You know the drill by now, this is THE Main Event Review and I am Christian Michael. This week’s Main Event is Sheamus vs. Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler. I’m looking forward to this match so let’s get started.

The show kicks off with Michael Cole and The Miz sitting at the announcer table setting up the Main Event. I really wish that they would stick to one format, either start them in the ring or start them at the announce table. They seem to change their minds weekly. Cole and Miz send it to a very good video package highlighting Ziggler and Sheamus.

After the video, Sheamus is in the back with my least favorite person working for WWE, Matt Striker. Striker asks him if he is concerned that Ziggler will cash in Money in the Bank before he gets another chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. Why that would even bother Sheamus is beyond me but the Celtic Warrior answers by saying he is going to win the Royal Rumble and win his title back at WrestleMania and Ziggler will still be holding the briefcase because he is too scared to pull the trigger.

After Sheamus, we see Dolph heading to the ring with Big E Langston and AJ when he is stopped by my second least favorite person working for WWE, the Orange Wonder himself, Josh Mathews. Josh wants to know if Dolph has lost any momentum after losing to John Cena on RAW this past Monday. Big E answers for Dolph stuttering his way through scaring Josh. Big E really needs some work on his verbal game. We cut to Sheamus heading to the ring and we are ready for action.

Sheamus beat Dolph Ziggler via Count Out (***3/4)

Hell of a match right there folks. That met my expectations for sure. The best match we’ve had thus far on Main Event. They had some timing issues like when Sheamus was attempting a slingshot shoulder block and Ziggler countered it into an X-Factor. They just missed there. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt there because that was innovative and a tough move to pull off. Dolph’s top rope DDT was amazing. Sheamus fell right by the ropes but Dolph pulled him to the center of the ring where he kicked out. This is just me, but people should not be kicking out of top rope DDTs. These two pulled out all the stops to give this match a special feel. It felt like this was PPV and not Ion Television. The end of the match came when Dolph went for the Superkick (and I love that he’s using that) but Sheamus ducked and nailed him with a Brogue Kick. Dolph’s momentum caused him to roll to the floor where he was counted out and Sheamus was declared the winner after 23 minutes of incredible action.

I didn’t mind the lack of a finish here because you can’t have Dolph being pinned by WWE’s two top babyfaces on consecutive nights. He needs to be presented as he is on the level with those guys. Sure, he was knocked out by the Brogue Kick but a count out doesn’t hurt him nearly as much as a pin would. Plus, it still gives Sheamus a decisive win with his finisher. Great job all around by both guys. I want more!

After the match, Big E does the old “I’m a heel so I’ll tease getting in the ring but really I’ll just back down and leave.”

After the commercial break we get a brief recap of the truly awesome Rock/Punk segment from RAW this past Monday. That “your arms are too short to box with God” line Punk had was friggin' gold.

Wade Barrett pinned Zack Ryder (**1/4)

It was about a year ago when Zack Ryder was United States Champion and he was hanging around John Cena. Things where really looking up for him. That didn’t really last too long and despite being way more over than his spot would dictate he’s been booked as such an idiot and loser. It’s like Vince McMahon books him that way in spite of the fans. The only hope for him is that he is still young and that there’s still plenty of time for him to get his chance.

As for the match, it was a solid affair. Things were slow in the early goings as Wade was in control. Things picked up when Zack got some offense in. He had a nice reversal of a suplex into a neckbreaker. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Barrett’s Bossman Slam is awesome, maybe the prettiest move in WWE. Zack was trying to finish the Intercontinental Champion with the Rough Ryder but Wade moved out of the way and Zack got hung up on the top rope and then drilled with the Bullhammer and Wade pinned him for the win after 11 minutes.

Before the show went off the air the announcers named the Main Event for next week which will be The Untied States Champion, Antonio Cesaro vs. The Viper, Randy Orton. That should be a hell of a match.

The Diagnosis

What can I say other than this was the best episode of Main Event to date. The Main Event was a PPV caliber match and the secondary match was pretty good too. That adds up to the 1/9 Main Event getting an 8/10. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, go watch the Sheamus/Ziggler match. You won’t be disappointed. Since I love you all so much I found the full episode of this show and it is posted below for you to watch. You’re welcome.


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