent following the announcement. The latter claimed that after passing 400 thousand, they’ve already turned a profit over the to-date network-induced pay-per-view losses.

A Google search result provides such variable opinions as to induce nausea. As someone with neither an economics nor business background, I can’t really take all the information and synthesize it into a definitive answer.

To me, nearly 700 thousand sounds good, especially with one million as their end-of-the-year goal. Although WrestleMania was supposed to be a selling point, I believe skepticism surrounding the stream’s quality must have produced some holdouts. Hopefully when word gets out about the stream’s success, fewer people will be wary of the service.

And you also have to consider that the network has so far only launched in the US, with subsequent launches coming in late 2014 and early 2015. While the US is the WWE’s biggest market, the forthcoming launches should boost the subscriber numbers.

We’ll know whether the network is a success if we’re still watching it in a few years.

Undertaker Diagnosed with a Severe Concussion

Following his Streak-ending WrestleMania match with Brock Lesnar, Undertaker was rushed to the hospital where, WWE.com reports, he was diagnosed with a severe concussion. He was, however, discharged Monday afternoon.

Unlike a normal injury report, there’s no need for speculating on whether this will keep him out of action. Obviously we aren’t going to see Undertaker compete for a long time. Maybe we never will again. I’d anticipated a retirement announcement on last night’s Raw, but that didn’t happen. Maybe his walk up the ramp Sunday night is the best goodbye we’ll get from the ever-reclusive, ever-kayfabe Undertaker. (Rajah)

Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Win Makes Newspaper Cover

A Twitter user tweeted this photo of Daniel Bryan on the cover of a local newspaper Monday morning:

It’s always interesting to see how local media covers WWE events. And as a Bryan fan, knowing readers will walk outside in their slippers and bath robes to unroll the paper and see his furry mug puts a smile on my face. (Rajah)

Ezekiel Jackson Announces His WWE Departure

WWE Superstar and scoop slam enthusiast Ezekiel Jackson has announced his departure from the company.

Most of you will probably remember him as either “The” Brian Kendrick’s muscle or the guy from The Corre who did a lot of scoop slams and went on to have a very mediocre Intercontinental Championship reign.

However, the guy did leave a very positive message about his experience on Instagram, which I recommend checking out.

WWE.com Article Explains Daniel Bryan’s Furry Boots

On Sunday, you might have noticed the furry boots Daniel Bryan was rocking. Since the front of the kickpads kinda looked like fire, I guessed it was an homage to Team Hell No ‘cause, y’know, he was the (furry) goat and Kane’s, well, a pyromaniac.

WWE.com revealed in “Daniel Bryan WrestleMania Diary: Day 6”, however, that the boots were actually a tribute to Bruiser Brody.

I definitely recommend checking out the WWE.com article, by the way. The annual WrestleMania Diary feature is the one thing I consistently read on WWE.com. I love the behind-the-scenes look at the wrestlers’ routines and rituals in preparation for WrestleMania.

Loads of NXT Stars Hitting Raw

While not really news if you’ve been watching Raw, I’m super excited about all the NXT talents finally making their way to Raw. Alexander Rusev and Paige both made their in-ring debuts on Monday, with Paige even ending AJ Lee’s lengthy reign as Divas Champion.

And both Bo Dallas (Bray Wyatt’s younger brother) and Adam Rose (formerly Leo Kruger) were both hyped up with vignettes on Raw.

I’m sure most people are going to joke about Rose, but after watching two of his matches on NXT, I’m sold. Dude does a ridiculous, flamboyant gimmick right. His entrance is just fun to watch and sing along to and I liked how he messed around with his opponents in the NXT matches.

I do kinda miss the Leo Kruger character, but maybe WWE thought Bray Wyatt filled their main roster psychopaths quota.

Although it is super impressive for the guy to pull off to transition from a deranged big-game hunter to an eccentric party enthusiast. That’s a great range, Mr. Rose.

As far as Bo Dallas, while I’m still not sold on his in-ring ability, the whole “Bo-lieve” shtick is infuriatingly cheesy, which is great. I’m confident he’ll develop a similar rapport on Raw as he had on NXT.

I do have some reservations about debuting so many new talents when the mid-card still looks like a directionless mess. Did Dean Ambrose even enter the ring with his belt Sunday or Monday night? I don’t remember seeing it.

Hopefully the WWE doesn’t ruin quality talents by debuting them before they knew what to really do with them, eventually losing interest in favor of the next flavors of the month.

Paige I’m less concerned about. The divas division needs more depth. Paige is a talented wrestler. Maybe debuting Paige the night after WrestleMania is their way of saying that they’re going to take the division seriously over the next year, start booking real matches instead of 14-diva nonsense invitationals.


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