I really dislike the Bella Twins.  A lot.

I originally was going to say I hate the Bella Twins but that seems unfair. I am sure Brianna and Nicole Garcia-Colace are perfectly reasonable human beings outside the ring.  However, in the world of WWE that we love they are simply awful. As presented each week, they are terrible human beings who add nothing to the product. In fact, they actually are detrimental to building the female audience of the WWE.

As you might have picked up over the last few months, I am really interested in how the Divas are portrayed in the product. In the recent weeks with a strong AJ-Kaitlyn feud, the Diva division has some hope to finally provide strong wrestling without our Divas acting like a bunch of bickering teenage girls. But every time I see hope in a renaissance of female wrestling, the Bella Twins will come along to call a Diva “slut”. Again. They made these ladies stars of a “reality” show?

With that in mind, I present my laundry list of reasons I dislike the Bella Twins. Here are a few of my least favorite things about the Bella Twins:

How They Got Into The Business

One of the things I admire about pro wrestlers is their life long love of professional wrestling and their desire to fulfill their dreams. When were the Bella’s wrestling fans? Never.

They were soccer players in their youth but injures derailed that career. How did they get into the WWE? Being models of course!  They appeared in 2003’s Meet the Folks. They were models for Budweiser during the World Cup in 2006 and that same year competed for the  “The Most Beautiful Twins in the World”. This was their “background” in the business before getting contracts in the WWE.  With hundreds of female wrestlers struggling in the independent promotions to achieve their dream, they make it simply because of their looks.

They Can’t Wrestle

One of the problems of hiring models is they aren’t trained as wrestlers. The solution should be a long time in FCW to learn how to wrestle. How long where they in FCW? They signed in June 2007.  They debuted in September 2007 and left in under a year. Yes, we have accomplished wrestlers like Seth Rollins in the developmental leagues for nearly three years but the Bella Twins needed less then one. Wow.

For the next five years, the Bella Twins have barely wrestled. In fact, I was looking at their match history and noticed they rarely ever are in singles matches. You would think after five years they would be able to put on a lengthy match like A.J., Kaitlyn, or Natalya. But they haven’t. In fact, if you look at their match history from fall 2009 to fall 2010 you will find very little. They spent that time flirting with the Raw Guest Host each and every week. Do I need to see the Bella Twins hitting on Snoop Dogg, Verne Troyer and David Hasselehoff? Nope but I did for an entire year.

They were on a Jerry Springer segment too but I found that too horrible to include the clip of it here. You deserve better then that. Here is the height of the Bella power in 2010, bull riding. I’m sorry.


Twin Magic

The Bella Twins biggest claim to fame is “Twin Magic”. I guess the idea worked when Brie Bella debuted in August 2008 and fooled poor Victoria and Natalya for a few months by hiding under the ring and pulling the old switch-a-roo. But once we found out they were Twins, the idea makes little sense. They are twins but they actually look different. Especially now but I can’t pinpoint the key differences at this time.

But it also falls into something I really hate about wrestling; it assumes the referees are morons. Seriously, I can understand missing the Bella switch once but “Twin Magic” is based under the fact that the refs never watch WWE programming ever and miss the Twins switching over and over again. You figure our clueless ref would at least wonder why one Bella was beat up for an entire match but now stands triumphant over an unconscious Diva after he turned his back to them.

How They Talked to Kharma and Got Away With It

Kharma was a unique female wrestler. She didn’t fit the stereotypical mold for a Diva and the fans were beginning to latch onto that. I was at the Raw in Portland when she broke down crying. She got one of the loudest reactions of the night upon her entrance. It was refreshing to see a female wrestler who was in league for their abilities. But when she had to leave with her pregnancy, she gave a heartfelt speech about achieving her dream. Then the Bella Twins showed up.

It was an insulting speech were the Bella Twins asked how Kharma could even tell she was pregnant. They told her she was big as a blimp and how could someone like her even find a man. I understand the Bella Twins are heels but for every young girl watching the show who might have looked closer to Kharma then a Bella, it sent a terrible message. You will be judged by your looks not your abilities. A horrible message to sent to impressionable young fans. Goes against the “Don’t Be a Bully” campaign doesn’t it?

The worst of it is you would assume Kharma would at least get her revenge.  Nope she was released from her contract before ever returning. Score one for the Bullies. Watch the Bully Twins in all their Glory.


Nikki Bella ends Beth Phoenix’s lengthy Diva reign

Beth Phoenix was a wrestler. She is an excellent one at that who deserved quality opponents. In summer 2011, she formed “Divas of Doom” with Natalya bent on bringing some wrestling back to the division. It was inspiring and hopeful to female wrestling fans like myself. Enter the Nikki Bella.

On April 23, 2012 Nikki Bella defeated Beth Phoenix ending a 204-day reign for the championship. It wasn’t build up. It didn’t come through a dramatic wrestling match between the two. It came through a fake ankle injury to Beth. At the very least it could lead to Nikki finally showcasing her improved wrestling abilities? Nope she lost the title in six days and left the WWE the next night. Was this simply a contract mandated title reign for the Bella Twins? It was a terrible ending to a potentially strong angle.

They Might Ruin Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

I get that the Bella Twins are dating Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Their personal lives are their business. I wish them a lifetime of happiness if they are meant to be together. I just don’t want to see it messing up Summerslam’s main event.

The WWE likes to promote all of their outside endeavors generally at the expense of their main product. They want this partnership with the E! network. One of the main attractions of the show is the relationship between these wrestlers. As you will see in the below point, it is quite terrible television too.

But the main event needs no Bella drama. We have a moneymaking match between the most over wrestler in the league (Bryan) and its long-term champion (Cena). It needs no soap-opera relationship drama to make it an enjoyable match. Just let them wrestle.

Total Divas

I understand the very brave Seagull will review this show very soon for this website. He is a brave man. I wanted to give a few thoughts on the Bella’s contribution to this “reality show”.

1.) They complain about the hair color of a new diva. There can be only two brunettes in the WWE! This seems quite like boring high school girl drama. I admit I would love to see the reverse. When will Randy Orton start complaining about people copying his haircut?

2.) The Bella Twins hate that the new Diva is attractive. A diva hired for their looks? How could that possibly happen?

3.) Nikki Bella is apparently insane. Jealous of her sister in a long-term relationship, she demanded to know where her new relationship with Cena was going. Cena gives the brilliant “let’s take it a day at the time” non-answer. It was Cena’s best performance in years.

4.) The Bella Twins mentioned that, “They are the veterans of the WWE Divas”. It makes me angry because it is actually true.

I am not naive enough to think any of this is real but one again it sends the message that the Divas are a bunch of immature back stabbers who haven’t grown out of high school. Expect, Natalya she is still pretty awesome.


So there you have it.  I don’t like the Bella Twins.  I could think about many more horrible Bella moments. I do understand that some of their behavior is based on the fact they are heels. However after six years, I expect some growth and development of character. They remain those popular girl bullies who call the other Divas “fat” or worse. This is a waste of airtime with so many other excellent female wrestlers being misused.



Feel free to contact me at lasher@pacificu.edu.  Additionally, I have my Twitter account, WWELasher as well. I would love to hear your thoughts about the Bellas.