What’s up peeps? Christian Michael back here with another double dip of WWE Main Event Reviews. I can honestly say that I’m feeling a bit better about the show since WWE has announced the Main Event on RAW for three weeks in a row. After the stellar United States Championship Match from the 5/1 show we have what should be two entertaining matches on tap. So let’s get right into it with the 5/8 show featuring Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro.

WWE Main Event 5/8/13

JBL and Michael Cole are the announcers for this episode. Randy Orton and Antonio Cesaro make their way down to the ring. No one is in the mood to talk so we are going right into the action.

Randy Orton pinned Antonio Cesaro (***3/4)

WWE should rename Main Event the Antonio Cesaro show. For the second week in a row the man put on a sensational show. I liked the United States Championship Match just a little bit more but this was one hell of a bout.

This wasn’t a mat classic but a brutal, nasty, physical fight and it was a lot of fun to watch. My favorite part of the match was when the two men stood in the center of the ring trading European Uppercuts. Very well done. Cesaro’s offense centered on Orton’s historically injured shoulder which led The Viper to be in deep trouble after The Swiss Sensation locked in a Fujiwara Armbar. Orton made it to the ropes and was able to hit the hanging DDT. He was getting ready to strike with the RKO when Cesaro reversed it into the toss the opponent in the air and then drill him with an uppercut or as I call it the Antonio Awesomeness because it is damn awesome. Cesaro was setting up for the Neutralizer but Orton hit the RKO out of nowhere and got the three count after 21 minutes of excellent action.

The next 22 minutes of the show was spent recapping stuff from the previous RAW.

Justin Gabriel and The Usos beat 3MB (**1/4)

This match came about after Justin Gabriel beat Heath Slater on the previous edition of Main Event. This was a pretty basic six man tag. Perfectly acceptable for the “short” match on Main Event. The Usos work the majority of the match. I would have liked to have seen more of Gabriel. I think you all know I’m a fan of his. The end was fun when everyone started hitting knockout blows until it was down to Drew McIntyre and the “Darewolf” as JBL referred to Gabriel as. I kind of like that name. A tilt-a-whirl DDT and the spectacular 450 Splash spelled the end for 3MB after 15 minutes of action.

The Verdict- SEE IT


Time for some show break plugs.

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WWE Main Event 5/15/13

The Miz is back on commentary with Michael Cole. I am not a fan of this move. The Miz is a wrestler. JBL is the best color guy WWE has and is damn entertaining to listen to.

Kane and Seth Rollins head to the ring as we get a preview of this Sunday’s Tag Team Championship Match as tonight’s Main Event.

Kane beat Seth Rollins via Disqualification (**1/2)

Decent match that went about 18 minutes. These two could probably have a better match together but they never turned that corner to make it special. A bit of a letdown after the two awesome Main Events of the last two weeks.

The Shield seems to be one of these “the sum of the parts is greater than the individual units” or however that saying goes. Their singles matches haven’t been great. In fact they are 1-2 in them while when the wrestle as a team they rarely disappoint, this past RAW being the only example.

Kane had to face Rollins all alone as Miz mentioned that Daniel Bryan had a promotional commitment to attend to and that’s why he wasn’t there for Kane. Rollins was of course flanked by Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Kane hit the Chokeslam on Rollins but Ambrose jumped in before the referee could count to three which caused a DQ.

The Shield was about to obliterate Kane with the Triple Bomb when he was saved by The Usos of all people.

They next showed the Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match from RAW. John Cena was down to a three on one against The Shield and then he became SuperCena and pinned Rollins. Reigns got DQ’d and had Ambrose locked in the STF which forced the other members of The Shield to jump in and cause a DQ giving the win to Cena and that my friends is the way The Shield lost their first tag team match. What a load of garbage. So underwhelming and for the first time The Shield were made to look weak and at the hands of Cena no less. I had flashbacks of the match with The Nexus at SummerSlam in 2010. That episode of RAW was bad up to that point but that match left such a bad taste in my mouth that I turned the show off. Shame on WWE for that crap. You can disagree, which is fine but that’s just how I feel.

They recap the Brock Lesnar/Triple H stuff from RAW and then announce that based on what happened tonight, The Usos will face Rollins and Reigns on SmackDown this coming Friday.

Sin Cara pinned Wade Barrett (*)

Oh crap, a Sin Cara sighting. Where’s he been? Who cares? Barrett is the Intercontinental Champion yet he has to wrestle with the stupid Sin Cara lights. Why do they still use those? They are ridiculous.

What is even more ridiculous is that Sin Cara won this match. Barrett was getting cocky and then Sin Cara hooked him in a hurricanrana and secured the legs and got the three count after three minutes. Another non-title loss for Barrett. He’s got to be the worst booked Intercontinental Champion ever. Will this lead to a title match for Sin Cara? Doubtful. He beat Antonio Cesaro a few months ago on this show while Cesaro was the United States Champion and it led to nothing. Barrett is booked as such a loser.

Cody Rhodes defeated Justin Gabriel (*)

A third match on this show? I don’t like that. The show is just so much better when they have two matches. They take the time to show what a roll Gabriel has been on lately on Main Event and then he proceeds to lose a three minute match to Cody Rhodes. What a waste.

The show ends with Rhodes and The Miz having a stare down because you gotta hype that preshow match.

The Verdict- SKIP IT


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