Impact opens with a video package of the “Team Dixie” vs. “Team MVP” build, including the Kane/Big Show like heel turn of Austin Aries from last week. Seriously, how many turns has he had in the past two years? It’s crazy. Anyway, Bobby Roode makes his way out with the tag team champions, the Bro Mans, who mysteriously regained their tag titles by time travelling into the future and winning them back from The Wolves three weeks from now. Or is it then? This is why time travel movies don’t work.

Roode speaks for a minute, mentioning that he will be ten percent owner in three days when his team beats MVP’s team. This line brings out Austin Aries, who somehow seems like he hates that he chose Roode’s team. He wants to make sure that Bobby Roode will share his ten percent with him, and The Bro Mans say they want a piece as well. Roode says that he’s not going to share. Then MVP comes out.

MVP says that he made a bad decision by trusting Aries last week, but he’s found a new partner. Before he can reveal who the partner is, Dixie comes down to ringside. She says that she doesn’t care who MVP’s partner is, but really wants to know. MVP teases it for a bit, saying that it’s a former world champion, an exciting performer, and a personal friend of MVP’s. I was hoping it was AJ Styles because how awesome would that shit be? Instead, the fourth man is Jeff Hardy. I am underwhelmed. Dixie protests because she says he’s suspended, but MVP says otherwise, so there. All of a sudden, Bobby Roode gets hyped and jumps in MVP’s face, which leads to a BRAWL FOR NO REASON! And a commercial break. As we go to break, Mike Tenay says he “guesses” their six man tag is next, even though when the promo started, he said that the match was “first up.” I wish he would stop talking.

Match 1: Roode/Robbie E./Aries vs. MVP/The Wolves for the man advantage at Lockdown

 The match was weird. I mean, on the one hand we have some fresh matchups, but on the other hand, Robbie E. I guess he’s better than the alternative, right?  Here’s where it gets weird. It comes down to Davey Richards against Roode and Aries. Aries basically eliminates himself by attacking Richards with a chair. SO now it should be Richards vs. Roode, right? No, of course not. This is TNA! Instead, we have referees come down and check if Richards can continue. There’s no immediate response, so we go to a commercial.

Back form break, Richards is in the back getting evaluated. Earl Hebner comes into the training room and says that Richards has one hour to be ready to continue the match or they forfeit the match. What the actual f**k? This match should be over already. What the hell is this ruling about? Richards was hurt during the course of the match and could not continue. That counts as a forfeit right there, doesn’t it? Damn me and my radical concept of logic! Well, we have an hour, but the trainer is unusually pessimistic.

We see a video package of the Samuel Shaw/Christ Hemme story, which lead him to a match at Lockdown with Mr. Anderson. There’s a quick speech backstage where Shaw acts all creepy and shit. He says that he will be in the ring in one minute. After a four minute commercial, his time is up.

Shaw comes out to the ring, and the announcers take notice that Christy is not at ringside. All of a sudden Anderson’s music hits. He comes out and says that Christy Hemme will not be at ringside because of Shaw, but he will play her part. He does his usual intro and gets a massive response, probably the best he’s ever received in TNA. He introduces Shaw as Creepy Bastard, then introduces Shaw’s opponent for tonight – EY.

Match 2: EY vs. Samuel Shaw

EY also gets a huge response, and I swear Dixie must be thinking that they should never leave England. The match is used more as an angle because with Anderson sitting ringside, EY was quickly forgotten about. Shaw then choked out Anderson again with the same choke hold he used last week. Shaw leaned over a fallen Anderson and said that he was going to claim what was his. Is it wrong to like this angle?

There is a backstage update on Davey Richards. He’s screaming in pain and MVP is telling him he needs heart from Richards. They cut to commercial, and when they return, MVP confronts Aries about his attack on Richards and says that Aries has no character.

Next is a video package for the EC3/Angle feud. I think there match is going to be boss. They cut to backstage where Ethan interrupts Dixie filming a promo. They talked about Ethan beating Angle at Lockdown and Dixie’s team beating MVP’s team. The highlight of this promo was Ethan’s shirt, which had a picture of the United States colored in like the flag with the caption “Back-to-Back World War Champs.” U-S-A! U-S-A!

