Welcome to the WWE Main Event review! The show for all those people that need an Uso tag match.

WWE Main Event 8/14/13

We open with our World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Will we ever see a WWE Champion compete on Main Event these days? I doubt it.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Cody Rhodes (***3/4)

If given time I have high hopes for a match between these two. Is there anyone better at kicks in the WWE right now then Alberto Del Rio? We have a lot of back and forth action with good counters by both wrestlers. I don’t see a lot of Springboards off the ropes by Cody Rhodes. Great Disaster Kick counter off the ropes by Rhodes to sent us into the commercial break.

As we return, Del Rio knocks Rhodes onto the floor and takes control of the match. Some unique offense but the table has turned again as Rhodes does a beautiful moonsault onto Del Rio. Del Rio counters a Cross Rhodes and gives a vicious sounding kick to Rhodes head. This leads to another near fall.

Del goes to a Cross ArmBreaker in the ropes, which quickly leads to a counter and near fall for Rhodes.  Del Rio continues to attack the arm. We are back and forth as Del Rio hits the Suplex for another near fall. Del Rio is frustrated and misses on the kick. Rhodes hit a Cross Rhodes and both men are down.  Del Rio is able to get up and throw Rhodes into the ropes and quickly puts Rhodes into a Cross ArmBreaker. A little bit of a struggle later and it is all over for Rhodes. What a match!

We get another great video from the WWE. This one is on CM Punk versus Paul Heyman. I am excited for that match.

The Usos defeated 3MB (**)

Maybe I should have asked to put The Usos in my banner. They are constantly on this show. They get to fight 3MB. You can buy 3MB’s song on ITunes if you want.  By the way, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre are the ones in this match. No Jinder?

Slater’s offense seems to consist of him being loud and obnoxious. I really wish I could tell the Usos apart. I am told it is Jey Uso who launches Drew out of the ring as we go to break.

We come back to see Heath Slater in control of the match. That just seems strange to write. It is short-lived as the Usos do a series of quick tags and begin the beat down of Drew McIntyre. The only time 3MB gains the advantage is when they throw an Uso on the outside. This leads to some near falls for 3MB. Do you believe in miracles?

Jimmy Uso is playing the partner in peril routine. Jey finally gets the tag to turn the momentum. Jey makes an fast tag and flies through the ropes to take out the other members of the 3MB outside the ring. Jimmy hits the Frog Splash on Heath Slater for the win.

We get a quick promo for the Summerslam Kickoff Show. Why are RVD and Ambrose on the pre-show? That is right we need to support Total Divas show. Sigh.

We additionally get some of Miz TV with Cena and Bryan from Monday’s Raw. It was great work by both men in that promo.  I have high hopes for Sunday.

Big E Langston defeated Justin Gabriel (**1/2)

We get back to the action with Big E and my favorite AJ Lee coming to the ring. As we come back from commercial, we see Justin Gabriel arriving for his weekly loss on Main Event. Poor Gabriel.

Langston is pretty much just tossing Gabriel around the ring. He gets good hang time on a Splash onto Gabriel for a near fall. Langston has Gabriel pretty much grounded as he hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex for another near fall. We get a lot of shots of AJ Lee approving of Langston. I am fine with that.

Gabriel gets a little offense going and shows a good variety of kicks. A good Moonsault from Gabriel leads to a near fall. Big E catches Gabriel during the next high flying move and another power move later and it is all over. AJ and Big E celebrate over Gabriel as the show ends.

My Thoughts-

This was a strong edition of “Main Event”. This show is worth watching simply for the opening match between Rhodes and Del Rio. It was one of “Main Event’s” best in a couple of months. These two showed some strong in-ring chemistry here. We got some very unique offense by Rhodes. I would love to see these two have a good twenty minute plus match in the future. Can it be for the World Title please?

The other matches were as expected, basically a squash match and a standard tag match. But man that Rhodes-Del Rio match was great!

Thumbs Up.

See you next week! Enjoy Summerslam!



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