Last night's Raw was bland to above average depending on who you ask, but what wasn't dull was Vince Russo's Twitter feed. Since there are about a million Russo parody accounts on Twitter it's hard for me to accept that this is the real one, even though there's a picture supposedly verifying it's authenticity. THAT'S JUST WHAT THE TROLLS WANT YOU TO THINK!

Anyway, Russo had a lot of thoughts on Raw and decided to tweet them in typical Russo fashion. Coincidentally I had a lot of thoughts on Russo's tweets, and decided to write a blog bitching about it.

I don't think Russo gets the whole "Talk about a pay-per-view match to hype it" thing, which actually explains a lot of 2000-era WCW.

Maybe to you, COMMIE *shotguns beer, jumps on back of pickup that transforms into a bald eagle, shoots fireworks out of arms*

Major Gunns, Tygress, and Paisley send their regards, Vince. 

Seriously though, I don't expect Vince Russo to recognize good wrestling. He's only worked in it for 20 years.

Oh yeah, you're clearly having a ball.

Oh, I get it, because KISS and the Star Child. Sure, why not, just as long as David Bowie gets to yell it right back in Stanley's face.



Okay, he's right about that one.


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