Well, it finally happened. 

Yesterday Mike and Fozzie talked about this passingly and dismissed the fandom's ire with a cavalier wank, claiming that the only way fans are happy is if they have something to bitch about. In fact, a lot of the things I've read about in defense of the new design have been the same argument: We didn't like the spinner, we begged for 8 years for a new design, and now that it's here we hate it because hating things is easy and fun and cool and f**k you.

This is bullshit, obviously, because different doesn't automatically mean better. I'm allowed to dislike something even if you don't, that's the way things work. I'm sorry but that design is stupid. It looks like what I assume a WWE class ring would look like; a sparkly blinged-to-death eye sore with a giant logo on it so there was no confusion where it came from. Is Vince McMahon secretly a hip-hop enthusiast? Because he's dressing those belts up like he were Lil' Wayne.

I don't understand the ferocity of either side of this though. Just because I don't like something that doesn't automatically give you the right to tell me I'm being a childish baby that is never happy, just like it doesn't give me the right to call you an easily influenced dolt who likes tacky garbage. If you like it I genuinely don't give a rats ass, just like you shouldn't give a crap if I don't.

Anyway, if this belt is your kind of thing and you want to pretend to be the champion of WWE, you can buy the replica here. Personally I'd rather be the champion of the Inter-contents or the World. Actually, scratch that. I'd rather just be a guy that doesn't drop $500 on a goddamn belt.


Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are accused of being WWE's attempt to demonize the Tea Party as "racist, extremist radicals who should be pushed to the fringes of the political discourse". Which honestly WWE, it's not like they needed the help. (Info Wars)

There's not a whole lot of interesting news today, so instead of forcing R-Truth tweets on you I'm going to recommend you read this article by David Shoemaker about how Bruno Sammartino and CM Punk are more alike than you think. (Grantland)

And while I got you reading things, check out my Nickelodeon blog that I write with TJR's own Lonestar and a bunch of other rad folks that enjoy writing about mid-90's cartoons because we are super grown-ups. (Blogelodeon)

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