This past Sunday night I attended a WWE House Show at the Wildwood Convention Center. Wildwood is a Jersey Shore town that is very unlike the Jersey Shore depicted on that MTV show by those assclowns. Every year I take my vacation there and most years WWE makes a stop in Wildwood. We usually try to plan our vacation around when WWE is in town so we have something different to do one night. The Wildwood Convention Center is basically a glorified high school gym. It holds about 4,000 for wrestling. There's floor seats and then bleachers all the way to the top. There were a lot of empty seats. Usually this show sells out but I'd say there was only 3,500 people there and that's with John Cena being advertised.

The show opened with The Usos defending the a Tag Team Championships against Rybaxel and Goldust and Stardust. This was a fun match to start off the show. Crowd was really into everyone involved except Curtis Axel. The match broke down into a dance off between The Usos and The Dust Bros. They tried to get Ryback to dance but he wanted to chant "feed me more" instead. Crowd got really into that but it pissed Axel off and it looked like Ryback and Axel would come to blows but they ended up hugging it out. In the end The Usos retained with a Superfly Splash on Ryback.

Titus O'Neil came out next. The crowd was excited to see him because of his barking. Then he told the crowd he had two rules: no booing and no barking. Then to get heat he started ripping on Philadelphia sports teams. Despite being in New Jersey, Wildwood is closer to Philly than New York so while I get the idea it didn't work since Wildwood is a vacation spot. There were probably as many New York sports fans if not more there and Titus got mostly cheered for ripping on Philly. Titus said he'd best anyone in the back and out came The Great Khali. This went a few minutes and lost the crowd because well it's a Khali match. Khali won with the Khali Chop.

We were then told to stay tuned for a special message from a WWE Superstar. It was Bray Wyatt. He came up on the mini-trons. The acoustics made it hard to hear him so I went for a beer. Then before I got there I heard a "Wooooo!"  The Nature Boy was in Wildwood. I raced back to my seat. I was surprised to see Flair but glad he was there. He had the line of the night by saying how he respects the hell out of John Cena but Cena better not think of messing with his legacy by winning a 16th World Title. Flair was there to introduce his daughter, Charlotte and her partner Sasha Banks for the next match.

Banks and Charlotte took on Natalya and Nikki Bella. Nikki was really over. I don't know if it was because of Total Divas or that's she is Cena's girlfriend, but she was treated like a real star by the crowd. This was a real solid match from the Divas. WWE has girls that can really work and they've proven it when given the chance. Nikki has really improved in the ring and picked up the win for her duo after The Rack Jack or whatever she calls it on Banks. Flair wanted a kiss from Nikki after the match but all he got was a slap and treated the crowd to a Flair Flop. Flair didn't want Cena to steal his legacy but tried to steal Cena's girl. Classic Nature Boy.

Sheamus retained his United States Championship by beating Alberto Del Rio with a Brogue Kick. This was by far the match of the night. Probably a ***1/2 match. These two hit all of their signature moves and created some nice near falls for a really entertaining match. I really wish WWE had more of a role for Del Rio he has great charisma and can really work. I've always been a fan of his.

After the intermission Bo Dallas defeated Zack Ryder. When Ryder came out I was taken by surprised because I legitimately forgot he still worked for WWE. Crowd gave him a nice ovation. This was pretty much a showcase for Bo. He did all his usual "BOlieve" stuff.

The fan vote for this show was whether Adam Rose and Fandango would have a match or a dance off. Thankfully it was 73% in favor of a match. I don't think I could've dealt with a dance off. Rose came out with the Rose Buds. A much smaller crew than he shows up with on TV. Neither of these guys were really over and Rose won quickly with the Party Foul. Rose and The Buds left and then Summer Rae and Layla sprinted to the ring to smack around Fandango. Fandango was able to get away after taking minimal damage. The girls then danced. Layla wanted to leave but Summer wanted something more. She wanted a kiss and Layla obliged. It wasn't some long passionate kiss, but I found it rather interesting anyway.


R-Truth came out next. I've never been a fan of his but he knows how to work a live crowd. He was there to be fed to Rusev. Lana was there too and did her usual "Russia rules/America doesn't" spiel. Rusev barely had time to enjoy his victory when Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger came to the ring carrying Old Glory. Zeb had a problem with Lana's view on America and said Swagger and Rusev should settle in in the ring. Lana was hesitant at first but then unleashed her beast. The bell rang and I looked down at my phone to check the time. I looked up merely five seconds later and Swagger was tapping in the Accolade. I was surprised that match ended so quickly. Swagger got one of the bigger reactions of the night.

It was time for the Main Event. John Cena and Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. All four men got pops since they were the biggest stars on the show. Despite only about 3,500 people in the building, Wyatt's entrance was still so damn cool. Say what you will about Chris Jericho's numerous comebacks, but when he comes back he does it all the way hitting up all the towns on the road. He doesn't have to do that. This was your basic 15 minute tag match. Cena and Jericho won after Cena hit the AA on Orton. There was a "Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks" chant early, but it was mostly cheers for him after that.

Cena and Jericho posed for fans and signed autographs as the show ended. The show went about 2:45.

Byron Saxton did the ring announcing and did a good job but they had some other guy there that I can only describe as a "hype guy". He was annoying.

An interesting note about the main event. Cena didn't come to the ring with the Championship belts nor was he announced as the Champion. During the match someone brought the titles to the ring and Saxton announced him as the Champion after the match.

I've been to a few shows in Wildwood, but this was probably the weakest. I remember that Cena and Orton wrestled here a week before SummerSlam 2007. That match blew away their Main Event Championship Match at the PPV. This was good show though. Nearly three hours of wrestling. I was let down that Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler weren't there since they're my favorites in WWE right now. It was cool that Cena was there since he is the top guy and Champion. Overall worth the $100 I spent on the two tickets. WWE House Shows are a good way to enjoy a night of wrestling.

Despite being a small crowd, we were hot all night. Cena, Jericho, Swagger, Flair and believe it or not Nikki Bella got the biggest pops of the night.

Be sure to check out my video of the end of the Main Event match.

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