Hey peeps, welcome back to THE Main Event Review. We have the 5/22 and 5/29 episodes on tap so let’s jump right into it.

WWE Main Event 5/22/13

The show opens with Ricardo Rodriguez giving Alberto Del Rio a grand introduction and then Michael Cole and The Miz talk about Big E Langston beating ADR on the previous episode of RAW. Tonight’s Main Event is a rematch of that bout.

Alberto Del Rio pinned Big E Langston (***)

Fun match. I may have gone a little high on the star rating but I enjoyed this 13 minute match. Big E has gotten a chance to have some singles matches with Dolph Ziggler being out of action. His power offense is very good and very believable. He moves around the ring well so he’s not one of these immobile muscle heads that we’ve seen litter WWE over the years.

Big E’s power was able to ground Del Rio for most of the match. Del Rio tried to lock in his Cross Arm Breaker but Big E was able to block it and then dead lift ADR up off the ground into a powerbomb. Langston then wanted to put the match away with the Big Ending but Alberto slid out the back and hit an Enziguri and then rolled up Big E and got the three count. Nice ending to the match.

Next, they recapped the Last Man Standing Match from Extreme Rules between Ryback and John Cena for the WWE Championship.

The Usos beat Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre (**3/4)

Good, solid tag match. The Usos are vastly underused. When they are given time to have good matches they deliver for the most part. They have fun, energetic offense and they sell well as the babyfaces in peril. Mahal and McIntyre did a good job in controlling the match.

Like I said earlier, this was a good, solid match and then an ambulance siren sounded and out came Ryback in an ambulance. The match came to a stop. Heath Slater was at ringside and decided it would be a good idea to sneak up on Ryback. It wasn’t. Ryback slammed him face first into the floor and then tossed Slater into the ambulance and drove off. I got to admit, it’s pretty cool seeing Ryback beat up random jobbers and throwing them into an ambulance. After the ambulance left, a pair of superkicks and the Superfly Splash spelled the end for 3MB after 15 minutes.

The show ended with a recap of the debut of Curtis Axel and his match with Triple H.

The Verdict- SEE IT



WWE Main Event 5/29/13

The show opens up with a trip to the announce table and the awesome announce team of The Miz, Josh Mathews and Ricardo Rodriguez. Yes, me saying this is awesome is a great use of sarcasm. The only way this could get worse is if Matt Striker was out there.

This also the second week in a row that they announced the Main Event on RAW and then didn’t do that match on Main Event. Why even announce anything if you’re changing your mind only a day later.

May I also ask, why in the world is Ricardo out there? This match has nothing to do with Alberto Del Rio. I’m annoyed to no end and the bell hasn’t even rung yet.

Sheamus pinned Wade Barrett (****)

Whatever level of annoyance I had before the match started is gone. Wow, that was awesome. I enjoyed the hell out of that match. That was a physical slugfest and I loved every second with it. Barrett was made to look like he belonged in there with Sheamus and it looked like he may have had the win locked up on a couple of occasions.

Barrett hit Wasteland for a long two count. It’s not his finisher anymore so it’s not a big surprise that Sheamus kicked out but it was done well and was a very believable nearfall. There was one point in the match when Sheamus was setting up for the Brogue Kick and Barrett countered it into the Winds of Change. Very nicely done and I love how Barrett delivers that move. It looked like Barrett was going to win the match after he rammed Sheamus’ shoulder into the ring post twice and then set up for the Bullhammer. As he charged in to deliver the elbow, BAM, Brogue Kick and that was all she wrote after 21 minutes. A great ending to a great match.

The match was followed by the RAW Rebound that featured John Cena challenging Ryback to a Three Stages of Hell Match and Cena’s match with Curtis Axel.

That was followed by the Wyatt Family vignette that also aired on RAW. I must say that was one of the most creepy and original things I’ve ever seen on a wrestling program. If WWE does this thing right they could have a huge, huge story and superstar on their hands.

More filler as they show the Highlight Reel from RAW when Chris Jericho called out CM Punk for a match at Payback.

Antonio Cesaro beat Justin Gabriel (*)

When are they going to do something with Antonio Cesaro? The man is simply awesome. Where was his beret and jacket and “I put the W in WWE” gimmick he was going with and now seems to be suddenly dropped just like his great “I speak five languages” gimmick with Aksana and the “I love America but hate Americans” one he had that I loved. It’s a shame. DO something with the man!!

I am a huge fan of both these guys but this match was a total miss. They only gave them four minutes to work and the ending came out of nowhere. Cesaro was wrenching on Gabriel’s neck with a headlock, dropped him and then hit the Neutralizer for the win. I did like that slap that Antonio gave him after the three count. It fits him so well.

Tons of Funk and R-Truth defeated 3MB

What was the point of this? It lasted all of two minutes. They couldn’t give Cesaro and Gabriel 12 minutes to have a match? We had to squeeze this nonsense in?

Tons of Funk sandwiched Jinder Mahal and then R-Truth hit Paydirt to pick up the win.

The Verdict- SEE IT


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