It's Wednesday. Let's see what's in the wrasslin' news.

It looks like the original Sin Cara (Luis Alvirde) could be released by WWE in the very near future because they're apparently going with Hunico in the Sin Cara role going forward. Here's the scoop from PWInsider.

Hunico was back under the mask as Sin Cara on Raw for Cara's win over Alberto Del Rio. It was considered something of a re-introduction for the character, which is why the lighting effects were back for Cara as well.

The original Cara, however, was in Mexico and at least one source believed that he was done with the company. We are working to confirm that. The decision was made yesterday to move forward with Hunico under the mask as Cara.

The interesting thing about it is that Hunico was originally Mistico in Mexico, then they gave it to Alvirde and he's the one that really became a star using the gimmick. He was the top guy in Mexico for years, main eventing major shows full of arenas and really becoming one of the most successful wrestlers in the world. He was one of Triple H's biggest hires when he was moved to his office job.

Obviously if you've watched WWE in the last three years you know that it really hasn't worked out for the Alvirde as Sin Cara in WWE. Since he wasn't even at Raw and he is not even booked by WWE at this point I would assume that the end is near for him.

It's a shame that the stupid Sin Cara lights are back, though. I hate those damn things.



- Kurt Angle (please come back to WWE) filmed a comedy piece for something called Horse Cops. Here's the info release about it: "Wrestling icon Kurt Angle and comedy bad boy Na'im Lynn star in this outrageous sketch about two mounted police officers on a quest for tacos! Watch as all hell breaks loose when they're denied service a Taco King drive-through. #HORSECOPS"

The premise is that they are cops on horses that can't get service at a drive-thru because they're not in cars. It's about 3 minutes long and has a few funny moments. I have no idea if there will be more.


- In the latest Steve Austin Podcast, he had the great Daniel Bryan on as a guest. It was a great show that focused on Bryan's history in wrestling, his current spot in the business and plenty of talk about Bryan's personal life as well. During the discussion, Bryan mentioned that his wedding to Brie Bella will likely take place right after WrestleMania XXX because that's when they might have a few days off to actually celebrate their big day.

You should really be listening to Austin's podcast for every show. He has a lot of interesting guests and the way he interacts with them is perfect. Plus, the way Austin reads advertisements is hilarious just because of how he does it. It's like he's demanding you get the product or else he's going to open up a can of whoop ass.


- It was announced at the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday that the hosts for the Slammy Awards next week on Raw are…Booker T and Jerry Lawler. I know. It's very underwhelming.

Remember when Dennis Miller hosted in 2009 and it was really awkward? I like Miller as a comedian and a well spoken guy, but he was really out of place on WWE TV. In the below clip he made a tag team match after a singles match broke down just like every other authority figure in the history of WWE.

Holla holla playa.


-  To bring it home, here's a GIF of Mark Henry gyrating towards Summer Rae from Raw. It's from by the way.

Cue the Sexual Chocolate theme song. I know you know the words, dear reader. Don't be shy. Belt out those lyrics.


That's all for me. It was a bit short this week, but that's what happens when I'm really busy. I'll be back on Saturday with the TLC Q&A column.


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