What’s up peeps? You know the drill by now. It’s two Main Event reviews in one. The 6/5 show features my boy, Antonio Cesaro taking on Sheamus and the 6/12 show has The Miz battling Cody Rhodes. Let’s get started.


WWE Main Event 6/5/2013

So, it looks like the new Main Event announce team is The Miz, Josh Mathews and Ricardo Rodriguez. I wonder who thought that was a good idea.

Antonio Cesaro comes out wearing plain purple trunks. No more, hat, jacket and sunglasses. No more “I put the W in WWE”. It’s a shame they can’t stick with anything with him. He’s had three decent gimmicks in about a year and they don’t stick with any of them. I’m getting heated thinking of how misused Cesaro is. Let’s just get to his match with the good ol’ Fella.

Sheamus pinned Antonio Cesaro (***1/2)

This wasn’t as long or as good as either man’s recent Main Event matches but still a heck of a bout. The one drawback to the match was that they seemed to get in each other’s way early on and the match didn’t flow as smoothly as it should have.

I’ve been reading that the “higher ups” in WWE think that Cesaro is “boring”. I’d like to know what the hell they are watching when the man is in the ring. He is simply awesome. If the “boring” remark came about because of his character, they make him boring. Give him a damn gimmick and stick with it and let the man be awesome.

Back to the match, Cesaro was gained control right before the commercial break by running across the apron and kicking Sheamus’ head into the ring post. Sheamus would make a comeback and went for White Noise but Cesaro reversed into nicely into a Crossface Chicken Wing. Sheamus got out of it and then tried for his patented top rope shoulder tackle when Cesaro caught him with the nastiest uppercut in the business in midair. What a great spot. Cesaro went for The Neutralizer after a flying knee off the top rope. Sheamus countered and went for White Noise but Cesaro blocked it. Fell Boy rammed Antonio into the corner and when Cesaro came out BAM, Brogue Kick for the win after 15 minutes.

After the match we were treated to all the McMahon nonsense from the previous edition of RAW.

The Usos beat Team Rhodes Scholars (**1/2)

The Usos now come complete with face paint and WWE still can’t decide if Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes are a team or not. I enjoyed this match. Nothing flashy but a very well worked tag team bout. The Usos won after 13 minutes when pick your Uso hit Cody with the Superfly Splash for the win.

That match was followed by a John Cena/Ryback video package.

Justin Gabriel defeated Curt Hawkins (*)

I guess this is becoming a trend now for WWE to stick a third match in the last five minutes of the show. Hawkins loses to debuting guys on NXT so, yeah, he wasn’t winning here and he didn’t. Gabriel won in four minutes with the 450 Splash.


The Verdict- SEE IT



WWE Main Event 6/12/2013

Since The Miz is wrestling tonight, Wade Barrett is joining Josh Mathews at the announce desk. Ricardo Rodriguez is nowhere to be found which is fine by me since he really didn’t serve much of a purpose at the announce desk anyway.

The Miz defeats Cody Rhodes via Submission (***1/4)

Just the night before, Cody Rhodes was the ultimate jobber in losing to Miz in less than three minutes. Now he’s here going 15 minutes with The Miz giving him a run for his money and dominating the former WWE Champion for most of the match. Gotta love wrestling.

Strong match between these two. Cody spent much of the second half of the match working over Miz’s arm. Cody ran into some trouble when he got back dropped over the top rope but the injury to Miz’s arm allowed Cody to gain control again. Cody thought he had the match won after he hit the Beautiful Disaster Kick but it was only a two count. He lost his cool and got caught in the Figure Four and had to tap out.

Damien Sandow has a match and on the way to the ring he makes fun of the crowd for not being able to understand big words and then says he is going to beat up Sheamus during the Payback Kickoff. Good luck with that one.

Damien Sandow pinned Sin Cara (**)

Sin Cara has some new green zebra tights. Ugh, the lights are back. Good job by Barrett for calling out how stupid the lights are. The match was decent enough but no one believes Sin Cara has a chance to win any match, ever. Damien got the pin after nine minutes after what in essence is the Side Effect. It was an odd ending because it looked like he didn’t hit it cleanly and they were very close to the ropes so it looked like Sin Cara would kick out or grab the ropes. Either way, Damien gets some momentum before he gets his face kicked in during the Payback Kickoff Sunday.

Next, they recap all the John Cena/Ryback stuff.

The Usos beat Tons of Funk (*1/4)

This was this week’s “let’s cram one last match into this episode” match. I guess WWE really doesn’t have any heel tag team to job to The Usos as they build themselves up to be credible contenders to The Shield’s Tag Team Championships.

Things broke down towards the end and Jey hit an impressive Samoan Drop on Sweet T and then they hit a double Superkick on Brodus Clay and then it’s time for everybody’s favorite game: PICK YOUR USO! And that’s the one that hit the Superfly Splash on Brodus for the win after four minutes.

The Verdict- SEE IT


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