Fozzie:  Wait....Jerry Lawler is going to wrestle again? You call it: Kudos or Crazy? (PWTorch)

Ayers:  Why can't it be both?

Fozzie:  Because he's in his sixties and just coming off a heart attack. I have never wrestled professionally, so maybe this comment is a bit naive, but what is so hard about him retiring? There are some guys who would kill to have half the career Jerry has. I am in no position to tell anyone that enough is enough, but I really hope that this is his last hurrah.

Ayers:  I can honestly see it both ways.  When I told you about the story, i commented that "guh..I hope he doesn't die".  I meant that as a joke, but it's got some truth to it as well.

I think that his major heart attack SHOULD have been a wake-up call.  He was technically dead for a few minutes.  That, plus his age, should be the sign that says "hey...I'm good for now".  I'm sure he doesn't need the money, either.  HOWEVER, he's not a complete idiot.  If he couldn't go, or he wasn't medically cleared, I don't think he would do it.  With it being a tag match, he won't be asked to do much.  If he's medically clear, I don't see it being a big deal for him to go in there for a few minutes and wrestle around.  It's fairly amazing he has the opportunity.

Fozzie:  I see your point, and I agree that he wouldn't do it if not cleared, but why? Every bump could be dangerous. Why risk it, especially after cheating death like he did?

Ayers:  Maybe he needs to prove it to himself?  Maybe he wants to see if he can still go.  Whether it be pro wrestlers, or basketball, football...any kind of athlete, they always want to push themselves further.  This is his ultimate push.  Too see if he can still go after his last match led him to dying a few minutes later.

Fozzie:  That has got to be the most abstract sentence I have ever seen written.

Ayers:  Well there you go.  I continue to amaze.

Fozzie:  I'm amazed you can walk and breathe at the same time.

Ayers:  I am too.

Last thoughts on Lawler getting back in the ring?

Fozzie:  I think he shouldn't do it, but if he does, I'm hoping he doesn't do anything to risky.

Ayers:  Yeah...keep it light.  Don't try too much, and hopefully he'll actually be there on Monday Night Raw on the 27th.

What else we got this morning?



- Former WWE Diva Molly Holly said that she agreed to shave her head at WMXX in order to get a Divas match on the card. As it turns out, that's the only title match people are allowed to remember from that show. Thanks Mighty Molly! (NoDQ)

- Scott Hall had an interview with Pro Wrestling Torch and talked about the big difference between wrestling a normal arena show, and doing a big stadium show like WrestleMania.  He said as the crowd gets bigger, you have to go slower to let the crowd savor in the moment.  Just like how as Scott Hall got fatter, he moved slower.  Same concept. (PWTorch)

- In case you're one of the three people that noticed, The Miz was once again not on Raw due to filming the latest bomb from WWE Films. Don't worry though Miz-Fits (god, that makes me feel dirty) Mr. Mizanin will be back next week with his specialized brand of obnoxiousness and douchebaggery, which I will now dub as "Obnoxo-Douche". You're welcome, Internet. (PWTorch)

- A reader reported that John Cena became very frustrated with autograph seekers and gawkers while he was at the gym working out.  So basically, John Cena was every celebrity ever in the history of mankind. (PWnet)

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