Backstage Shaw is shown creeping for Christy. He finds the KO dressing room, but Christy isn’t there. He does come upon a half-naked Velvet Sky, who dimes Christy out in a flash by telling Shaw where she was. Never trust that bitch.

In the ring, EC3 comes out. He cuts a promo on Kurt saying that he got into wrestling because of Kurt, but he’s angry because his hero sucker punched him in the face. EC3 talks some more shit, mentioning that he beat Sting, and if he beats Angle, he will be an American Icon. This brings out Angle who calls EC3 an American Asshole, and says that he doesn’t want to wait for Lockdown. Angle enters the ring, but Ethan bails. Angle leaves as well, but 8is jumped by EC3. Ethan goes on to destroy Angle, locking him in a leg lock, further damaging Angle’s knee. This made EC3 look smart and dubious. That’s cool.

Backstage, Richards tells MVP that he may be hurt, but he’s still breathing. He starts to tell a story about this one time in Japan, but we get once upon a time in commercial town.

Back form break, we have our next match.

Match 3: Gail Kim/Lei’d Tapa/Alpha Female vs. ODB/Madison Rayne/Velvet Sky

Taz is a piece of shit towards women that don’t meet certain standards of beauty. Oh, and Velvet Sky pinned the Alpha Female for the win.

Backstage Shaw is still looking for Christy Hemme. There’s a commercial break here, and I’m beginning to think that they are using Shaw’s segments as time breaks.

Back from a break, Shaw finds someone in a red wig and assumes it’s Christy. For a stalker, he’s not very perceptive because the wig is a different shade of red than Christy’s is. It turns out to be Anderson, because a doyyy, and Anderson draws on Shaw’s face with lipstick and throws Shaw into a wall. Anderson walks away and Shaw laughs and whispers that he’ll see Anderson Sunday.

In the ring, Gunner comes out. He talks about Storm’s betrayal and how ne never expected that from a guy like Storm. Storm comes out and he ends up challenging Gunner to a match at Lockdown. Gunner goes one better and makes it a last man standing match. That should be interesting. Storm cheap shots Gunner and knocks him out with a super kick.

Backstage, Roode is with Baby Hebner looking for Papa Hebner. Roode says it’s been an hour and he drags Baby Hebner to the ring. They cut to Richards getting taped up. I guess it’s go time.

In the ring, Roode is demanding that Hebner ring the bell and count Richards out. Hebner does, and he gets to an eight count before Richards music hits. This somehow breaks the count because TNA doesn’t understand how counting works.

Match 1, pt. 2: Bobby Roode vs. Davey Richards

You know, I’ve been giving the build to this match a lot of shit, but gosh darn it, this match made up for it, despite the predictable outcome (The heels always win the man advantage). The story was simple as Richards was the babyface with heart going against a calculating heel. In the end, Roode made Richards tap to the cross face and had to be run off by MVP and Edwards for holding the move on for too long.

Backstage, Dixie and Magnus talk shit to each other even though they are on the same side. Up next is a face to face confrontation between Magnus and Samoa Joe that wasn’t mentioned at all except when the graphic popped up.   

In the ring, Joe comes out first and immediately calls out Magnus. Magnus comes out and says that Joe turned his back on him when they were partners, and then once the MEM disbanded, Magnus became the main event and Joe was jealous. Magnus then goes on to tell Joe that Joe has anger management issues that prevent Joe from being at the top of the sport. Joe says that he does have a problem, and his problem is that sometimes he doesn’t know what he’s going to do or how violent he’s going to be but when it’s Joe’s rules, you either get knocked out or you tap out. Joe says that Magnus will walk into Lockdown as TNA World Champion, but he won’t walk out as champ. Magnus cheap shots Joe, but Joe gets the upper hand and taps Magnus out to close the show.

Final Analysis:

The show was pretty good this week, and the build to Lockdown was strong. My only gripe was that they paid almost no attention to the Joe/Magnus feud until the end, which bums me out because Magnus and Joe have a huge history together and this match could be special, but the focus is on the Dixie/MVP feud, which is fun because it’s newer guys being pushed, but the world title match should always be your big match, especially if you only run a PPV every few months. I feel bad for Magnus because he has worked hard to be champ and has improved so much, but they have given him this ridiculous “paper champion” moniker that makes me cringe every time it’s said. I hope the PPV is a success for them though. They need it.

Until next week, that’s all I got.

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