The Ultimate Warrior going into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame has led to a lot of interesting comments from the wrestling community. While some are in favor of it, others are strongly against it because Warrior is one of the most outspoken wrestlers ever. Personally, I don't mind it. It's nice to see Warrior working with WWE because at some point everybody ends up going back to WWE as we have seen many times in recent years with others like Bret Hart and Bruno Sammartino.

One of the guys that spoke up about Ultimate Warrior's Hall of Fame induction was Jake Roberts. He was recently on the Busted Open radio show and said this about Warrior going into the WWE Hall of Fame. (Wrestlezone)

"Maybe they're taking in assholes and not great talent. I don't know."

The Ultimate Warrior was informed about what Roberts said and had this to say in a couple of tweets:


Harsh words. I can't say I blame him for feeling that way.

Roberts responded on his Twitter account in a Twitlonger message.

My guys showed me Warrior's tweets. I was trying to be entertaining with the radio show and took things too far, like I do too often. I have no business inferring anything negative about him. I apologize. He deserves the HOF and respect for what he accomplished in the business. But let me be clear. There is no hypocrisy here. I am not preaching anything. I am sharing my recovery path to show others what is possible. So no pity, bathrooms stalls or groveling. I am doing great. I am an addict and alcoholic working every single day to repair and make the best out of the life I have left. I make mistakes, like that comment, but my recovery has been amazing. Jim does not know this Jake. Without realizing or intending to, I fired the first shot and will take Jim's response without any negativity towards him. I apologize and am putting behind me.

That is Jake Roberts basically saying "I made a stupid comment and I'm sorry for it." He's owning up to it. That's the right way to go about it.

The reality is these are two guys in their 50s that can't wrestle anymore. There's no reason for them to go at it in public where they can make fools out of each other. There's also a chance that Roberts joins Warrior in the WWE Hall of Fame this year too, so it's smart for him to apologize and admit his wrongdoing. I'm glad that Roberts has cleaned up his life and has found happiness again. I wrote about him a year ago when he was just starting DDP Yoga and to see where he is now is incredible.



-  In Daniel Bryan news, he's cleared to compete after his concussion and we know he'll be facing Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble. However, according to a PWInsider report, Bryan isn't currently scheduled to take part in the 30 man over the top rope Royal Rumble match. (LOP)

It's ridiculous that WWE isn't using the Rumble as a way to elevate Bryan again, but that appears to be the case. Of course, it's only Wednesday now and WWE could always just lying to people about his involvement in order to make it a surprise. We won't know the truth until Sunday night.

I've said Batista is my pick from several weeks back, but if Bryan is in the match then he does have a chance to win. If WWE listened to the fans he should be the obvious winner. Since they care more about the size of a person's muscles, Batista is the more likely winner. That's just how it is.


- The Chicago Tribune is reporting that WWE Payback will take place on June 1 from Chicago's Allstate Arena. They also have a live Raw on March 3rd. WWE loves Chicago as they should. It's one of the best cities that they regularly visit. It would be nice if they got a bigger PPV like the Royal Rumble or SummerSlam, but it's not happening this year.

Chicago's one of my favorite cities I've ever visited and since it should be pretty warm around that time, I might make that trip. It would be nice if Toronto got another WWE PPV. The last one was Unforgiven in 2006. Thanks for hating Canada, WWE. Jerks!


- There's a report from PWInsider stating that Naomi vs. AJ Lee for the WWE Divas Title may be added to Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view if they have time, once officials get into the arena on Sunday and plan everything out. The idea on Monday was that if they don't have enough time for it on the pay-per-view, the match will take place on RAW the next night. (WrestlingINC)

My guess is they end up adding it because Sunday's PPV has the Rumble match (that will go about an hour) and three singles matches. They'll likely have room for another match. If they do, I don't expect AJ Lee to drop the Divas Title on Sunday. Not yet.


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I'll end this on a movie recommendation: Captain Phillips is an outstanding film. Full of action and intensity for two hours. Check it out if you haven't seen yet. Have a great day.  


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