WWE is going through a transition period with budget cuts in every area of the company. That means some talent will be released from time to time. This one doesn't appear to be due to saving money. It was announced on Thursday on WWE.com that he was released. Here's what it said on WWE.com:

WWE announced the release of Alberto Del Rio due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.

No "best of luck in his future endeavors" line? That's cold. They also didn't use his real name, which is what they usually do. That's led some fans to think it's a storyline, but there is no indication of that at this time.

We haven't received any details on what the unprofessional conduct was and what employee he might have had an altercation with or when this took place.

About a year ago, right before SummerSlam last year, he got in a fight in a bar alongside Drew McIntyre. They didn't fight each other. They fought together against some fan who must have said or done something to upset them. That was a year ago, though. It's not like that is something that is going to cause him to get fired a year later.

Del Rio is a 2 time WWE Champion and 2 time World Champion. He also won the Royal Rumble and the Money in the Bank briefcase. He was pushed quickly after his debut in 2010 and was a regular in the main event picture for his first three years. The character was a lot of fun when he initially showed up as a heel, but once he turned face in early 2013 it definitely slowed his momentum down. When he went back heel in the summer of 2013 it was tough for him to get his momentum back. He spent most of 2014 in the midcard.

From writing about him so much in these last four years and seeing feedback, a lot of people didn't really like him. He was always very consistent in his matches, but he was boring at times too. He wasn't the kind of guy that would have a bad match if you gave him 10-15 minutes. However, it's not like he was match of the year contender matches either. The best way to say it is that he was always a solid wrestler. He just didn't wow us enough.

There could have been frustration on his part. He was pushed so strongly for three years, he was a reliable talent that had good matches and didn't get hurt, but it's understandable that he would be upset about things now.

Several months ago there were reports that he might retire when his deal expired. We don't know for sure, but the deal was supposed to expire later this year. If he was going to retire soon anyway then he's probably not that upset about being fired.

Assuming he keeps wrestling, he'll likely be a big draw working in Mexico since he is one of the most successful Mexican born wrestlers in the history of American wrestling and when you can say you're a 4 time WWE Champion that's very impressive.

All the best to him in his future. What do you think? Comment below!

Rumor Update: Rob Feinstein of RF Video wrote on his Facebook that Del Rio was involved in a backstage incident at the recent WWE TV tapings. RF claimed that Del Rio had words with an employee who works for WWE's social media department and allegedly slapped him. (WrestlingInc)