Welcome back to the Main Event Review. The Intercontinental Cup was supposed to start tonight but WWE Creative has the attention span of a gerbil so I have no idea what we have in store tonight. Let’s get started to find out.

If cancelling the Intercontinental Cup wasn’t bad enough we are starting off the show with Miz TV. The Miz’s guest is Ryback. Ryback tells Miz he is actually a fan of his show. This leads Miz and Ryback to trade “really”s. Miz tells us that we will have a rematch of last week’s Main Event as Ryback will face Antonio Cesaro one more time. The show the replay of last week’s match and that brings out Cesaro who is complaining about a conspiracy against him. Ryback tells Cesaro if he is going to run away this week, he better start now. Both men are in the ring and we are ready for action.

I seriously doubt that we needed Miz TV to set up tonight’s Main Event. The in-ring action is what makes this show. It doesn’t need to be supplemented by Miz’s lame talk show. Ryback is pretty good on the microphone. He’s never going to be CM Punk or The Rock but he’s got his own style that works for his character.

Ryback beat Antonio Cesaro via Count Out (**1/4)

They worked the same physical style they did last week, which I enjoyed but with the same finish the match is rendered pointless. Early in the match Ryback had Cesaro up for at least a minute in the stalling vertical suplex made famous by Davey Boy Smith. The match was really dominated by Ryback. Cesaro did get some offense in but he got hit with the Meathook Clothesline and decided to bail just like last week. This time Ryback went after him and threw him back in the ring. Cesaro rolled out of the other side of the ring and out of nowhere drilled Miz with a big boot. That was a cool spot. Ryback went out after him but Cesaro jumped into the crowd and was counted out. Ryback was awarded the win after 11 minutes.

We come back from commercial with Miz complaining about getting kicked then we relive, of all things the God-awful dance crapfest with Tensai and Brodus Clay. We then cut to the back where the Primetime Players make fun of Tensai. They leave and Clay comes and tells Tensai to ignore them but he should admit that what happened on RAW was funny. Tensai says he doesn’t have to admit anything because it isn’t funny. He leaves and as he does he knocks over a plastic crate. Such a bad ass. I bet he really regrets leaving Japan.

After another commercial break, we relive the great ending segment from RAW where we finally learned Paul Heyman was behind The Shield and when Brock Lesnar F-5’d Vince McMahon. Michael Cole tells us Vince has a broken hip and will need surgery. Maybe he can go to the same doctor A-Rod went to.

Tensai pinned Titus O’Neil (**)

If you gave me a list of matchups that I would want to see go 15 minutes, these two would definitely not be on the list. I’ll admit that I was really bored by this. They worked hard but it just wasn’t there for me. I’m a fan of Titus. He’s got great charisma and his style is very well suited for a tag team but carrying a 15 minute singles match is not his thing. Tensai was working as the babyface in this match and was taking a beating. The match spilled to the outside and it looked like Titus’ partner, Darren Young was going to get involved but Brodus Clay came out to even the numbers. The match went on for what seemed like days until Tensai hit a back splash on Titus and picked up the win.

The show ended with Clay and Tensai dancing.

The Diagnosis

I’m really down on this show this week. I was really looking forward to the Intercontinental Cup and what we got was by far the worst episode of Main Event to date. I understand that they want to have Bo Dallas feud with Wade Barrett. I’m all for establishing new talent but don’t advertise something and then completely forget about it like it was never talked about. They never promote Main Event on RAW and they were even running commercials for it on RAW. It’s a shame that it was cancelled.

I would assume that we will see Ryback vs. Cesaro again next week. I like Ryback. I love Cesaro but how many times to we need to see them as the Main Event? If they do the match again are we going to get a finish this time or do they want to give us the same match four weeks in a row?

Tensai debuted in WWE defeating CM Punk and John Cena. Now, he’s another dancing buffoon. If he wants to go back to being the Hip Hop Hippo and teaming with Clay, I guess that’s ok. Lord knows it’s better than losing to Kofi Kingston in 45 seconds.

There was a lot to be unhappy about on this week’s Main Event. That’s why I’m only giving it a putrid 3/10 rating for this week. Hopefully things pick up next week.


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