This is going up a bit later than my usual posting time because yesterday kicked my ass I could go on about it some more, but really it doesn't matter. Life's a bitch. Then you die. Let's get to the "news" stuff.

My friends at broke the news that TNA wrestler Matt Morgan has been granted his release from the company.

Matt Morgan is telling colleagues that TNA released him from his contract on Tuesday. It was well known within the TNA locker room that Morgan asked company officials for his release a month ago.

TNA Wrestling released a statement too:

Impact Wrestling has released Matt Morgan. We thank him for all his contributions and wish him the best of success in the future.

I can remember stories over the years of people asking TNA to release only for management to deny them. Some asked for releases for years and couldn't get out of their deals. It's rare for TNA to grant a requested release, so good for Morgan. I'm guessing that it was granted because they are likely losing money and have recently cut a bunch of wrestlers (albeit low salary talents) to try to save cash.

Is Morgan a possibility for WWE? I think so. He's nearly 7 feet tall. He was in the company from 2002 (starting in Tough Enough) until 2005 when he was let go and frankly that stuttering gimmick he had was absolutely terrible. He showed up in TNA in 2007, had many stop/start kind of pushes and never really became a top guy there although he was close.

He'll be 37 years old this year, so barring injuries he likely has a four or five good years left in him. I actually think he's a pretty good talker now and his in-ring work is good for a big guy. He knows what he can do and avoids the things he can't do. That's what you learn as you get older.

At least he doesn't have to wear that stupid cape that Hogan used to have. That was TNA's genius way to get Morgan over. Did it work? Of course not.

I hope he ends up in WWE. I think he has untapped potential. Plus, like I always say I think some people lose interest in TNA and when they get to WWE they can find that fire again. The increase in pay doesn't hurt either.

If he does go back to WWE maybe he can rekindle this feud with Zack Ryder?

I found that randomly searching for a Morgan picture. Ryder was just a local jobber at that point. There's a video of their match in 2005 on too.


- WWE Superstar Randy Orton recently got a divorce from his wife Samantha and of course TMZ was all over it. This is his first divorce, so that puts him three divorces behind Ric Flair if you're keeping track.

I realize that a man's personal business isn't our business, so I'm only going to comment on the report that he makes $291,666 per month in salary. That works out to be $3.5 million per year. I honestly had no idea how much money he made or other top guys. I thought it might be less than that, so kudos to him for doing so well. As a main event level guy for nearly a decade now he's obviously done very well for himself.

No Randy, she'll go the papers before you. The divorce papers.

Those of us at TJRWrestling would like to remind you that if you're really rich, always sign a pre-nuptial agreement. I'm pretty sure Orton did.


- WWE Hall of Famer Edge did an interview with It's well done. I have nothing sarcastic to say about it. Give it a look.


- Kane may be out of Money in the Bank due to the Wyatt Family attack on Raw and he could be replaced by Bray Wyatt, reports (WrestlingINC)

I'm not sure they need to replace him with anybody. If you are going to write him out that's fine. Go with the other six guys in the match. It's not like you need seven people. I also think that would be a bad place to have Wyatt's "debut" WWE main roster match because he'd be in there with all of these accomplished top guys who are much better in-ring performers than him at this stage of his career. I don't think it would be bright to book him against guys who will outshine him.

What I'd do is have Kane work the match hurt, dominate early on and have the Wyatt Family show up to take him out. Either that or go with six guys in the match. I'd keep Bray Wyatt out of it at this point.


- We had another fun episode of TJR Radio was last night. It was The Ace, Matt Seagull (part-timer here at TJRWrestling), myself and a brief appearance by Frank the WWE Clown. We talked about the Wyatt Family in depth, we spent about an hour giving a Money in the Bank preview and covered all things WWE. You can listen to it right here via online player or download the MP3 file. You can also find it on iTunes too. Our next show is in two weeks.


That's all for me. Please read all the wonderful columns here on TJRWrestling and leave feedback as well.

I'll be back on Friday with the WWE Money in the Bank PPV Preview along with Andrew & Christian.


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