WWE Superstar Jack Swagger was charged with a crime and I used a picture with the Swagger Soaring Eagle? Of course I did. Wait for it. You'll see why I did. Here's what happened to Swagger.

Jack Swagger was found guilty of DUI and speeding at his trial on Wednesday in Gulfport, MS. Swagger has been sentenced to six months' probation, $500 fine and will have to pay for all court costs related to his case. Swagger's attorney managed to get his two days in jail suspended, so he won't have to spend any time behind bars. The judge also dismissed the marijuana possession charge against Swagger. (WrestlingInc)

In other words, he's guilty of DUI and speeding without that much of a penalty. He'll pay a small fine and should be careful not to be arrested again during his probation period.  He should be careful in the first place, but with a probation hanging over his head that's something he needs to keep in mind.

If you're wondering where Swagger is on WWE programming he's been out with a hand injury, but he should be back very soon. If you read Smackdown spoilers you may find some info on it.

I found the story written by the Sun Herald newspaper in Mississippi to be particularly interesting. Not for the details in the story, of which there are many. This was the interesting part.

In the ring, Swagger is known as a fierce competitor who portrays a "real American" who's so tough he claims to "head-butt eagles." He sat quietly throughout the trial.

He can head-butt eagles! Yes! If he did that he'd be a top guy for sure. At least they knew it was so ridiculous that they put it in quotation marks. I give them credit for that. It's nice of him to sit quietly during the trial. Perhaps if there was an eagle around he would have tried to give it a head-butt.

When Swagger returns he'll likely form a team with Antonio Cesaro as part of Zeb Colter's growing stable. They could work together to head-butt eagles in five different languages. That would be fascinating to see. Ratings!

In all seriousness, I wish the best for Swagger. I have always liked him as a performer and hope that people can move on past this. He made a mistake, he owned up to it and hopefully he can learn from it too.



- Former WWE announcer Matt Striker is doing a lot of interviews with various radio shows and publications since being released from WWE last week. Technically it wasn't a release because his contract was up and they chose to let it expire without giving him a new one. He did an interview with the great Busted Open radio show with sites like Lordsofpain posting a summary of what happened.

When talking about announcing in WWE he said he ran into problems when he tried too hard to be a character whereas WWE wants their announcers to be plain or vanilla these days. I can remember many instances where it felt like Jerry Lawler was uncomfortable with him.

The moral of this story? Never try.

It's an easy lesson to learn, kids.


- There's an article on PWTorch.com claiming the Jay and Mark Briscoe are gone from Ring of Honor wrestling. The story is their contracts are up. They've been in ROH since the beginning and are arguably the best tag team in the history of the promotion. Jay is actually the ROH World Champion right now, but they booked him to have a shoulder injury while Mark was booked to have a severe concussion at their last tapings this past weekend.

Since their deals are up, the rumors are they could be headed to WWE since they are an established team who can put on entertaining tag matches, which should be seen as a plus by WWE. However, as TJR's own Lonestar wrote about last month, Jay Briscoe wrote an offensive tweet that could hurt their chances. Since that tweet, Jay deleted his account and donated his pay from two shows to show how sorry he was. I'm not sure if WWE knows about it or cares, but they might.

While they would have to tone down their gimmick a bit, I think the Briscoes are a team that WWE should consider because of their experience and chemistry as a team. For now, it's purely speculation.


- Finally, remember Zack Ryder? He's the once promising WWE superstar that online fans really supported by buying his merchandise and making his Long Island Iced Z show popular. Now Ryder is barely on television and if he does make it onto TV he's only there to lose matches. His youtube show is gone too. Every once in a while he does something funny like this video below.

Yep. That's Zack Ryder getting buried. That was pretty good. The only thing that could have made it better is if they made it a point to say the kid's name was Vince or Paul.

Does WWE care that one of their employees is acting like a jackass on youtube? I doubt it. There are a lot of long term WWE employees who are barely used who don't do things like this online (JTG, Yoshi Tatsu, Ted Dibiase), so it allows Ryder to stick out from the pack. If he got fired over it he'd take a severe cut in pay. He might get pushed more by some other company, but is it worth the risk? I don't think it is.

Writing that paragraph has reminded me that I need to send my weekly tweet to Triple H asking him if he realizes JTG still works for WWE.


That's all. Until the Raw Deal next Monday night (Canada Day by the way) I don't plan on writing anything. It will almost be a week, so hopefully that break will be good for me.

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