From PWTorch:

TNA wrestler Kurt Angle said on Twitter that he believes WWE lifted some "concepts" from TNA Impact - notably the multi-camera shoot in the 3MB mock sit-down interview and the John Cena & A.J. "affair" storyline. Angle tweeted: "Staged 'affair' between A.J. Lee & @JohnCena, w/date pic & hotel video? WWE outright lifting TNA concepts?" referring to the A.J. Styles/Claire Lynch/Daniels storyline.

Because no other television show ever has used a multi-camera documentary-style filming technique. And because WWE has never had some lame-ass fake romance story that everything thinks is stupid. I think Angle has since deleted the tweets in question, because I sifted through his “First Letter Of Every Word Is Capitalized” tweets, and found plenty of other ridiculousness, but nothing about WWE ripping off Hulk Hogan’s Wrestling Friends.

Oh, and someone please explain to Kurt Angle that he is not in the latest WWE game (which was released yesterday, and I’m a little aggravated because my copy didn’t ship until yesterday) because HE LEFT THE F**KING COMPANY FOR THE EX-WWE GUYS’ SHOW.

Thank you.

In other news…

I don’t know how I’ve missed this, but the main event (I guess) for the next Extreme Rising show is Shane Douglas vs. Matt Hardy. I thought Shane Douglas wasn’t wrestling anymore…  Welp, maybe one or both of those guys will get arrested over that weekend, and you guys can read about it Monday Headlines. (PWInsider)

WWE has a new Paul Heyman T-shirt available, which I guess makes it the Voiceless Voice of the Voice of the Voiceless. (WWE Shop)

Finally, Goldberg answered a few questions on Twitter, and the highlights include him not liking Triple H, liking Brock Lesnar, not liking Shawn Michaels, maybe wrestling again if someone pays him 10 gillion dollars. I’d rather watch Shane Douglas wrestle Matt Hardy in some dirty Pennsylvania warehouse than see another Goldberg match. (Lords of Pain)

That’s it for me. I’m gonna go sit outside and wait for the UPS guy, now. (Just kidding, I have a job.)

-Jacob (@chacobian)