Fozzie:  What's good my brother?? We are but a few days away from the greatest day of your life - the day you get to meet me   But until then, what do we have in wrestling news?

Ayers:  Well, I have a bone to pick.  I assume you watched Raw last night?  It was a lackluster show that ended with a controversial segment.  Paul Heyman was in full Paul Bearer makeup, and CM Punk was dressed as a Druid, as Punk attacked Taker, and then proceeded to take his urn and dump all of the "ashes" onto Undertaker and smearing them on his chest and face.

Seems a ton of people are up in arms about it, including William Moody's (aka Paul Bearer) sons.  They said on Facebook: (Rajah)​

"If anyone is wondering, yes WWE did come to us wanting approval for tonight's storyline. The way it was presented to us was ok. Seeing it on screen was a different story. I don't even know what to say."

I'll ask what you thought of the segment, and what the Moody boys had to say before I add my two cents.  What says you?

Fozzie:  I wonder why everyone is so shocked that this angle is happening. It's not like WWE hasn't used death before to further their stories. I think that basing the entire feud on the death of Paul Bearer is a little much, though. They should have left it with the interruption during the tribute, and have Punk just constantly getting under the skin of Taker in other ways.

Also, my view on what Moody's son said is simply that maybe he was cool with what was planned, but the execution wasn't what he expected. Seeing someone dressed up as your dead father has that effect on people.

Ayers:  Here's my take.  Everyone is stupid.

It's like people forget that WWE is a television show.  I've actually seen people say they are now turned off of the feud and don't care about the match anymore.
I mean really?  Really?

These are the same people who have been asking for the Attitude Era to return for a decade.  Something happens that has some controversy with it, and they are turned off.  Things like this happened WEEKLY 10 to 15 years ago.  That "ash" from the urn looked nothing like ash.  It looked like sand.

On top of that, this ENTIRE feud has been based on Paul Bearer's death.  PAUL. BEARER.  Not William Moody's.  His sons, and all of these idiots need to realize that this feud is based on A CHARACTER.  Not once has Punk mentioned William Moody.  He's mentioned Paul Bearer.

I even saw some asshole try to use a "well what if it was Owen Hart?" defense.  Really?  REALLY?  How is that REMOTELY the same.

I'm not saying they couldn't have gone about this a different way.  But I have had no problem with the way this feud went, and those who think it has gone too far and are disgusted with Punk, Taker, and the company all need to either stop watching TV because they don't know what's real or not, or they need to stop asking for the Attitude Era back because they obviously do not remember what it was.

Fozzie:  Either I am really tired, or drunk, but I agree with you. I think that those who are complaining about it - and I'm not including Moody's sons, who are the ONLY people who have that right - are just too sensitive. I am not saying that death should always be exploited, but to go so far as to say that this match build is weak, or it turned them off the match is ridiculous. Punk's character is an "I don't give a shit" heel. and is playing that part fantastically. If you go read Hugh Firth's debut column for this site, you will realize that the act of being believed begins with the wrestlers, and the fact that Phil Brooks totally believes that CM Punk would do commit these awful actions births those beliefs in the viewer. It's storytelling at it's best, and if you are that put off by it, then you have not been paying attention for the past twenty years.

Ayers:  While I agree that if ANYONE might have problems with it, it would be the Moody Boys (TV show pending)...they talk about their dad this, and their dad that.

News Flash!

Paul Bearer was not your dad.  William Moody was.  Paul Bearer is a TV character.
I think this would be a completely different argument if they were using Bearer's real name throughout this.  But they haven't, and that's why they, as well as everyone else shouldn't have a problem with it.  On one side, I literally want to bitch slap everyone who has been complaining about the segment.  On the other hand, I want to hi-five Punk, Taker, and those behind that segment because it got so many people riled up.  It stirred up emotions in the fans...which is the #1 goal.

Fozzie:  Again, you're right. Not to mention that "Paul Bearer" has been killed off like Kenny from South Park. My final thought on the matter is this: Paul Bearer is a fictional character. Using his death as motivation for Undertaker to beat the hell out of Punk is like using Merle's death as motivation for Daryl to want to kill the Governor.

Ayers:  It's funny how you mentioned Walking Dead.  I was talking to a friend about this exact subject, and used how many people now complain and moan about that show...yet still watch every week.  Walking Dead has become the new Wrestling.  Wrestling the new Walking Dead.  Finkle is Einhorn...Einhorn is Finkle.

But enough about that.  I'm to giddy for this weekend to let stupid internet fanboys get me down.  Shall we move on?

Fozzie:  Yes, let's move on. Besides, we have a trip to plan for!

(Note, the Moody Boys have since texted the WWE to say they were fine with the segment, they are still just struggling with their father's death.  Understandable (Link))



- Ryback had an interview with a newspaper or website or something stating that he got into wrestling after being influenced by his favorite wrestlers, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Razor Ramon. He says that his "Finish it" Gesture came from Razor, but I guess he didn't pick up useful things like mic skills or fluid motions. (NorthJersey)

- Have you been wondering why in the world Fandango is having his debut match at WrestleMania with a future Hall of Famer in Chris Jericho?  Well wonder no more, friends. He's Vinny Mac's pet project.  He sees a ton of potential in him and the actual character, so look for him to continue getting pushed until Vince realized the idea will never get over. (Rajah)

- It was revealed on twitter today that Vince McMahon will be inducting Donald Trump into the Hall of Fame. Between that and learning that Stephanie will induct Trish, I'm secretly hoping that Shane will induct Booker T. to complete the trifecta of WTF: The McMahon Family Inductors. (NoDQ)

- While the reasoning is still unknown at this time, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat is no longer a trainer at developmental, and his last day at NXT was late last week.  Obviously you can't do much better for a trainer than Steamboat, so hopefully this isn't a serious matter.  It's been said he will continue in a talent relations capacity with the company. (Rajah)

That's all for Foz and I this week, folks.  We will be out and about New York and New Jersey for the next week.  If you would like to stop by and say hi, buy a TJR t-shirt, hit us up on twitter or on the TJR Wrestling page on facebook.  We are looking forward to meeting all of you.  Well...most of you.