Fozzie: So apparently there are rumblings of a Kofi Kingston heel turn. This would be a significant change to a stale character. What are your thoughts? (NoDQ)

Ayers: Honestly...I'm extremely intrigued by the thought, for a couple different reasons.  One, the one you brought up about him being stale.  Even with the stupid Jamaican accent early in his career, he has been the same guy his ENTIRE WWE career.  Other guys whose characters got "stale" had some kind of character development.  He really has not had any.  That's not a big knock on him, but it has become stale.

The other reason I'm intrigued is because...I wonder if he can even pull it off.  He has played the prototypical babyface his entire career.  A heel turn may be above his entertaining skills.  On top of that, it's a huge risk.  It's also a huge reward.  There are not a ton of quality heels right now on either show.  We know he has the skills to be an upper mid card guy who can flirt with the main guys.  Could this be what gets him over the top?

Fozzie: I think he can. A few years ago when he feuded during his feud with Orton, he showed a more serious side. I think with a little tinkering he could be a major heel. He would have to change his offense a bit, but I think he could pull it off. To me, the best way to get him over as a heel would be for him to become super aggressive and mean. Keep him silent and let his actions do the talking. You let this run for a month, have him go over in the inevitable feud with Truth, and then have him say very little from that point on. He's not the best speaker, so a manager, such as Paul Heyman, would work wonders. 

Ayers: He's not the best speaker, but he can speak fine.  A manager would be great, but not needed.  His feud with Orton was the catalyst for him really.  That was his chance to hit the big time, and he delivered.  What happened after that, I'm not sure.  I think it was just a run of bad luck.

I really don't know what they would change in order for him to be an effective heel.  It seems like aggressiveness is always key.  But other than that it could be fun to see how they manipulate his character to make it a bad guy.  He could get the character boost he needs, and revitalize his career...or it could just be turrible.

Fozzie: I have always been a fan of his, so I hope he has a very successful career. I think a heel turn could motivate him more and allow him to perform at a higher level. Let’s just hope he doesn't screw up again.

Ayers: The main screw up he had was trying to reform the tag team division with Evan Bourne as his tag team partner.

Fozzie: I liked them as a team. However, Kofi needs to step up now, or he may find himself jobber to the stars.

Ayers: Jobber to the stars?  Horowitz is turning in his grave.  Wait, what?  He's not dead.  Well then...

Fozzie: Don't you ever disrespect the great name of Barry Horowitz. He was a legend...

Ayers: A legend that had a career record of 18 and 700.

Fozzie: I rest my case.

Ayers: Zack Ryder is slowly creeping up on his record.  But I don't see Kofi going down that same path, even if a heel turn a) fails, or b) doesn't happen.  He still has enough fans, and plenty of wrestlers below him on the card.

Fozzie: Thank goodness for JTG and Yoshi Tatsu.

Let’s move on now.


Seems like a lot of people, both inside and out of the WWE, found Punk’s “urn” segment to be extremely tasteless.  Once again, I am pretty sure that the main person (Taker) who would have a problem with it did not…so stop being pansies.  I thought it was harsh, funny, and showed how much Punk’s character does not give a crap about anyone but himself.  It worked.  (Rajah)

Apparently, ESPN has issues with Raw going three hours. From

ESPN's article also took a shot at last night's Raw, stating that it "will go down as one of the historically bad nights in wrestling television (and a clear signal that they need to end the three-hour experiment)." 

I think it's funny that ESPN would make that comment especially since I just spent my morning watching the same episode of SportsCenter seven times in a row. (NoDQ)

At last Thursday’s Impact Tapings in Chicago, TNA Champion Bully Ray went off on a fan in the crowd as he was going past him.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, it was littered with homophobic slurs and anti-gay remarks.  Fifteen years ago, this was called ECW.  Now it’s called being “insensitive”.  I kid, there’s no need for that kind of stuff.  He’s a good enough heel without going there.  (Rajah)

HBK and Ric Flair both weighed in in the potential retirement angle with Triple H. Not surprisingly, HBK figured that HHH would be content to become a background guy, while the sexagenarian Flair thought that the 40-something Trips is "too young" to retire. Stay golden, Flair. Don't ever change.  (NoDQ)

Due to his return, and probably because of how many tickets were sold, both Ryback and Chris Jericho have been added as “VIP” stars at WWE’s Fan Axxcess lineup for the Saturday before WrestleMania.  I mention this because of how hard it was to get tickets to ANY VIP star and the fact that it bums me out, because Chris Jericho is my #1 (Fozzie’s is Taker) and I’d do anything to chat with Y2J.  Axxcess should be fun.  Tickets went onsale 2 minutes ag…..annnnnd their sold out.  (NoDQ)

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