Tuesday night is here, and if you're a WWE Network subscriber, congratulations! You've won the mid-card lottery! Main Event continues to be a solid hour and this week will be no different. Advertised for tonight's show is a big six-man tag match pitting Sheamus and the Usos against the Wyatt Family. Not too bad.

I'm Mitch Nickelson and I'm here to walk you through this night of action. I write about what I see and I throw in my opinion on it all. We'll have a fancy wrap up at the end. Main Event is live from Columbus, Ohio. The announcers are Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips.

Seth Rollins Announces A Big Match For Money In The Bank

Rollins' music hits as he starts the show. I heard that the music he's using isn't permanent, just a placeholder until they pick whatever his music will be. That's good, because I don't really like his music. As I type this my wife randomly tells me that she likes the music. She's reading my mind. Maybe the music will grow on me.

The crowd boos and there's a "You sold out" chant. Seth congratulates his former business partners. He tells us how Roman won his title shot last night on Raw, and then advises Roman to enjoy this small victory because he wasn't supposed to be in that match. He crossed the Authority and will have to face repercussions on Monday's Raw. He says that Roman Reigns is a volcano. He's an angry soul and Rollins is the only person who knows how to control him.

Rollins talks about how without him to control Dean Ambrose, he's just be a babbling buffoon. He reiterates that he's the only one that can control those two, which he did for two years as the leader of the Shield. Crowd chants "You sold out" again.

Replay is shown from Raw 3 weeks ago when Rollins defected from the Shield. Rollins says he never gets tired of seeing that. He has a surprise for WWE Money In The Bank. The fans chant for Daniel Bryan. He says that there will be a second ladder match at Money In The Bank, containing the traditional contract for a title shot. He announces that he's the first entrant into that match, because it's what's best for business. I'm glad they made the second match official. I'm also glad that Rollins is in it. I'll pencil in Ambrose for it as well.

Dean Ambrose interrupts that last line. Dean warns Rollins that he should simply focus on surviving the next ten minutes. They brawl like they truly hate each other and then Kane's music hits. It distracts Ambrose a little as Rollins battles back, but Ambrose is able to stop Kane from entering into the ring and tosses Rollins outside to Kane. Ambrose leaves safely as he snarls toward his opponents. That's a big start to this show.

The Usos and Sheamus vs. The Wyatts is advertised for later tonight as they go to a break. There's a Legends House reunion show this Thursday. They also show that heartwarming Roman Reigns ad where he's being a good dad.

Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Santino

Back to Main Event and Rusev is in the ring with Lana. Lana has us look again at the new Mount Rushmore graphic. Putin, Lenin, Gorbachev, and Rusev are on it. My wife and I love this angle; it's so hilarious. Lana has a graphic of Putin up, telling us that he'll lead us to world superiority and domination. Rusev then tells us that he's a super athlete and that resistance is futile. The fans chant "U.S.A." as he hands his prestigious gold star to Lana. Rusev is truly an inspiration.

Santino Marella comes out to be the next victim of Rusev. The match is really short. Rusev kicks him a couple of times then puts him in the Accolade. Lana puts the star back onto Rusev as the Hero of the Russian Federation celebrates his victory in the ring. The announcers mention how close he was to winning the battle royal last night on Raw. That was a great final sequence on Raw.

Winner by submission: Rusev

As they announce the lineup for the Money In The Bank World Title ladder match, the screen cuts to a Wyatt promo. Luke Harper talks about how he sometimes sees things and hears things that aren't there. The only way to make them go away is to make them feel like he does. He tells the Usos that they have something that he and Rowan want. Bray says that the time has come for the dirty ones to soil the world. At Money In The Bank they will stand tall, rejoicing, as the world begins to burn. Follow the buzzards.

Paige vs. Naomi (w/Cameron)

Naomi comes out first with Cameron. Paige comes out second. There's a series of quick pins in the beginning that doesn't bode successful for either girl. Lot of arm drags and back and forth action. They both go for a drop kick at the same time and then pause when they get back up, garnering applause from the crowd. Paige works Cameron into an abdominal stretch. She tries to battle out of it, but Paige fights to keep it locked on. Eventually, Cameron gets out via hip toss.

More back and forth and Naomi gets an impressive surfboard-style stretch onto the Divas champ. Paige visibly looks in pain and she sells it well. The crowd claps as in support of Paige. On the apron and Paige brutalizes Naomi with some knees. Naomi climbs the top rope and goes for the cross body, but Paige rolls through for a failed two count. Paige goes for the Paige Turner but fails. Naomi then drops Paige for the win! Didn't see that coming.

Winner by pinfall: Naomi

After the match, Cameron celebrates like she won and Naomi looks annoyed about it. Paige tries to shake Naomi's hand but Cameron causes a brawl instead. Naomi stands to the side, just watching the two battle. Paige tosses Cameron out of the ring and extends the hand for a shake again. Naomi accepts it.

More hyping up of the main event tag match, plus they'll be recapping the Cena stretcher match stuff. Did You Know? The WWE app has been downloaded over 12 million times.

