Orlando, Florida, it's your lucky day! Because live and exclusively on the WWE Network, it's Main Event!

I'm looking forward to the announced match for tonight. Sheamus is supposed to take on Rusev in a non-title match for Sheamus' U.S. Championship. After a big event, it's sort of draining to sit through another night of live WWE programming, but it's only an hour, right? And with fun mid-carders like Sheamus and Rusev, we can do this together! I'm feeling really positive right now.

This will be slightly shorter than I normally do it. I have to wake up early tomorrow for an overtime shift. I like staying up late on Tuesday nights, but money is money. A guy has to pay the bills. So, no play-by-play tonight. I'll simply list the segments and insert my humble opinion alongside the happenings. Let's get to it.

The show opens and I see that Rusev is fighting Swagger in a rematch from Sunday. Did Sheamus forget that he's fighting tonight? I won't complain, though, I like the Rusev/Swagger stuff.

Seth Rollins vs. Fandango

I'll mention now that Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are the announcers, like usual. They did their jobs during this match, discussing the drama that Seth has with Dean Ambrose and they wondered when Seth will cash in his contract. They decided that it will happen when it's best for business, if you were wondering.

The match wasn't too long, but fairly athletic. Seth won the match with a Curbstomp that he set up with a fantastic Powerbomb into the corner turnbuckles. This was a good start to the show. I wonder how good of a match these guys could have if they were given 12-15 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Seth Rollins

A recap of the Brock Lesnar stuff from Raw was shown. They re-aired a good bit of Heyman's promo. It gave me chills when I saw it. That man deserves a raise. Go ahead and up the WWE Network by a dollar for everybody and send all that extra cash to Paul Heyman. I wouldn't complain.

Jey Uso (w/Jimmy Uso) vs. Ryback (w/Curtis Axel)

I dislike the Usos slightly less when they're not doing that chant at the top of the stage, which they don't do this time. My favorite part of this match is when Jey stops from the action to do an extended dance sequence. Ryback gave him this awesome facial expression where he channeled all the reasons that I dislike the Usos through his eyes. The Big Guy and I have some kind of psychic connection.

There was some Ax Man/Jimmy Uso distractions on the outside that led to Ryback flooring Jey with a big Meathook Clothesline for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Ryback

Tom and Byron talk about how Rybaxel might be in line for a title shot. While that won't electrify the crowds like the Usos do with the Wyatt family, I'd mark out for it. I might be the only one, but my birthday's in August. Maybe it's WWE's gift to me.

Renee Young Interviews Slater Gator Backstage

This interview was hilarious. Please watch this if you missed it. Heath Slater is incredibly happy to be in his new tag team while Titus O'Neil isn't as enthusiastic. They face Big E and Kofi tonight.

Roman Reigns will be taking on Alberto Del Rio this Friday on Smackdown.

Slater Gator (Heath Slater & Titus O'Neil) vs. Big E & Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods)

The crowd chanted "Slater Gator" at the beginning of this match, which made me smile. This was a solid match. Big E was really aggressive at the end. Kofi did a top-rope diving stomp onto both guys, who were held up by Big E. They look good and can be a great stable with Woods.

Winners by pinfall: Big E and Kofi Kingston

The end of the Rusev/Swagger match at Battleground was shown again.

Renee Young Interviews Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger Backstage

Colter reminds us that America's contributions to the world are infinite. He's inspirational in that patriotic kind of way and ends his promo by getting the crowd to do the "We The People" chant. It's a little more formulaic than normal, but still good Zeb Colter stuff.

Renee Young Interviews Slater Gator Backstage Again!

Titus O'Neil is upset and says that Slater is albatross. He even defines it for us country bumpkins (it means dead weight). This doesn't defeat Heath, though. He's confident that Slater Gator will fight again another day.

Stephanie McMahon got arrested last night and we relived it all here on Main Event. I do enjoy that they edited out Brie's cursing. I might let my kids watch Main Event now. Tom Phillips updates us with info that Stephanie was bailed out with a 'sizable bond' that she posted. She is the Billion Dollar Princess, after all.

Dean Ambrose will wrestle Cesaro in a No DQ match on Smackdown this week.

Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter)

Lana says that Americans are a mere shell of what we used to be. We raised the white flag of surrender on top of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lana showed a picture of it. I have no idea what that's about. She said that tonight's victory is dedicated to Vladimir Putin.

This crowd really wanted to get behind Swagger and was repeatedly doing the "U.S.A." and "We The People" chants. This match feels important and the crowd appreciates it.

At one point, Swagger went for the Swagger-bomb and Rusev picked up a leg to block him. Swagger was too smart with his American-sized brain and grabs the leg to lock in the Patriot Lock. The action spilled outside and led to Rusev using his flag to attack Swagger. This ended the match.

Winner by DQ: Jack Swagger

Swagger went back into the ring, being joined by Zeb and an American flag. Rusev and Lana waved their Russian flag on the outside as the show came to a close.

Mitch's Final Thoughts

I'm going to make a bold statement and say that this was the best Main Event I've reviewed so far. The show started with Fandango challenging Seth Rollins. It was a little short, but it was competitive. Fandango got to show off his in-ring talent as opposed to his soap opera thespian skills. The second match saw a victory for Ryback over one half of the Tag-Team Champions, Jey Uso. Regular readers of my writing know how huge of a fan I am of Rybaxel these days, so that pleased me big time. Will this lead to them challenging the Usos at Summerslam? I sure hope so.

Slater Gator! These guys are awesome. I was worried that Titus would jump ship during or after this match and become buddies with the more similar shades of melanin in the ring, but thankfully he stayed alongside his hillbilly friend. I'm not asking for this to be their permanent gimmick or anything, but please give the WWE Universe a solid month or two of this. Heath Slater is comedy gold in this role.

The big match of the night, Rusev vs. Swagger, was more satisfying to me than their fight at Battleground. It ended in DQ again, but the Swagger win gave me hope that WWE isn't done with this feud yet. I also felt that the crowd was slightly more patriotic tonight than on Sunday. I felt that Lana's promo connected better this time around. Maybe I'm wrong and I need to watch their Battleground match again, but I just liked tonight's match better.

Great show tonight. It was well above average. Lots of good wrestling, funny moments, and even storyline progression. Who can ask for more?

That's about it for me. Remember to follow me @MitchNickelson on twitter. Also, I ramble quite frequently about wrestling current events on my personal blog, mitchandal.wordpress.com. Thanks again for reading. Comment below and tell me what you think of Slater Gator.