I've been trying to be nicer to TNA Impact Wrestling of late, but after reading this bit of news it hurt my head so much that I had to share it with you. Why? Because I want you to feel my pain, dear reader.

Here's some news about their Bound for Glory Series from F4WOnline.com:

The entire thing is a mess because time is running out and of the 11 matches that would be necessary for each guy in a 12 man round-robin tournament, the guys have ranged from four to six matches completed with time running out.

So they are essentially dropping everything, doing the four matches this coming Thursday, and ending it from there with the top four point getters going to the 9/12 final four show.

They had months to prepare for this in terms of booking the matches far in advance. This series was announced in June and they knew it was going to end in September. It failed miserably. They know they had to book 11 matches for each guy. They hype it like a big deal. Then they don't even book it close to being right. That's TNA.

Over on ImpactWrestling.com, they try to play it off as a "must win Thursday" because they don't want to admit how inept they are, so they basically ignore the fact that some have had more matches than others and instead talk about how important it is to win this week. If it's so important why don't you…I don't know…learn how to book a tournament?

Here's my perspective as a fan: Why should I give a shit about who wins this series if they don't know how to book it right? If the company that is running the BFG Series can't even book it right then why should I invest my time to see who wins? I don't care. It's brutal. The winner is not winning some important prize. They are winning something that doesn't matter because the way it was presented to the viewer was a complete and utter disaster.

The worst part is this is the third year doing the BFG Series and while last year's went off without a hitch, when they did it in 2011 they had one guy (Gunner) wrestling 20 matches while others had as few as 10 matches. They've screwed this tournament up two times already in the three years they've run it.

Is the BFG Series a good idea in theory? Yes. Absolutely. I like the idea of a wrestler earning the right to get a World Title shot at Bound for Glory by winning the series based on the point method they came up with. However, if it's not booked right then the good idea is thrown out the window due to ineptness.

I feel so bad for the hard working wrestlers in TNA that have to deal with such inept management and a creative team that does such a poor job in developing talent. I want TNA to be better. I loved it at its best in 2006 when that awesome Angle vs. Joe feud was taking place. Now? It's poor. It's not a talent issue. It's on management and creative. They're just not good at their jobs. No other way to say it.

All we want is for wrestling to make sense. The stories. The matches. Just make sense. It's not that hard.



- Former WWE Divas Champion (who was recently billed as a "WWE Legend" in a press release for some reason) Eve Torres will be in Scorpion King 4. (DivaDirt) No idea what role she will play, but her name is in the press release so congrats to her for that. Meanwhile, I just learned they made Scorpion King 2 and 3.

Since I have nothing else to add, how about a pic of Eve doing some booty popping?

Good enough for me.


- TNA's on screen GM Hulk Hogan did a Q&A in Toronto over the weekend. I was busy not giving a shit or else I would have attended. There are a bunch of clips that were shared by some fan who probably wasn't allowed to share it, but he did it anyway. Links to all the videos can be found in this post at WrestlingInc if you care.

Over at ProWrestling.net, they transcribed one of Hogan's comments. Here's Hulk talking about what would make TNA more successful:

"Number one, and one doesn't work without the other, give him (Eric Bischoff) the keys to the car. And have somebody somewhere just drop all the resources we need like we had in the WWE and the WWF whether it be cameras or money or vehicles or advertising, just have heaven open the doors and just drop it on us. In a perfect world, if we could give him the keys to the car and all the resources we need, that's what needs to happen."

I don't know what the hell he's talking about except that it reads like he thinks they need more money, more advertising and more everything. Once you have that then everything will be great, right? Wrong! Hulk and his buddy Bischoff have been there for nearly four years. Ratings have gone down. They dropped eight PPVs. They are firing people who are barely on the show as a way to save money. They didn't book Hogan for the last two sets of TV tapings because they wanted to save money.

Hey Hulk, if you want somebody to give you money you have to try to generate it first. It's been FOUR F'N YEARS brother. I understood it when he made this comments after year one and year two even, but after four years? Come on.

I respect what Hogan did during his career when he was a wrestler. His post in-ring career has not gone well, though. Not at all.


There really weren't any other great news items out there, so I'll just leave it at that. There really wasn't much WWE related news and I'm getting tired of writing about how inept TNA is.

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