Good morning! Happy New Year! Ok, enough of that. And stop whining about your hangover. Still? Seriously?

On New Year’s Eve, Hulk Hogan opened his second (to the best of my knowledge) restaurant venture with a huge party that had people traveling for thousands of miles  across state lines  from around the block to check out the boobies and watch Ric Flair try to get arrested at the new “breastaurant.”

From PWInsider:

Hulk Hogan opened his Tampa, Florida restaurant last night, timed with New Year's Eve and all accounts were that it was a huge success with the restaurant serving a ton of patrons and traffic heading to the eatery actually being backed up for much of the night. The Hulkster pulled off a big win for night one.

Among those from the pro wrestling world that were there were Ric Flair, Matt Morgan, Austin Aries, Al Perez (that's a name you don't hear popping up often), Fifi the Maid of WCW fame, Jimmy Hart, Sal Corrente, Luke Williams, Rosita, former WWE developmental talent Melissa Coates and of course, Brutus Beefcake.

If the opening night is any indicator of future success, Pastamania may finally run wild. I will only go if Brutus shows up dressed as Zodiac. Or maybe if BOTH Bushwhackers show up.

In other news…

Kurt Angle’s wife, Giovanna, had a baby on New Year’s Eve. Angle immediately apologized on Twitter, saying her vagina had been hacked. (Lords of Pain)

Zack Ryder blamed WWE for dropping the ball with him in 2012. And that’s the joke. (411mania)

In case you’re wondering if Evan Bourne will be back in time for the Royal Rumble (why would you be wondering that?), he won’t, because apparently a broken foot takes 19 years to heal. Poor guy. On another note, this story’s headline at the Torch reads “One name to scratch off the Rumble surprise list.” If you have such a list, it’s probably time for a shower and some decent food. (PWTorch)

Ohhhh boy. Stevie Richards became the new World Champion of Extreme Rising over the weekend, and then he posted a photo of the belt on the organization’s Facebook page. I think they stole the idea from my friend’s Create-A-Title on WWE ’13. That’s not the best part, though. Apparently there are mysteries behind and ON the belt, which will be right up the alley of LOST fans, according to Richards. As a LOST fan, I can’t wait to see the disappointing payoff to this story. (PWPix)

That’s it for me. Enjoy the rest of your week. Drink some Gatorade, or something.

-Jacob (@chacobian)