Okay, first the bad news. One of the participants of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match has been (allegedly) injured, and won't be able to compete this Sunday.The worse news, is that it isn't The Great Khali.<!--more-->From NoDq:
"WWE medical personnel have confirmed that Randy Orton suffered a concussion on Raw SuperShow when World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan smashed Orton over the head with his title."Randy sustained head trauma following his match with Big Show, in which Daniel Bryan interfered, and he was evaluated in the training room immediately afterward," WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson told WWE.com "Due to his symptoms as well as his neurological evaluation, he was diagnosed with a concussion. We will be doing more testing to see how he's going to do as far as short term vs. long term."Orton will not be cleared to compete in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match this Sunday."
From what I've been told the person that will be replacing Orton in the match is the recently suspended/put on injured reserve Mark Henry, so no real improvement there. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Hall Of Pain Mark Henry and he's been one of my favorite characters for the past year, but he's not Randy Orton as far as in-ring talent goes. So while I'll always enjoy watching him come down and house some scrubs or scare the crap out of Daniel Bryan with his prison rape eyes, I'm not sure I want to see him in an Elimination Chamber with two other large men, one who is mediocre at best, and another who can barely move.(UPDATE: (BTW this is not a spoiler, it's all over WWE.com) I've just been informed by a reader that it's Santino taking Orton's place and not Henry. OH GOD.)So thanks for getting injured Randy Orton, whether it be legitimate or part of a storyline. It's like all you think of is your personal health and the welfare of your family. What a selfish bastard.

In Other News...

The Rock passed on a sequel to his 2010 film The Tooth Fairy, because apparently he must have finally realized what self-respect feels like. (All Wrestling)Dixie Carter officially announced that Vince Russo is gone from TNA Wrestling. I guess she just realized it's not 1998 anymore, and decided that it's time to cut her losses and move on. Did someone finally show her a calendar? (SE Scoops)Follow Me On Twitter because there's not a whole lot of news today, and maybe I'll write something clever and poignant. Just kidding, we all know that isn't going to happen. (Twitter)Kelly Kelly recently posed for some Valentine's Day photos that were uploaded on WWE.com yesterday, which I find entirely appropriate. That's what Valentine's Day is all about; lonely men masturbating to a large breasted blonde chick that wouldn't even look them in the eye as she told them to f**k off. What a magical holiday. (WWE.com)Email: johnsonator62@yahoo.comTwitter: TheAEJohnson