In case you haven't been following Ryback's Twitter meltdown over the past few days, check out Cage Side Seats synopsis and get caught up because this thing keeps getting better by the minute and you don't want to be out of the loop.

I've never really been the biggest Ryback supporter. When he first debuted he bored me to death, then he started tossing around 90 pound Indie dudes with the care and grace of an ape handling luggage, and then he went on to become the whipping boy to everyone in the WWE locker room above Zack Ryder's pay grade. He was a bland copy jutted right out of the hoss archetype, given no personality, was told to go with it, and then took the heat of the planet on his back when he failed.

Then, one sweet day Ryback finally stopped giving a shit and became "The Big Guy" and I started to warm to him. Now he's in a position where he's constantly rotated in the rumor mill as being hard to work with and in the dog house with management, even though there's no real evidence to these statements. The Internet believes that if someone is given a shot at the WWE title and doesn't win the belt than that means they are being "buried" or "not pushed" or "in the dog house", despite the fact that he's on TV every single week. It's nauseating that just because somebody doesn't live up to the Internet's expectations, that means that they're about to be out of work.

Well, apparently Ryback himself reads the dirt sheets and is finally at a point where he's out of f**ks to give, because he's been laying into them pretty hard. And while I've been slowly warming to him as a character in the past, there's no quicker way to endear yourself to me than to tell the dirt sheets to f**k right off.

Earlier today the dirt sheet sites (such as, one of the garbagiest of garbage sites) were reporting that the backstage consensus was that Ryback is "nuts" and that when he was tweeting about being released it "would come as no surprise." They reported this of course, despite JBL and Cole talking about it on TV and Ryback flaunting a keyboard typing taunt in reference to the incident, and didn't even stop to consider that maybe this was all part of his character and/or company approved. Instead these sites just cut and paste from Meltzer or whoever, and put up a click-bait headline.

A few hours later Ryback responded with the following tweet:

"BREAKING NEWS: Ryback's Backstage Reaction to the Backstage Reaction on Ryback's Tweets: Who cares everybody Loves The Big Guy." 

A short while after that he popped off this little beauty:

"Dear internet I reach out to you. You guys seem to know it all. How do I become a better wrestler. Please stop holding this info from me." 

After that Ryback again deleted everything on his Twitter feed (he's been doing that a lot lately) and now currently only has one active tweet:

"Have been asked to officially induct the Ultimate Warrior. I am humbly honored thank you internet."

I would encourage all of you to follow Ryback on Twitter, because seriously this is wonderful. The dirt sheets are going to post anything that happens as "news" based on speculation and/or without any real investigation (see Mae Young's apparent death last week as an example) because every site feels the need to break a story, so it's fun to watch someone effectively keep them running in circles while he continues to make six figures. 

Never stop tweeting Ryback. Tweet me more.

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