There were erroneous reports of Mae Young's health in the past week. Late on Tuesday night, WWE executive Stephanie McMahon-Levesque tweeted that Mae had passed away.


There's also a post on about it. Here's a snippet of that.

WWE is greatly saddened by the news that WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young, beloved member of the WWE family and oldest living squared circle personality, has passed at the age of 90.

Here's a statement from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who must have really got a kick out of putting Mae Young on his shows in the last 15 years because she had the chance to entertain a new generation of fans.

"There will never be another Mae Young. Her longevity in sports entertainment may never be matched, and I will forever be grateful for all of her contributions to the industry. On behalf of WWE, I extend our sincerest condolences to her family and friends."

I think it's fair to say that Mae meant a lot to Vince. Here's Vince McMahon & Triple H giving her the Divas Title in honor of her 90th birthday last year.

She kept fighting until the end. I think we can all agree that living until 90 years of age is pretty damn great. She lived life to the fullest and influenced so many in the business she loved. Tough as nails. That's Mae Young.




This may be the funniest Mae Young clip ever. It happened in late 2010.

Here's the video tribute that WWE put on Youtube that will likely air on their television shows over the coming week.

Finally, here's her WWE Hall of Fame video from 2008.

May she rest in peace. Thanks for the memories, Mae. I think of her and I smile because she made watching wrestling fun.



-  This was going to be the lead story, but when I saw the news about Mae Young that took precedent. I'm referring to the sad news that WWE superstar Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion on Raw.

The site that broke the news was on Tuesday evening. Here's what they had to say about it.

A WWE spokesperson has confirmed to us that Daniel Bryan did in fact suffer a concussion on RAW.

Monday’s RAW saw Daniel Bryan break free of the Wyatt Family and lead the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island to one of the most electric “Yes!” chants of all time.

Unfortunately, we can report exclusively that Daniel Bryan was diagnosed with a concussion shortly after RAW went off the air.

Based on preliminary testing by WWE doctors after the show, it’s believed injury took place early in the steel cage match main event. In a sad twist of irony, we are told Bryan does not remember much about last night.

Here's some news about it from Dave Meltzer of about it.

Details are stiff forthcoming, but WWE has confirmed that Bryan Danielson suffered a concussion last night on Raw.

Earlier today the word going around at television is that Bryan did not remember a lot of what happened in the cage match and that the concussion seemed to be serious, but all that was confirmed is the diagnosis of the concussion.

As of right now (9amET on Wednesday morning) there's nothing on about it. I assume that there will be because it appears to be a legitimate injury and if that's the case they usually report it.

Obviously the timing of this is very bad. Any injury is awful, but in Bryan's case he's somebody that is considered a favorite to win the Royal Rumble. As I wrote in the Raw Deal yesterday, it's likely going to be him or Batista that wins it. The other 28 guys don't really have much of a chance just based on how the booking has gone.

When it comes to concussions, the recovery time can vary. Some people get over them within a week. I watch the NFL a lot, so I see it all the time where guys get a concussion on a Sunday and sometimes they are back for the next week while other times they are not. Bryan will have 13 days from the time he suffered the concussion on Raw to when the Rumble takes place.

We don't really know when the concussion took place. I know the one spot that stands out to me from Monday's main event was when the Usos gave him a double back suplex off the top rope in their cage match. I'm not blaming them. It happens. I'm just saying with a spot like that you're falling backwards off the top rope and it's hard to brace your fall with the back of your head hitting the mat. Nobody should be blamed for it. It's just part of the wrestling business.

One of the best things WWE has done in recent years is having more doctors at the shows and having things like concussion testing to make sure people are cleared before they can compete again. Get better soon, Daniel Bryan!


- There's a Paul Heyman DVD coming out in August. He's got a post about it on his HeymanHustle website. I'm not sure what content will be on there yet, but the documentary will likely be awesome because he's a guy that has done it all in wrestling. He was a manager in WCW over 20 years ago, he ran a company in ECW through the 90s, he was an announcer in WWE (in 2001), he was a booker in WWE (mostly on Smackdown in 2002) and obviously he's had a successful run as a manager of guys like CM Punk & Brock Lesnar as well. The Paul Heyman story is an interesting one.

Let's just forget his run managing Curtis Axel and Ryback, shall we? I have already forgotten it.


- To wrap it up on a positive note, here's a video of that awesome dropkick that Roman Reigns did on Raw where he showed just how athletic he is.

That's not a spot you see often. Very impressed.

That's all from me. Let's hope Daniel Bryan feels better soon!  


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