Christmas may have passed, but there is still more to celebrate as THE Main Event Review is back. This week twenty WWE Superstars slug it out in a Battle Royal to see who will be the next challenger for Antonio Cesaro’s United States Championship.

After the review stay tuned for a special bonus. Let’s get started.

After the opening video, the entrants for the Battle Royal begin to make their way down to the ring. The Miz and Michael Cole are joined at the announce table by the United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro. Cole announces that the winner of the Battle Royal will face Cesaro for the title next week on Main Event.

The Great Khali won a 20 Man Battle Royal to become #1 Contender for the United States Championship (**)

As far as Battle Royals go, this one was pretty basic. I like Battle Royals so this held my attention throughout. There were a lot of tag teams in the match. Team Rhodes Scholars, The Usos, 3MB (minus Heath Slater), Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel, Primo and Epico and The Prime Time Players were all involved in this match. Khali was very dominant in this bout chopping and eliminating a lot of the field including Team Rhodes Scholars and Brodus Clay. The final four came down to Zack Ryder, Santino, Khali and Wade Barrett. At Santino’s urging, Ryder hit Wade with the Broski Boot and then was promptly dumped out by his partner. Santino was explaining that it’s just business and that allowed Barrett to eliminate him. It was down to Barrett and Khali and after a brief struggle Khali eliminated Barrett after 19 minutes to become the next challenger to Cesaro’s title.

Out of all the men in this match if there was one that I absolutely didn’t want to see win, it would be Khali. He is a comedy character and he was no wrestling skill and is basically immobile in the ring. The midcard is sorely lacking babyfaces. That’s what this match showed more than anything.

After the match, Antonio went into the ring to shake Khail’s hand and Khali obliged.

We come back from commercial and Matt Striker is with Khali. Cesaro jumps Khali with the United States title belt, but Khali fights back and grabs the belt and says to Cesaro “Happy New Year. See you next week.”

After the RAW Rebound, 3MB is in the ring. Heath Slater seems to be dealing with some laryngitis. Drew McIntyre explains that they can’t perform with all the best bands on New Year’s Eve because their lead singer is out of commission. We actually learn that Slater’s larynx was injured by Justin Gabriel on RAW. Jinder Mahal informs us that you can never stop rock. Thank God. I was so worried that someone was going to.

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel beat Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre (**3/4)

I feel like I say this all the time, but we need more of Kidd and Gabriel on WWE TV. They make a great tag team. Miz said on commentary this week that they could be this generation’s Rockers. I’ve only said that 15 times in this column in past weeks. I guess someone reads this column.

The match was fun. I loved when Kidd and Gabriel were on offense. They make the perfect babyface team because their offense is exciting and they both play great babyfaces in peril. The match slowed a bit when the 3MB members were in control, especially Mahal. He’s just not that good of a worker. The match came to an end after 14 minutes when Kidd got the pin after a top rope Blockbuster.

The Diagnosis

To steal a catchphrase from The Miz “Really?” The Great Khali. “Really?” I’m not sure what good they think can come from this match next week, but I can assure you it’s nothing good. Cesaro is great, but there is no way he can get anything out of Khali. I just hope it is kept short and a clean win for the Champion and no the beginning of a prolonged feud between the two.

The 12/26 Main Event is going to get a 4.5/10. The wrestling was solid, but this show was as midcard as midcard gets. I liked the way the show was going with main event and upper midcard guys in the Main Event but this week and next week is a steep drop from that.


BONUS: The WWE Money Awards,

I wanted to write some kind of year end column but I don’t have the time to do so. Since this week’s Main Event review is especially short, I figured I throw in some year-end awards that I call The WWE Money Awards. There will be five and I’ll keep the write-ups brief. Let’s get started.

The WWE Money Award for Match of the Year: The Undertaker defeats Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XXVIII (****1/2)

There were other matches that were at or near the level of this match in 2012, but given the age of the guys and the stage the match was held, these two get the nod. This was a physical battle with all the drama and tension that you could ever want from a WrestleMania match. I loved it.

The WWE Money Award for Wrestler of the Year: CM Punk

The man was WWE Champion for every single day of 2012. No one else deserves the award. In July he turned heel and became even better on the mic. He put on consistent great matches and great promos. John Cena may be the face of WWE, but Punk is the heart.

The WWE Money Award for Surprise of the Year: The Emergence of Ryback

Pre-WrestleMania, Ryan Reeves was not on anyone’s radar as he was still out of action with a broken ankle when he was known as Skip Sheffield in the Nexus. He started slowly destroying jobbers and a mere six months later he was main eventing a PPV in a WWE Championship Match. Granted, he was only placed there because of an injury to John Cena, but WWE did a great job of getting him over to the point that the fans cared to see him in that match and that he was a viable challenger to Punk. In an era where WWE is having trouble building new top guys, to get one in just six months is indeed a surprise.

The WWE Money Award for The Next Big Thing: Antonio Cesaro

The current Untied States Champion is poised to be a huge star in WWE. I think you all know that I’m a huge fan of his. His gimmick, in ring style and look all scream main eventer. He just needs a feud to get the fans to really care about him and The Great Khali is not it.

The WWE Money Award for Jaw Dropping Moment of the Year: Brock Lesnar bloodies John Cena

I was watching Extreme Rules with a group of friends and we all had the same reaction when Lesnar legitimately busted Cena open with short elbows. It was one of those moments that you were just left speechless with your mouth wide open because you couldn’t believe what you just saw. A MMA fight seemed to break out in a WWE ring. Crazy moment and awesome match.


I hope you enjoyed the bonus WWE Money Awards. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

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