WTF: TNA House Show ReviewBy Marc B.Welcome to my first column of the New Year! I was unable to write about Impact this week, as it was my birthday, and I was celebrating. And what kept me from my weekly TNA duties? Well, TNA actually. You see, I went to a TNA show Friday night in Westbury, Long Island. So my treat to you is a review of my first ever TNA house show experience. Did they impress me? Let’s find out.<!--more-->We got to the arena at around 6:30 and as soon as I walked in, I was staring right at Don West. He was selling merchandise and reminding us that there was a Jeff Hardy signing, but you could only get his autograph if you had a Jeff Hardy action figure. Not having one, I decided to take a look around. The Theater at Westbury is not very big, so any seat you have is a good one. Don West was now shilling for a “brown bag” special. For $30 you received a TNA Impact Wrestling T-shirt, an action figure, a program, and 3 DVD’s. Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of said merchandise. My action figure was Sting, but old Blonde Sting. I was a little disappointed until I found out that the other option was a Jeff Jarrett figure. Dodged that bullet.  The program was a bit outdated, as they still had Mick Foley and Tommy Dreamer listed. A little while later the lights dimmed, and the show was under way.The first match was Austin Aries vs. Jesse Sorensen. I am a big Austin Aries fan, and apparently, so was everyone else. He is awesome. The match was for the X-division title, so I knew Aries was winning. A funny moment was when the crowd was chanting for Aries, and my friend Jen, who has no knowledge of TNA outside of the ex-WWE guys, started chanting “Guy in Yellow” for Sorensen. She’s a gem, folks.  I am not going to review the matches in my normal way, because I can’t remember how good or bad they were, only certain aspects. Aries did get the win here though.The next match was a Knockouts tag team match between Madison Rayne/Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky/Mickie James. I’m telling you, seeing them up close is way better than TV. These are very lovely women. Oh who am I kidding, they’re fucking hot! Gail and Madison won the match, and I tried to get Mickie’s attention as she went back up the ramp. (I was standing right next to the doorway they entered/exited from.) She didn’t hear me. Oh well. It was at this point that my friends and I realized that we could move closer to the action to get a better view.The next match was Matt Morgan vs. Crimson. I don’t know why they booked this match. I mean, it is what it is, but surely they could have had a tag match? Oh well. Matt Morgan is fucking huge! It’s ridiculous how tall he is. Crimson isn’t a small guy either. They had an ok match before Crimson won  with a roll-up, I think.After that, we had our last match before intermission, Gunner vs. Devon. Ric Flair got on the mic and said something about being back in New York, and wrestling in MSG. Then he called himself god. The crowd ate it all up. The match was pretty bad and boring. I don’t remember much, but I remember not caring that Devon lost. Nothing against those guys, but I don’t think they had a chemistry. Then we had an intermission.During the intermission, I was able to get my first TNA autograph from the lovely Velvet Sky, who signed my outdated program. She even smiled for a picture I took with my phone. She seemed nice. Oh, and she was smoking hot.[caption id="attachment_4624" align="alignnone" width="225" caption=""See what I mean?""]"Velvet Sky"[/caption]After the intermission, we had our double-main event. The first match was James Storm vs. Kurt Angle. I really think that Storm is the future of TNA. In my opinion, he is the best in the company right now. He’s got the Steve Austin redneck character down cold, and he’s doing a really good job in making you believe that he just wants to fight, no matter what happens.  Angle was really over as well, which is no surprise really. He’s one of the greats.  Storm gets the win with his “Last Call” super kick.Up next was our main event. It was a three way dance between Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, and Jeff Hardy. Bully Ray was out first. On the way down to the ring, he stopped right in front of my brother and threatened some kid who dared touch him. My brother said the kid looked scared. Awesome.  Bully Ray then grabbed a mic and started on the crowd. He then leaned over the rope and this dialogue took place:Bully: How old are you kid?Kid: 8Bully: 8? I’ll come down there and punch you right in the face! Is that your sister, I’ll slap her just like that! (He makes a slapping motion.) Oh you gonna cry? Good, I like making little kids cry.He went on about the crowd, but that really cemented his character for me. I think I am now a Bully Ray fan. That was great. As for the match, it was non-title so Jeff Hardy was able to get the win to send the crowd home happy.After the match, there was an announcement that for $20 you and whoever you are with can take a picture with Jeff Hardy in the ring. Jen was excited. Seriously, she wasn’t going to come until I told her Jeff was going to be there. When she found out she was going in the ring to meet him, a puddle formed around her feet. It wasn’t tears my friend. We finally made our way to the ring and the eight of us posed with Jeff Hardy. After the picture was taken, I congratulated Jeff on his rehab, and he seemed very appreciative of the support. I have always liked Jeff, I just hated that he went back to the drug use once he left WWE. I really do wish the best for him. On the way out, we ran into Jeremy Borash, who signed our ticket stubs. My friend called him the next Mean Gene, and JB kind of rolled his eyes. Pretty funny.On the way out, The Hebners were signing autographs. They autographed my John Report shirt. That was awesome. All in all, I had a great time at the show. I recommend going to see them if they are ever in your area. I would definitely see them again.That’s it for me this week. See you for headlines tomorrow, and for my weekly WTF column this weekend!