Ever since George Clooney hooked up with Stacey Keibler, I knew it was only a matter of time until other celebrities realized something that we've all known for a really long time; that the WWE Divas are some of the hottest women on the planet. On Monday Jacob Lindsey mentioned that there were rumors that New York Yankees third basemen/former old lady banger Alex Rodriguez is currently dating former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. Well rumor no more true believers, because two things are now official; A-Rod and Torrie are officially an item, and I have officially invited A-Rod to rot in hell.<!--more-->From Daily Mail Online:
He didn't waste any time moving on from his split with movie star Cameron Diaz.And now baseball player Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez has gone public with his new squeeze - former WWE star Torrie Wilson.The 36-year-old was photographed cosying up to the blonde wrestler in Cabo San Lucas, where the pair appear to have rang in the New Year together. George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler joined the sporty couple in Mexico to soak up some sun over the holiday period. Kiebler and Wilson, 36, are best friends, giving the foursome a great excuse to double date. A-Rod and Wilson were photographed today sat at a bar in the sunshine, wearing casual sportswear and relaxing in each other's company.
Urge to kill, rising...
They appeared happy to flaunt their new romance and show that they are more than just workout buddies as Wilson affectionately placed an arm around her new boyfriend. They had a drink before heading off in golf buggies.The photographs come after rumours surfaced that the pair spent Christmas day together. They had travelled to Idaho to spend Christmas with Wilson's family, indicating that their relationship may be getting serious. The loved-up WWE star tweeted tellingly at the time: 'So happy to be with family & friends ;)'
Since this is somewhat pop-culture news worthy WWE couldn't resist the urge to keep their filthy fame-seeking stink off of the story and posted a "please link to us, TMZ" article titled "Who Is Torrie Wilson?" on their website. This whole thing kind of bums me out because I've always seen Torrie Wilson as a blonde haired, plastic boobed, girl-next-door type. Sure she might have been a sex bomb from the get-go, and her Playboy appearances made the tiny brain in my dick explode, but she's always had a stunning all-american mid-westerness allure. She's sexy, but in a wholesome, unassuming way. It also didn't hurt that she was constantly dating normal guys like f**king Spirit Squad Nicky, and avoiding senior class letterman jacket wearing assholes like Batista. It made her seem obtainable, regardless of how many Playboy spreads she had and how much silicon was in her chest. Now that's she's dating the popular douchebag baseball player that everyone hates but still kiss his ass, it's kind of ruined for me. I almost feel kind of betrayed, like finding out that the Diva-next-door is actually a porn star that banged Luke Wilson when she was 17 and used to be on "24."Still, I'm not (entirely) petty, especially not enough to wish this relationship any ill-will. Besides, regardless of how much I dislike this, somewhere Billy Kidman is probably on a second date with a divorcee that he met at the gym who won't stop awkwardly rambling about the stupid cat playing the piano video she just saw on YouTube, while he silently contemplates where it all went wrong.

In Other News...

Chris Jericho was interviewed by WWE.com after his return to Raw on Monday. Instead of answering the question he just smiled like a goon and lit up his sparkle jacket. Couple that with his high-five fest and uncontrollable smiling during his return, it would be easy to think Jericho was on ecstasy or something. Not that there's any real evidence to support that theory, but I hear the way he kept rubbing Josh Matthews' shoulders after the show was a little creepy. (WWE)Former WWE and ECW Superstar Nunzio will be joining TNA's new Indian promotion Ring Ka King. That is if Aslan deems him worthy enough to make it through the wardrobe. (Yard Barker)Read The Best And Worst Of Raw by Brandon Stroud, because he plugs TJR at the beginning of all his articles. Like this week he plugged The Raw Deal, and made a joke about how my Smackdown reviews are similar to his. Hahaha, it's all in good fun of course, because if it weren't Brandon, I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.* (With Leather)Mickie James is the most searched female wrestler on Google in 2011. Surprisingly, the majority of the searches came from an IP address in southern Canada. That's pretty weird. (SE Scoops)Rob Van Dam recently discussed the possibility of returning to the WWE when his current TNA deal expires. It is said that if RVD returns he would receive a "warm welcome" from WWE. Why? Is there a shortage of over-rated throwbacks on the roster? You've already got Kevin Nash, isn't that enough? Ugh, whatever, 2012 already sucks. (Lords Of Pain)*Not really.Email: johnsonator62@yahoo.comTwitter: TheAEJohnson