There wasn’t much pro wrestling news from yesterday, but one particular topic really stirred up some trouble: RAW’s social media score.

Ok, that’s not true. It was actually that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to remove amateur wrestling from the Olympics line-up in 2020.

ESPN posted a pretty good article, explaining the decision-making process, but knowing why it happened doesn’t make it any less…kinda weird. I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m not really a sports fan. I just never really got into following sports, and my weekends are relatively stress-free as a result.

Just kidding, sports fans. (I shouldn’t have to say that.) That said, I don’t think I’ve ever really watched the Olympics, though I certainly respect the abilities of many of the athletes who compete. Since I don’t watch, my opinion means almost nothing, but I can understand why a good number of people—especially former amateur wrestlers—are upset about the IOC dropping the sport, but leaving Pin the Tail on the Donkey and 7 Minutes in Heaven.

This link has a bunch of tweets from pro wrestlers who have amateur backgrounds, or who at least watched it once. There’s this guy named Kurt Angle who seems really upset about it—not sure what his deal is. (411mania)  The Iron Sheik also said some stuff, but he’s totally crazy and really irritating, so I try not to pay attention to anything he says. (Lords of Pain)

In other news…

“Dirty” Dutch Mantell made his long-awaited  triumphant (why is my strike-through formatting not showing up) super racist/xenophobic return to RAW on Monday as Jack Swagger’s new malicious mouthpiece, Zeb Colter. And I liked it. I do not agree with anything he says, and I don’t think racism or xenophobia is cool or funny…but it’s effective, even in 2013, for a “patriotic American” to be against, essentially, how this country was founded. If Jack Swagger starts ordering Freedom Fries and buying fence-building supplies, I’ll write it off completely, but if this is a vehicle for a feud with Alberto Del Rio or even Antonio Cesaro (as the guy who talks funny, but still loves America and will defend his status as champion of the actual, real United States of America), I can really get behind it.

Before anyone loses their minds over me being a hypocrite and hating that The Rock is a misogynistic, homophobic douchebag, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are not the heroes. They’re dirtbags who are saying terrible things, and you absolutely should boo them. If it was Hacksaw instead of Dutch, this would be a different paragraph altogether. But it’s not, and I’m looking forward to seeing those two get clobbered by someone awesome. Also, read this and this.  

Finally, in case you were wondering, Bruno Sammartino said WWE pays Hall of Fame inductees $5,000 for showing up and talking for a few minutes. Pretty sweet gig, I guess. Ric Flair is already lobbying for inductions for The Black Scorpion, Evolution, his hair, the figure-four leg lock, and that one robe he still hasn’t sold—you know, the weird flesh-colored one with pink fluffy parts? We’ll keep you posted on this developing story. (Lords of Pain)

On a personal note, my hometown of Hattiesburg, MS was hit by a pretty nasty tornado on Sunday night. Fortunately, all of my family and friends are ok, and no one I know (I think) sustained any terrible damage, but many people lost their homes or businesses and some were seriously injured. If you can or you want, please consider making a donation to the American Red Cross,  as recovery efforts are organized. Mississippi gets it pretty hard a lot more than people realize, but we’re a pretty resilient bunch, so I think we’re gonna be ok. But it’s still not fun, and it reminds us a little too much of when we took a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina, and that suuuuucked.

That’s all for this week. Like I said, it was a super slow news day. Have fun doing things today.

-Jacob (@chacobian)