Welcome back to the only column on TJR that Santa Claus has never heard, THE Main Event Review. This week Team Hell No defends the Tag Team Championships against Team Rhodes Scholars. Although, if you were paying attention last week, that wasn’t the announced Main Event. It was supposed to be Cody Rhodes vs. Kane. Team Rhodes Scholars won the right to be the number one contenders at the TLC PPV so I guess that’s why they made the change. I don’t mind the change. Let’s get started.

The show starts with Michael Cole and The Miz at the announce table. They replay Cody’s injuries from a few weeks ago. Then they transition into a video highlighting the rivalry between the two teams. After the video, the two teams make their way to the ring and we are ready for our Main Event.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match- Team Hell No defeated Team Rhodes Scholars to retain the Championship. (***)

There was a fun spot early in the match when Daniel Bryan was wearing out Damien Sandow with some of his signature kicks. Cody Rhodes was on the apron yelling “STOP” and Bryan would yell back “NO” and then hit another kick. Team Rhodes Scholars used a couple of fake injuries to gain momentum in the match. It looked liked Cody had reinjured his shoulder on the floor but it was just a ploy. Cody popped up and rammed Kane into the steel ring steps. Team Hell No regained the advantage until it looked like Sandow injured his knee on the outside slowing Bryan down. This allowed Cody to knock Bryan off the apron letting the challengers regain the advantage.

The match followed a very basic tag team formula. It was well worked but not that exciting. The end of the match had a couple of nice near falls even one where it appeared Team Rhodes Scholars had won the titles after Sandow hit his neckbreaker on Kane but just before the three, Bryan made the save. Cody would tag in and then get a long two count on Kane after a Beautiful Disaster Kick. Cody went for broke and tried a moonsault but missed. Kane hit a Chokeslam and the Bryan tagged in and went all Flying Goat on Rhodes and made the cover to retain the titles after 25 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the match. It’s just that with 25 minutes of ring time and these four guys I expected a bit more. It seems like they were saving something. It looks like the feud could be over after a clean win for the Champions here but I wouldn’t mind seeing another title tilt between the two.

The Prime Time Players beat Team CoBro (*3/4)

The match did very little for me until the end sequence. WWE needs to decide whether Santino is a comedy character or an actual wrestler. It’s hard to take any match he’s in seriously when he’s doing comedy spots in it like in this one. His fear of heights came in to play when it took 47 minutes for him to attempt to climb to the top rope only to hit a double axe handle from the bottom rope.

Ryder got the hot tag and he was trying to finish Titus when all he broke loose but in the end Titus countered the Rough Ryder and hit the Clash of the Titus to pick up the win after ten minutes.

The Diagnosis

The tag team edition of Main Event gets a 6/10. I liked that they skipped the pre and post match interviews. To be honest, they are kind of pointless and repetitive. It leaves more time for the matches. It was nice to see Titus and Darren get a win. They are a fun act and hopefully there is a run with the tag titles in the future. Speaking of the tag titles, I personally would have kept the original Cody vs. Kane match and done the title match on the January 7th RAW. I know they are doing a WWE Championship Match that night but why not make the first RAW of the year as big as possible? That’s just me.

Everyone have a safe and Merry Christmas. I’ll be back with next week’s Main Event Review and hopefully some year in review type column. We’ll see how much time I have during the holiday week. Take care everyone.


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