The Cena recap stuff is shown now, so instead I'll talk about who I like in the big match at Money In The Bank. I'm hoping for the new guys. If either Reigns, Cesaro, or Wyatt win, that would be awesome. I guess as long as it's not Cena or Orton I'll be happy. Both of those two have had title runs not only in the past year, but all throughout the past decade. If either of them win, I'll yawn.

Sheamus and The Usos chat with Renee Young. Sheamus talks about how Wyatt came onto the scene while he was out with his injury. They've run amok over everyone and everything in the WWE. He called them weird, but said that he and the Usos are also a little crazy. The Usos called themselves Uso-crazy. Get it?!

The Usos talk about what happened Monday night and hype up their match at the Pay-Per-View. Sheamus said that at Money In The Bank, he's bringing the luck of the Irish...and a few Brogue Kicks, fella. The Wyatts tell Columbus that they're here and they enter the arena as we go to break.

WWE is promoting their involvement with the Special Olympics. My day job is working with the autistic, so I give a special kudos to them for their partnership. They also show an ad for WWE Countdown, which is on at 10:00pm after Main Event. I don't know what's on at 9:00.

They replay the Dean Ambrose stuff from the beginning of the show. Ambrose kicked Kane to stop him from getting into the ring. I don't think I wrote that earlier.

Sheamus and The Usos vs. The Wyatts

The Wyatts are already in the ring as Sheamus' music begins. The United States Champion makes his way to the ring and looks on to the Wyatts as he holds his title high. The Usos come out next. I think this week I'll mention how I dislike the silly rags hanging out of the back of their pants. Are they in a pocket or are they sewn in? What's the point?

Sheamus starts out for his team and he finds himself brawling with Luke Harper. Harper's a big hoss and holds his own. Sheamus finds himself on the apron, but does a diving battering ram into Harper. Rowan comes in and gets put into the rolling senton as Sheamus tags out.

Jimmy and Jey trade off with beating down Rowan. He turns the tides on Jey and Harper tags in. Harper runs into a boot in the corner and almost gets pinned, but only for two. Jimmy and Jey keep control and tag in and out frequently to keep themselves fresh. Harper gets tagged back in. There's a quick break to promote some movie WWE is involved in.

Back from the break and Jey Uso gets flipped head over heels because of a massive clothesline on the outside by Bray Wyatt. The action gets back into the ring and the crowd is singing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands." Not too loud, but a few people were singing it. Bray clobbers Jey in the corner. Harper gets back in and stomps a lot on his Uso. Jey tries to battle back, but Harper scoop slams him and pins him for only two.

Rowan is back in. He gets Jey in a pump handle backbreaker, then goes for a pin and gets only two. Rowan goes for a splash but misses. He tries to ram Jey in the corner, but misses that as well.

Hot tag to Sheamus who is now facing off against Luke. Sheamus battles Luke and eventually power slams him. He sets up for the Brogue Kick. He does his Ten Beats of the Bodhrán to the chest of Rowan on the apron. He sets up Harper for the rolling senton but Harper shakes him off and takes him down at the knee.

Jimmy gets tagged in as he dives from the top rope. Pin for only a two count. He targets the mid-section and then hits his Samoan drop. He takes out Bray, who was just minding his own business in the corner. He charges Harper with a Rikishi-style running butt slam into the corner. (That's what it's called, right?) Two count and it fails because Rowan makes the save.

Rowan tries to charge Jimmy with a kick but misses and gets hung up on the ropes. Jimmy dumps him to the outside. He superkicks Luke, who gets tagged by Bray as he rolls out of the ring. Jey Uso is now in the ring as he bounces off the ropes and dives out of the ring to take out Rowan. Jimmy begins to do the same to Harper, but the legal Bray Wyatt runs in and hits an aggressive Sister Abigail on him. I love it when he runs with a full head of steam into his opponent to administer that move. He gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall: The Wyatts

The Wyatts look on from the top of the ramp as the show comes to a close.

Mitch's Final Thoughts:

There was a little more recap than I like on this show, but it still was pretty solid. The women's match was competitive and it looks like Naomi should get a title shot soon. I don't really care about Cameron's part in this story, but I love that Naomi and Paige had an actual wrestling match that was more than two minutes. The crowd even cheered for the athleticism at one point. That's always good.

I love Rusev and think the pro-Russian antics are funny. He needs an actual rivalry. He did have a stellar role in the battle royal Monday night, so at least I got that. I'll suggest that he feud for the U.S. Title against anyone. The man would be a perfect heel to hold that belt.

The main event was a little slow for me at first, but I felt it picked up well near the end. This was a typical six-man tag that had a good sequence of everyone getting their big moves crammed into the last 90 seconds or so and that's always fun. I'm looking forward to the tag title match at Money In The Bank. Sheamus getting in the mix with all of this will give some nice chemistry for him and Bray in the title match.

Like NXT, Main Event keeps making a good case for this to be destination programming for any WWE fan. It's nowhere near as important as Raw, but it keeps making a good case that it's on the same level as Smackdown. If you have the WWE Network, make sure to catch it weekly.

Lastly, I figure I'll give people a way to keep in touch with me besides the comment section. Please still comment and I'll banter all you want, but you can also check out my Twitter account and follow me directly. It's easy to remember: I'm found at @MitchNickelson. Thanks for reading and I'll meet you back here again next week.