You guys tired of hearing about WrestleMania yet?  TOO BAD!  We are now only 11 days away from the Greatest Spectacle at MetLife Stadium ever.  At least something has to make up for the Jets, right?

Anyways, Fozzie is at work trying to build up enough money to take care of my illegal habits next weekend so I, Mr. Mike, (the much more handsome of our Headlines duo) bring you today’s Headlines.

First up, after the big announcement on Monday about Mr. Freeze inducting Bruno into the Hall of Fame, we got the news on who would induct the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley next Saturday:

Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie reunite!  Terry Funk is a legend in his own rights, and Mick having his mentor, idol, friend, and current WWE HOF member induct him on this big night makes Foley’s night just seem that much more special.

I know a lot of people do not understand or care about the WWE Hall of Fame.  There is no actual building, and there is the fact that there are several people who are not in that should be no brainers, while there are others who should not ever be there.  However to those actually in the business, this is a huge honor.  There is a reason why WWE makes it a big deal.  Because everyone ever associated with the company SEES it as a big deal.  So regardless of how you feel about the WWE Hall of Fame, hopefully you understand why this is such a big deal.  This is a night not about the fans.  It’s about the performers themselves, and what they accomplished, surrounded by their peers.  Looking forward to the event, and showing my support to those being enshrined in a non-existent building and given rings that cost more than most things I own.

Other stories from the day…

The WWE have finally made a match official that had been rumored for weeks, as The Miz will challenge Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship.  It seems like both men are in a bit of a holding pattern as of late unless you count the fact that both were in movies that were released in the past couple months.  Miz’s character just does not work as a face, and Barrett seems to be struggling connecting with the audience.  Maybe they should add Ted Dibiase and David Otunga to the match and the winner is forced to make another movie while their day job career is on life support. (WWE)

After a health scare Monday night, where Ric Flair was written out of Raw and went home to get medicine from his doctor to treat a blood clot, Flair’s 16th wife…err…agent said he is feeling much better and should be good to go in no time.  Flair had a blood clot in his leg earlier this year that kept him from appearances.  Now we know why he gushes blood by just thinking too hard – His blood only clots in the lower half of his body. (NoDQ)

If you were on Social Media at all today, you noticed that they were hopping with supporters (or those against) equality in marriages.  Stephanie McMahon made her opinion known today, by tweeting the following:

Good for her.  Good to know her dad’s push for lesbian scenes in the Attitude Era didn’t corrupt her.

In other health related news, Kurt Angle, now 44 years old, addressed health and retirement rumors by basically saying he was completely healthy and not retiring anytime soon.  He also make hints about working somewhere else other than TNA.  This comes on the heels of WWE’s website adding him to the Alumni section and profiling him.  Could we see the Gold Medalist back in the WWE at some point?  Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me.  He’s obviously a future Hall of Famer, so when he feels the need to make some more money, and put on little cowboy hats, he should be welcomed back with open arms. (NoDQ)

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