Welcome back to yet another edition of THE Main Event Review. Before we get started I just want to say I’m very disappointed in WWE for not promoting this show more. You would think that they would want people to see it. There is some really good wrestling on this show. You wouldn’t even know the show existed if I didn’t review it and Michael Cole didn’t mention it in passing sometimes on RAW. It really isn’t going to hurt anyone to post a graphic of the Main Event at some point during Monday’s broadcast. Of course they couldn’t do that this week since they never announced a Main Event so let’s get started and see what’s going on.

The show opens with Michael Cole and The Miz at the announce table. Miz says he’s going to win the Royal Rumble (yeah right) and then Cole throws it to the always fun and well done “numbers” Royal Rumble video.

After the video, Matt Striker is with Ryback and wants to know what Ryback is doing to prepare for the Rumble Match. Ryback talks about his preparation and Striker tries to be funny with an eating joke but Ryback doesn’t think it is funny and Striker apologizes. Ryback says he’s getting ready for the Rumble by facing Antonio Cesaro tonight. He says he’s going turn Swiss Miss into Swiss Cheese. Striker didn’t get it and Ryback tells him that it was a joke and he can be funny too. Nice little segment there with Ryback.

Here comes Antonio Cesaro down to the ring and we find out he’ll be defending his title against The Miz on the Royal Rumble pre-show. Cesaro is quickly becoming the star of this show as this is his third Main Event in the last four week. Cesaro has a microphone when he is heading to the ring. He says he is in the Main Event again while some people are just doing commentary, an obvious shot at The Miz. He says Ryback represents everything that is wrong with America. Cesaro wanted to give the crowd a course on manners but Ryback has other ideas as his music hits and we are ready for action.

Ryback beat Antonio Cesaro via Count Out (**1/4)

This match was only about half as long as Main Events usually are but it still was an entertaining, hard hitting contest. One of the things that is great about Cesaro (and there are many) is that he is able to work any style. Put him in there with a guy like Daniel Bryan and he can give you a technical mat based match. Stick him in there with a brute like Ryback and he can work the power game too. Ryback’s matches on Main Event have impressed me. They show me that he is improving in the ring and that he isn’t going to be a liability in the ring in a big match situation.

This was a very even affair but Cesaro tried to get counted out after Ryback clotheslined him out of the ring but The Miz saw to it that the United States Champion didn’t take the easy way out. The match continued and Cesaro got dropped with the Meathook Clothesline and fell to the floor. He decided he had enough and walked to the back giving Ryback the count out victory after 11 minutes.

When we came back from commercial they showed The Shield destroying The Rock from RAW. Then they moved to Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship victory over The Big Show. After that they showed Show killing Zack Ryder on RAW and then Show was with Matt Striker. Striker wants to know if Show can justify his actions on RAW. Show says he doesn’t have to because he is 7 feet tall and 450 lbs. He says he is the only person in WWE that deserves to be World Heavyweight Champion. Matt Striker probably peed himself during this interview but everybody pees their pants. It’s the coolest. Please get that reference, people!

There’s lots of talking on this show and now it is The Rhodes Scholars turn as they use big words to say they are going to win the Tag Team Championships at The Royal Rumble and that The Usos are unwashed. Nice.

Team Rhodes Scholars defeated The Usos (**1/2)

This was a nice 16 minutes tag team match. There were a few too many rest holds from Team Rhodes Scholars for my liking to make this any special. The Usos have a great offensive set and the fans seem to get behind them. Hopefully they’ll get a run with the titles in 2013. Things really picked up when Jimmy Uso got the hot tag. It looked like the Usos were going to upset the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships when Jey Uso was going for the Superfly Splash but Sandow crotched him and got the pin. Who gets beat after getting crotched?

As the show goes off the air, Cole informs us that next week on Main Event a six person, three week Intercontinental Cup begins to determine Wade Barrett’s next challenger. I don’t know what it is but I’m excited to see it.

The Diagnosis

I guess the point of my statement in the opening paragraph of this column is that I really like this show and don’t want to see it get cancelled. It serves a purpose even though on a week with a PPV there is 9 ½ hours of WWE TV. If they promoted it more logic would only dictate that more people would watch it.

As for this episode, there was no standout match as the Main Event was shorter than we’re used to seeing. They spent a good portion of time hyping the Royal Rumble which is fine since it’s this Sunday. The matches were solid so this show earns a 5.5/10.


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