It’s me. It’s me. It’s Doctor Money and this is the Vintage NXT Review. Wait, WHAT!? I’m sorry. Sitting so damn far away from the ring at WrestleMania has gotten me confused. When you’re that high up in the sky you usually have a pilot with you. This is Christian Michael and this is THE Main Event Review. That’s better. This week we have another double helping of Main Event with the pre and post WrestleMania editions. Let’s get started.

WWE Main Event 4/3/13

The show opens with The Miz on his way to the ring for action. That means JBL is joining Michael Cole at the announce table. I like that team tons more than Cole and Miz.

Miz is facing The Primetime Players in a handicap match. What sense this makes, I have no idea. We were about to start the match when Wade Barrett comes to the ring and announces that he’ll be watching the match with Cole and JBL.

The Miz beat The Primetime Players (**1/4)

What a really stupid booking decision this match was. I’m just glad it took place on a show that WWE barely mentions. I understand that they wanted to give Miz a showcase win before WrestleMania but a handicap match? The Miz isn’t Kane, The Big Show or even The Great Khali. He’s not a guy that fans believe can beat two guys by himself and he shouldn’t be booked in that type a match. A guy like Miz is usually put in a handicap match as punishment. So, who did he piss off? I’m guessing no one. The Primetime Players have so much talent and potential. It’s a real shame to see them jobbing out to The Miz. The match itself was just kind of there. All three worked hard but there really wasn’t any intrigue or drama in the bout. The finishing sequence was fun which almost made sitting through this 19 minute match worth it. In the end, Darren Young tapped out to the Figure Four Leg Lock.

The rest of the pre-WrestleMania edition of Main Event featured highlights from RAW and video packages from the three big WrestleMania matches: Undertaker vs. CM Punk, Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H and The Rock vs. John Cena.

The Verdict- SKIP IT


Time for an episode break plug. First, I was at WrestleMania this past Sunday and I wrote a column detailing my day at MetLife Stadium and thoughts about the show. So, be sure to check that out if you haven’t all ready.

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WWE Main Event 4/10/13

Michael Cole is joined by JBL at the announce desk for this week’s edition of Main Event. This week’s Main Event is Tons of Funk and Kofi Kingston vs. The Shield in their Main Event debut. Before the match, they show The Shield interrupting The Undertaker from RAW and then the save from Kane and Daniel Bryan. It would be cool to see Undertaker stick around for another month to join Team Hell No against The Shield, but I think that was more or less done to get The Shield into the Tag Team Championship picture.

The Shield beat Tons of Funk and Kofi Kingston (**1/2)

Solid showcase win for The Shield. There was nothing wrong with the match per say, it’s just that The Shield has constantly beaten teams comprised of former World Champions, so what shot did this trio have? Kofi Kingston got the hot tag and was flying all around the ring until he got stopped by Seth Rollins’ impressive flying knee. Brodus Clay was going to break up the count but he got demolished but Roman Reigns’ spear. With Tons of Funk out of the picture (Tensai took the babyface beatdown) Rollins covered Kofi for the win after 11 minutes.

After the match, The Shield wasn’t done. The tossed Kofi out of the ring and then hit a pair of awesome Triple Bombs first on Tensai and then on Brodus.

Next, they showed Dolph Ziggler cashing in Money in the Bank and winning the World Heavyweight Championship (finally!) on RAW. Matt Striker thinks he is going to get a word with the new champ but instead it’s his heavy as Michael Cole likes to call him, Big E Langston. E says the new champ doesn’t have time for him but he’s here so he wants Striker to interview him. Striker asked E what it was like to debut at WrestleMania. E gives a very mocking answer then says all he remembers is losing but he also remembers the joys of winning his RAW debut and is about to have some fun in the ring.

Big E Langston pinned Zack Ryder (SQUASH)

It’s nice to see they got E some entrance music. Ryder got a move or two in but this was all BIG E and it was all over in about a minute when E hit his finisher.

It’s RAW Rebound time as they show the New WWE Champion John Cena taking on Mark Henry and then getting eaten alive by Ryback. I’d be ok with a potential Ryback/Cena feud. I just wouldn’t turn Ryback heel. Let the fans decide who they want to cheer for. Ryback still has a ways to go as a babyface and turning him just for the sake of a feud with Cena would be a mistake in my opinion.

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger come out to the ring. Zeb asks the fans if they are real Americans in Boston. He doubts they are because they play hockey in Boston and hockey is Canadian. He rambled some more but it just sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher. This gimmick is so dead. Swagger is out for a match and his opponent is Yoshi Tatsu. Oh crap, he’s still employed? I haven’t seen him on WWE TV in years. Zeb is offended that Yoshi is Jack’s opponent and then gets racist for a few moments. Zeb says no hard feelings and then bows to Yoshi in respect. When Yoshi returns the bow, Swagger kicks him in the breadbasket. Thank God that’s over. I’m glad Jack Swagger got arrested and cost himself a title run as has been reported. This gimmick with him and Swagger is not over at all and quite honestly a bit embarrassing.

Jack Swagger defeated Yoshi Tatsu via Submission (*)

I remember back in the WWECW days that these two had a heck-of-a match that went about twenty minutes one night on that show. Tonight, I was too annoyed by Colter’s ramblings to even care about this match. Swagger won after eight minutes with the Patriot Lock. I guess this was done to prove Swagger isn’t a total joke after losing to Alberto Del Rio on back to back nights but we all know this form of Jack Swagger will never sniff the World Title again. We all owe Jack a debt of gratitude though as he is the storyline reason that Dolph Ziggler was able to cash in Money in the Bank and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Thanks Jack! Now go away.

The Verdict- SKIP IT


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