It's one of those Wednesdays where there really isn't a lot in terms of "major" stories so I'll just tackle a few of the things in the news/rumors department today.

- According to PWInsider, Rob Van Dam is scheduled to take a break from WWE at some point in October. RVD reportedly has 90 day blocks in his new contract where he will work for 90 days and then take some time off to rest before coming back to work another 90 days. (NoDQ)

That's a nice gig if you can get it. Of course, WWE is likely not thrilled with that news getting out there since he's scheduled for a World Title rematch with Alberto Del Rio at Battleground on October 5. When RVD first signed that information was out there too, but now that he's in a World Title feud it makes the outcome pretty obvious.

RVD's contract status is why I was shocked he was feuding for the World Title in the first place. If he's not going to be around full time then why push him for a title? I know the World Title isn't as valuable as it once was, but there are other people that could be feuding for it to try to make it more important than it really is.


- Remember Chris Jericho? Yes you do. And if you want to call me an idiot for asking you that you are more than welcome to do so. He's currently not working for WWE because he's performing music with his band Fozzy. Here's a really good 26 minute interview he did with Arda Ocal

While we don't really have an idea as to when he might return to WWE, I think early 2014 is likely. Once the Royal Rumble hits and the road to WrestleMania begins it makes sense that Jericho would want to go back to WWE. In the interview he spoke about how he thought it was his responsibility to help "make" the guys he's in the ring with. He wants them to be bigger stars after working for him. It's not a selfish attitude. It's the RIGHT attitude to have in wrestling.

Jericho's one of my top ten favorite wrestlers ever and I will always support him in everything he does. I've been to a Fozzy show (a couple of years ago). It's not necessarily my favorite type of music, but he's good at it. I hope to see him back in a WWE ring soon although I totally understand why he would want to focus on music too. He's 43 years old this year, so it makes sense that he would want to rest his body.

The fact that Jericho said on Twitter that my article on his top 10 WWE moments was a "great must read article" is also another reason why I will always support the guy.


- Hulk Hogan's deal with TNA is up in early October according to Jason Powell of

Hulk Hogan's contract with the company expires on October 1, according to multiple sources within the company. There is no indication that Hogan and TNA have come to terms on a new deal. Sources within the Hogan camp declined to comment on the matter.

It's pretty simple. TNA has money problems. They are losing talent because they can't afford to keep him. They're also likely to take their tapings off the road after talking about how important it was to go on the road. It was another idea that didn't work just like putting Impact on Monday nights was. No matter what they try it doesn't seem to work. Since Hogan is definitely the highest paid talent in TNA (no exact figure is out there although rumors have said about $2 million salary per year) it's time to end his run there.

Will Dixie Carter and TNA end Hogan's run with them? They should! The facts are there, though. It's been four years. TNA hasn't really grown. In fact it looks like they are worse off than where they were before he was there. So why keep him around? It's not like she has a history of making the best business decisions.

If Hogan is gone from TNA I would expect him to try to get back into WWE in some kind of role. He's in his 60s and has had too many surgeries in his life, so he shouldn't try to wrestle. As an on screen GM or a legend that appears once in a while it could work. I've never been a huge Hogan fan and the older he gets the less of a fan I am. With that said, it's wrong to completely deny that he is arguably the biggest name in the history of professional wrestling. Because of that, there's always going to be some value with his name.


- Regarding Mickie James' status with TNA, it's true that her contract is up (here on NoDQ as reported by PWInsider) and she's a free agent right now. She's been a friend for several years now. I help run her Facebook page, assist with her schedule and other aspects of her career. People have been asking me about it and I haven't really talked about it publicly until now.

I'm not sure what she's going to do. It's not up to me. I would hope that WWE would have interest in a woman that's a former 5 time WWE Women's Champion and one time WWE Divas Champion. I have no idea, though. The reason I want her to go to WWE is because I'd like to see at a WrestleMania again, to have feuds with women she hasn't really worked with before and if you look at TNA right now they only have about five women in their "division." Plus, their pay isn't that great. The schedule is nicer, though, but that also contributes to the pay being not great.

If you look at Mickie as a performer, she's been a great babyface for so long and her heel character in TNA the last few months has been awesome too. She has name value, she's in the prime of her career and if she returned "home" to WWE there would be a lot of freshness to her whether she was a face or a heel.

I hope she does what is best for her career as it relates to wrestling and music. She's an awesome person that loves performing. I've never met somebody more driven or that works as hard as her. She's always working, always on the go and always trying to get better at everything she does.


- Lastly, we had another edition of TJR Radio last night. We went for about an hour with 45 minutes of WWE talk and then we talked about the NFL for about 20 minutes too.

Here's a direct link to the show if you don't want to use the online player. It will be up on iTunes at this link too.

I should add also that my voice was in a lot of pain as we did the show last night so if I don't sound normal that's probably why. Medicine has helped, but it still hurts today.


With that I'm done. Hope the rest of your week is great. I'm back on Thursday and Friday with NFL picks. Then on Saturday I'll be here with another edition of Canton's Corner too.

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