Welcome back to THE Main Event Review. My apologies for missing last week. I had a terrible head cold and writing just wasn’t happening. Never fear as I’m bringing you a Main Event double dip this week with reviews of the 2/27 and 3/6 shows. Let’s jump right into it.

WWE Main Event 2/27/13

The show opens up with the Divas Champion, Kaitlyn strolling in the backstage area when she bumps into Cody Rhodes. It seems to be smitten with Cody’s mustache. Sheamus comes along and makes fun of Cody and his lovestache. Cody gets fed up and challenges Sheamus to a match. Fella Boy agrees and it looks like we have our Main Event.

Not a bad way to start the show and set up the Main Event. It was quick and effective. I think the Cody/Kaitlyn pairing could have some legs especially if they turn Cody into a babyface. The lovestache and Kaitlyn works for me so I think it’ll work for him. Cody is one of the most underutilized talents in WWE so hopefully this gives his career some traction.

Jerry Lawler is joining Michael Cole this week and the participants for the Main Event head to the ring so we are ready for action.  

Sheamus pinned Cody Rhodes (**3/4)

Solid TV bout between the two. Cody was able to dominate most of the match after catching Sheamus with the Beautiful Disaster Kick on the apron. Things turned in Fella Boy’s favor when Cody got a bit too cocky and starting mocking Sheamus for making fun of his mustache. Sheamus made a comeback but Cody stopped it momentarily after he hit a splendid moonsault. The finish of the match was well down. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick and missed and got his leg caught on the rope. Cody attempted another Disaster Kick and missed and Sheamus got the Brogue to land to score the win after 13 minutes.

Mark Henry beat Justin Gabriel (1/2*)

Ol’ Mizark is just fantastic. Gabriel’s offense consists of kicks so he kicked Henry a few times. Henry treated them like a fly buzzing around and then started kicking Gabriel and was screaming “You like to kick people? I DO TOO.” Awesome. The rest of the match was just Henry abusing Gabriel until he finally put him away with the World’s Strongest Slam.

Cody is in the back throwing a tantrum after losing to Sheamus and then he has an awkward encounter with Kaitlyn in which she tells him “the mustache doesn’t give up”.

RAW Rebound time as they highlight the awesome brawl between Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

The show ends with them showing the entire John Cena/ CM Punk match from RAW. This match was an epic five-star classic. Hats off to both men for putting on the best match in the twenty+ years of Monday Night RAW. If you haven’t seen this match yet, you must.

The Diagnosis

Normally, I’d be pissed off if they spent half of the show airing stuff from RAW but the Punk/Cena match was so special it deserves a second airing so I don’t have a problem with it. It’s hard to rate Main Event this week since there was about 17 minutes of new wrestling but since I have to I’ll give it a 4.5/10. The Sheamus/Cody match was fun but the Henry match was just a feeding for the big man.


WWE Main Event 3/6/2013

Before we get the signature open we see a graphic that says Rest in Peace to William Moody better known to us wrestling fans as Paul Bearer. I was saddened to learn of his passing. When he first debuted I was legit scared of him. I was about seven years old and the man gave me nightmares. As a 29 year old and thinking back on it, it just goes to show how great he was at playing that character. He is one of the all time greats as a manager in WWE and will be greatly missed. Oh yes. Rest in Peace.

The show opens with Randy Orton heading to the ring. The Miz is joining Michael Cole at the announce table. Wade Barrett is Orton’s opponent and he’s yapping about how he was at the red carpet premier of the movie that stars the guy that got cut from Iron Man. They show a video package of the Dead Man Down premier. WWE tooting their own horn. It’s what they do best. Apparently, Wade doesn’t say anything in the movie but he makes it seem like he gave a DeNiro-like Godfather II performance. Barrett begins taking shots at The Miz who stars in his own crappy movie and actually gets to talk in it. Orton leaves the ring and punches Barrett in the mouth. Thank God. That was getting annoying.

Randy Orton pinned Wade Barrett (***1/4)

Good match between the two but I wasn’t that into it because I feel like I’ve seen it 1,000 times already. The reason I feel that way is because I have seen it 1,000 times. It seems like when they don’t know what to do with Orton they stick him in there with Barrett and sometimes to shake things up they let Barrett win one. They didn’t feel like letting Barrett win tonight so Orton hit the RKO for the victory after 17 minutes. I know I should say more about the match but I’m just so apathetic to this pairing that I just can’t bring myself to.

Cody Rhodes beat Zack Ryder (*1/2)

Solid match for the three minutes they were allotted. I can’t deal with Ryder anymore. Somewhere since the TLC PPV in 2011 to now he went from the fanboy that you wanted to see get a chance to a tool that complains on the internet a lot. He’s still getting good reactions so I think I may be in the minority on that one. After he missed the Broski Boot, Cody caught him with the Beautiful Disaster Kick and Cross Rhodes to score the win.

During the match, Cole announced that The New Age Outlaws will face Team We Broke Up but Still Team Together All the Time on RAW this Monday. Maybe there is something to this rumor I heard about the Outlaws getting one last run together. They’re still decent in the ring. I wouldn’t mind seeing it. Oh and Miz sucks. Just thought I’d through that in there for making me remember why kids who liked wrestling got made fun of in high school. Awful, awful Road Dogg impersonation. Awful.

They show Triple H challenging Brock Lesnar to a match at WrestleMania and announce that Lesnar will be at RAW to answer the challenge.

Sin Cara defeats Antonio Cesaro (**)

I don’t usually rate such short matches that high but I really enjoyed that. That was as good as Sin Cara has looked in WWE and credit Cesaro for being able to work Sin Cara’s style. Sin Cara was all over the place and tried for a suicide dive but got stopped dead in his tracks with the uppercut that Cesaro hits so perfectly. It looked like Cesaro was going to hit the Neutralizer from the top but it was reversed into a hurricanrana that Sin Cara used to score the win after four minutes.

If this was done to set up Cesaro vs. Sin Cara at WrestleMania then I’m all for it. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing them get ten minutes at WrestleMania.

They show a video package highlighting The Undertaker’s return and CM Punk’s victory to earn the right to face him at WrestleMania. I’m glad the match is happening but WWE’s booking is head scratching sometimes. Think about this, in order to have the right to face the WWE Champion all Punk had to do was beat one man but to face The Undertaker, just to stop a streak he had to beat three. That to me would seem like facing The Undertaker is more important. That’s just me.

The show ends with them replaying the face to face with John Cena and The Rock from RAW.

The Diagnosis

I guess the new trend is to show stuff from RAW to close out Main Event instead of wrestling. It’s WrestleMania season and pushing the hell out of the show is all that matters. If it continues after WrestleMania then it’ll be annoying and pointless.

We got three matches tonight, they all were all enjoyable so I’ll give the 3/6 Main Event a 5.5/10  


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As the world says goodbye to William Moody, check out this video from the first time we said hello to Paul Bearer. R.I.P.