The news of a WWE suspension broke on Tuesday morning.

In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Jesús Rodríguez (Ricardo Rodriguez) for 30 days effective immediately for his first violation of the company’s policy.

The initial reaction of myself (and I'm sure many others) was confusion. Then when you take a step back you have to realize that these suspensions can be a lot of different kinds of drugs.

Apparently there are some indy wrestlers like JD Maverick talking about how it could have been a fat burner drug that earned Rodriguez a suspension. (WrestlingInc)

If it was a fat burner that Rodriguez took to earn the suspension that's pretty weak in terms of a reason to suspend a guy. Obviously Rodriguez isn't the biggest guy with the best build, but I wouldn't consider him that fat. When you compare him to other WWE employees obviously he's a bit husky. The guy can wrestle, though. He has plenty of experience pre-WWE, so I'd love to see him get a chance to wrestle more in the future.

I think he adds a lot to Del Rio's act as an announcer, manager and friend. I've seen him at about four or five house shows as well. He's even better there when he's around ringside having fun. Hopefully this month off will allow him to recharge his batteries so to speak and he can come back doing what he loves.

What does it mean for Alberto Del Rio? I think he'll be a solo act for the next month. They can say Ricardo's out of action because of the Dolph Ziggler guitar shot on Smackdown. I could also see WWE pairing Rosa Mendes with Del Rio because that was something the considered before Del Rio turned face towards the end of last year and then it was just dropped.

I'll miss Ricardo for the next month. You can check him out on Twitter @RRWWE because he'll probably have some free time on his hands now.  He sent out a bunch of tweets on Tuesday night about his plans.

"Silly Internet and the ignorance it bestows. La conciencia de la mente libre nos trae paz. #LiberateYourMind"

"I have 30 days to go back to my charities that I have been with years. Help the homeless the less fortunate! And more importantly luv urself"

"The moment you love yourself you will begin to love the world #acceptance"

"To the ones hating on me or the ones supporting me.. I love you all. Namaste! im happy to do my charities"

Kudos to him for spending his time doing charity work. Let's wish him the best in his future supplemental endeavors.



- I was going to make the latest "Sting might go to WWE" story the main headline, but it feels like I've written about it many times before. According to F4Wonline (usually reliable), there are people within WWE who are confident that Sting might appear in WWE next year. His deal with TNA is up in January, so it would be the perfect time to show up and have a match at WrestleMania. (WrestlingInc)

Will it happen? No idea. I think he should have gone there 12 years ago. I also think he didn't need the money and still doesn't, so that's part of the reason why he's been able to stay away. Now in his early 50s he doesn't have that many matches left in his body, so he might realize that now's the time to go. If he went to WWE, worked a handful of matches (including one with Undertaker) he could cap off his career in a great way.

I honestly think that if it's true that Sting is sending out feelers to WWE and trying to learn more info that it does make it more likely that he would be in WWE. As we've seen in the last few years, WWE is willing to pay big money for part-timers because they know they can boost ratings and/or PPV buyrates. While I don't think Sting is on the level of a Rock or Brock Lesnar in that regard, he still has some drawing power as somebody who has never been in WWE before.

The way I see it, Sting can either jump to WWE, have some big money dream matches with the likes of The Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H and guys like that. Or he can stay in TNA where he feud with a stable of former WWE guys in the Aces and Eights (maybe the Aces and 0.8's to signify TNA's sagging ratings). There's also Eric Bischoff's kid in that group. How impressive.

It's a story to keep our eyes on. For right now it's just a rumor that's going to simmer until the end of the year.


- WWE superstar Kane spent the weekend in Texas at a barbecue supporting politician Ron Paul. TMZ shared a photo of Kane with actor Vince Vaughn, who is also a supporter of Paul.

Kane doesn't look as intimidating with that look huh? Also I knew Vince was tall, but didn't realize he was the same size as the big red political machine. Then again I'm pretty sure Kane has boots that make him look about three inches taller than he is. Undertaker's a legit 6'10" or so. I think Kane is about 6'7", but the boots certainly help.

Can we start the rumor that they are in discussions to produce See No Evil 2? Or maybe Swingers 2? Vegas with Vince & the Big Red Machine. Sounds like a winner to me!


- TNA Knockout Madison Rayne is no longer with the company according to her Twitter account. She's currently pregnant with her first child, so with her contract likely expiring TNA chose to not renew it. I always thought she was a talented performer who was solid in the ring and was very entertaining especially as a heel. She's in her mid-20s, so she'll likely return to wrestling after giving birth.

In her Twitter messages she called TNA a "dream" job. Clearly she's hormonal because I doubt many people in wrestling dream about being in TNA. (Diva Dirt)


- Lastly, tomorrow is a big holiday in the United States since July 4th is the birthday of America. I know I've been known to criticize quite a bit over the years, but one thing they do really well of late are photoshoots of their women. I guess they know what the T and A really stand for in their name huh? Anyway, they released these photos of my favorite lady in wrestling: Mickie James. Here's one of them.

God Bless America. You can view the album of five photos right here. In the interest of full disclosure, I run her Facebook page, website, update her schedule and generally assist in any way I can. It's a good gig. No complaints from my end. Like I said, God Bless America.

In the interest of fairness, here's a pic of a man rocking the USA colors: Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

I do not have any involvement with his Facebook page. Sorry.

Happy July 4th holiday to my American friends. I love you...mainly because of the NFL. And chicks, man.


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