The current WWE Champion John Cena delivered a fantastic promo on Monday's edition of Raw in order to sell people on the idea that his WWE Title match against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam is a must-see event. I already thought it was before Monday, but I give credit to Cena for doing an awesome job in convincing me even more.

What didn't make the Raw broadcast was the news that apparently John Cena is scheduled for surgery on his injured left elbow. Remember how ugly it looked a few weeks ago on Raw when he mentioned it? Here's a picture of it.

The news of Cena's injury comes from Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer/, who shared it on the subscriber only (I'm a subscriber FYI) radio show they do after Raw. Our friends at wrote out what Meltzer said on the show:

"The only thing that's probable is that Cena's not going to end the night as champion because he needs elbow surgery and it's actually scheduled. I don't know the day it's scheduled but it's scheduled imminently, as in, they're trying to keep the injury quiet because of SummerSlam, to not make the result predictable."

I don't blame WWE for keeping it quiet. Obviously the news is out on wrestling sites now, but it's not like WWE is going to acknowledge it, nor should they. Cena mentioned it in a tweet last week saying that he would be fine for SummerSlam, so I'm going to take him at his word for it.

There was a house show on Sunday that Cena missed due to the injury although WWE never told the fans in the arena that was the reason why he missed the show. They were offered refunds if they asked for it. Cena also didn't wrestle on Raw or after the show in a dark match. It's smart of WWE to keep him out of the ring if the injury is serious because if he happened to miss SummerSlam it would be a big loss for them.

Most of us figured that Cena was going to lose at SummerSlam anyway. The news of a surgery days after SummerSlam confirms that it's very likely. I'm not sure how serious the surgery would be or how long he might be out, but I admire him for working hurt. I think he'll do everything he can to give us a memorable match with Daniel Bryan.

Considering Cena's track record in delivering quality main events (he has many despite what his haters may think) over the years my expectations for the match are still very high. He'll put on an elbow pad or brace, deal with the pain like a man and give us the best match he can. I wouldn't expect anything else.



- WWE Superstar Sheamus underwent his surgery for his torn labrum (shoulder). He tweeted a few pics from his day including this groggy one after the procedure was finished.

The expected recovery time as mentioned right here last week is about 4-6 months, so we likely won't see him in action again until January at the earliest.

His tweet with a Simpsons reference was outstanding: "Thank u all 4 the good-luck messages. Hope i dont wake up like Marge Simpson did... Chesty La Rue or Hooty McBoob?"

Don't let CM Punk see those grammar errors, fella. He might get angry. 


- It was announced a couple of days ago that Hulk Hogan would be in WWE 2K14 when it's released in a couple of months despite the fact that he works for TNA. I thought that was odd. Here's the scoop on that from

Hulk Hogan being featured in WWE's 2K14 video game already has fans speculating that The Hulkster may be returning once he's done with TNA. For those wondering, Hogan's deal for the video game is with Take-Two, not WWE. Hogan had a similar deal with THQ when he appeared in the All Stars and Legends of WrestleMania games. Hogan's deal with TNA allows him to have outside marketing and licensing deals. As noted, Hogan's red & yellow character plus his Hollywood Hogan character will be available in 2K14. (WrestlingINC)

Here's an image of Hogan in the game courtesy of It's a recreation of his WrestleMania X8 match against The Rock.

Good for him, I say. Pay for that divorce. It's not like it would take the developers long to include his move-set in a game.

Here's an interview with Hulk Hogan that doesn't have as much bullshit as most of his interviews. That's what I call a backhanded compliment.


- Daniel Bryan did an interview with that you should check out because he's just a regular guy that happens to be (arguably) the best wrestler in the world.  I loved this part where he was talking about CM Punk:

I'm really looking forward to CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar. I think it should be a lot of fun. Me and Punk aren't exactly best friends or anything, but we came up along the same path and I like seeing him being put in the big positions. I like seeing him wrestling The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I like seeing him being put against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. It's a little surreal that here we are, when I want to say in 2005 we were wrestling each other in front of 35 people. Now, here it is in 2013, and we're in the two main matches at SummerSlam. It's pretty surreal.

It really does put things in perspective. Hard work pays off. I'd love to see CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan as the last match at WrestleMania 30. That would be an amazing moment.


That wraps it up for me. Sorry for the lack of jokes here. I know that's what we usually do in Headlines, but sometimes it's tough to make smartass comments when difficult stuff is going on in your life. Writing helps, which is why I'm doing a lot of it late.

I'll be back with some form of writing soon with the SummerSlam preview coming up this weekend. It will probably be a Friday night or Saturday morning posting.

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