For the past few months, various Headlines writers have covered the trials and tribulations of WWE Hall of Famer, Sunny. I'm not linking to previous columns because it's kinda moot, at this point. The poor girl has been through some stuff, and she doesn't appear to be taking the advice of anyone, including the judge who basically said, "Hey, it is ILLEGAL for you to hang out with the douchebag who beats you up."

I'm not posting the article from New Haven Register in its entirety here, because it's too long, but essentially, she violated a protective order and went back to her ex-boyfriend/current fiance, and they got in a fight, and he beat her up...which is never ok, but she's not completely innocent, because she's been arrested for trying to choke him out.

The sad thing is, as a former police officer, I've dealt with couples like this quite a bit. They're terrible for each other, but there's some sort of strange connection that keeps them from moving on with their lives and not hating each other's guts anymore. I genuinely feel bad for Sunny, because I think she has some serious issues as a result of her past, and I hope she gets proper help. I don't really want to joke about it, because it's more sad than anything.

Enough about that, I guess.

In other news...

On a lighter note, Brandon Stroud shared the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life--a 2-year-old boy doing impressions of his favorite WWE Superstars. There's another video of the same kid singing part of Big Show's theme song, and then I died. I'm ghost-writing this. HAHAHA! Ghosts. Anyway here's the video.

Go visit our friends at With Leather too.

Vince McMahon broke his hip after Brock Lesnar attacked him on Monday, but not really. or maybe he did, and he no-sold it, causing him to break the other hip. Who knows? I guess he'll think twice about doing another performance evaluation, especially since he was relieved of his duties like 2 years ago. (PWPix)

It looks like the WWE Network might end up being a paid YouTube channel. Because that could be a thing. That's a monumental step down from OUR OWN TV CHANNEL, GUYS! Maybe I'm an idiot, but I kinda wish WWE would focus a little more on the Wrestling and a little less on the Entertainment. (Lords of Pain)

Hulk Hogan has attempted to explain the reason that he tweeted a photo of his daughter's legs (and subsequently deleted it) by saying she works out a lot, someone sent her the photo, and he's proud of her. And, honestly, I think people are making a ridiculously huge deal over a dude who once re-tweeted his own tweet that just said, "HH." The guy makes questionable decisions, but he's not f**king his daughter, and if you believe that, you're dumb and gross. Give the guy a break. Hopefully someone will hack Kurt Angle's Twitter again. (PWTorch)

That's all for me this week. Slow news day, I guess because I'm not interested in TV ratings. Have a good day, please.


-Jacob (@chacobian)